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Both major parties in NSW pledge support for transgender ideology


Both Labor and Liberal are attempting to woo trans activists by agreeing to support Alex Greenwich’s harmful conversion therapy bill.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, after initially refusing to comment on the debate, gave his ‘in-principle’ support for the bill if he should be reelected in March. 

The bill conflates sex and gender and penalises people who stand up for biological reality.

The premier’s commitment comes days after Opposition Leader Chris Minns made a similar vow, and marks a significant win for LGBTIQ people in NSW on the official launch day of Sydney’s WorldPride festival.

Though similar programs – which have long been proven to be ineffective – have already been banned in Victoria, the ACT and Queensland, with proposed legislation also underway in Western Australia, the practice is currently legal in NSW.

“When the parliament returns, my government will provide in-principle support for legislation that brings an end to any harmful practices,” Perrottet told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“This is a complex matter and in working through it with parliamentary colleagues we will carefully consider the legal expression and effect of such laws.”

Chris Minns said, “We should not have a situation where children are being told something is wrong with them and that they need to be fixed.”

Greenwich’s bill will make it illegal for parents to dissuade their own children from embarking on harmful “affirmation” pathways that can lead to infertility and zero sexual function.

It will also penalise counsellors, health professionals, school staff and more who want to advocate for a “watchful waiting” approach.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the bill is endorsing “conversion” therapy, not opposing it.

“Sexual orientation relies on biology,” she said.

“Transgender ideology, also known as sexual identity, rejects biological reality and attempts to convert people to the opposite sex. No one can change their sex.

“Affirmation therapy, as proposed in these harmful conversion therapy laws, put children on harmful pathways that cause irreversible side effects.

“It is cruel and unkind.

“It is disgraceful that both major parties are harvesting votes based on the lie that people can change sex.

“It is horrifying that they want to penalise people who defend sex-based rights and realities.”


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