April 20, 2024

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Big Pharma’s No Jab Propaganda Machine Hits WA

It appears that the No Jab No Play legislation was introduced and passed in the WA Legislative Assembly this week and it is now ready as a business item for debate in the WA Legislative Council this coming week (22-24 August).

There was no public announcement or awareness of this development because it was obscured in the Child Support (Adoption of Laws) Amendment Bill 2017. This was introduced by Mr PA Katsambanis (Hillary’s) who stated on 8 August:

“It is a short and relatively uncontroversial bill. It adopts as Western Australian law a series of changes that the commonwealth has made to its child support regime, which includes the child support scheme and is backed up by a series of acts, primarily the Child Support Act 1988, later the Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988, and a few other minor acts. This is one of those bills that I usually approve of very readily, because it has only two pages.”

The other “minor acts” that Katsambanis stated are included but wasn’t specific about include the Australian Immunisation Register Act of 2015. So the passing of this bill will ensure that other legislation that has been approved by the federal parliament since 2015 will now be passed on to WA children in this amendment bill.

Here is the uncorrected public record of the discussion of this bill in the WA Legislative Assembly.

On 20 July our team met with the Greens party and we were told they would not present our petition opposing the No Jab No Play policy in parliament because the Greens support this policy. This policy involves the removal of parents medical freedom to choose which vaccines they use in their healthy children if they need to use childcare/preschool facilities.

That is, the injection of unknown substances into the human body.

As stated in our previous email the risks of vaccines are not being properly presented to parents or represented to our politicians. This is because of the pharmaceutical influence in the promotion of vaccines to the community, doctors/nurses and to our politicians through lobbying activities.

Anyone who would like to come and discuss the risks of vaccines and the scientific evidence for a causal link between vaccines and autism please buy tickets to our public screening of Vaxxed on Friday 25 August 2017.

Dr. Judy Wilyman
On behalf of the Vaccination Risks Team
Vaccination Decisions


Unvaccinated children to be banned from daycare and preschool in WA

7 thoughts on “Big Pharma’s No Jab Propaganda Machine Hits WA

  1. Why would you – “our team” – approach the GREENS Party ?
    I don’t get it.
    Was there a belief on your part – “our team”- that the GREENS Party was in some way concerned with the people of Australia – the tens of millions of us Australians – the people who pay their way in the LUCRATIVE BLUDGE that is politics in Australia ?

    Or did you forget – that it was the GREENS Party that assisted the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard to bring in the CARBON TAX legislation ……….
    Expressly against the will of the Australian people.

    You are forgetful …………… or very forgiving ………….. or naive …………or you still believe their bullshit.

    1. What gave you – “our team” – the idea that the GREENS Party give a shit about anything – except for serving themselves.

  2. The up & down of the implementation of the – No Jab No Pay – No Jab No Play –
    legislation will be that AUSTRALIANS will demand NEW PLOITICIANS.
    Out with the OLD & GREED RIDDLED WOMEN in Australian political arena & in with the new political system.

    It sounds impossible – doesn’t it – so does everything in it’s initial stages.

    Then of course – the governments of each state & the federal government – will have to have deep pockets to subsidies & /or bail out the Child Care System with it’s vast testicles of play groups – pregnant & new mothers groups – informal play groups & much more that is out there being run by schools – community groups – church groups & more.
    A whole chunk of Australian society embracing mum’s & babies & children will be at the knifes edge.

    Therefore it makes me wonder – is this game really about vaccination or is it a covert plan to dismantle – EXPENSIVE – child care & other parent-child & family supports in Australia.
    Is it maybe a cost cutting venture on the part of the PM of Australia Our Malcolm Turnbull ?

  3. You know what –
    And even if the whole child care & parental support system shuts down –
    They will not be missed –
    There are plenty of granny’s & stay at home mums & others who will be happy to take on the care of your child & it will be more tactile & cheaper & if you get stuck at work or the trains stop running or you get a flat your kid will not be left out in the street or on the porch of the child care facility – as has happened on occasion – they will be safe –
    stuck in front of the IDIOT BOX watching reruns of Telly Tubbys – child care centers have been known to inflict a monetary penalty for late parents.

      1. Hi Jagg.
        Welcome to the show.
        How’s it going out there in the wee small hours – ! – ah – to be nocturnal hey –
        & with tightrope walking capability like the possum – in my street they walk the streets electrical wiring to get from roof to roof.

        At this late stage – do you think that The Establishment BOSSES care about the “systematic control of our children’s minds” via public education ?
        The answer is yes –
        The Public Education System is very expensive to run – when there are other & more interesting things to spend the money on.
        Like Vaccines to dumb down – permanent like results assured –
        I wonder if the thinking behind deliberately damaging of baby’s minds is – that at some point – probably saturation point – we the people of planet earth – will beg The Establishment BOSSES to introduce compulsory EUTHANASIA for the infirm & half witted – the spastic – the insane & the just plain dumb kids.
        And the ZIONIST NAZI ideology will be achieved by popular demand.
        And they will laugh & laugh & laugh at us & our kids – the kids that they rendered gENDER bENDER mUTANTS – Autistic – & all the other disabilities that they –
        The MALEFICENT – cursed upon them.
        Nice to hear from you man !

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