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Meta Misogynists Boot Kirralie Smith for Challenging Football Australia’s Trans Policy


The official Facebook account for Binary director, Kirralie Smith, has been deleted without warning or reason.

Smith’s high-profile page was allegedly removed after her robust questioning challenged Football Australia’s pro-Trans, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion policy, for forcing biological women to compete against biological men.

Kirralie alerted Binary supporters to the decision on Twitter last Friday, writing, “Apparently Football Australia and mates have had a sook to get my Facebook page deleted. They can’t answer ‘what is a woman’ or ‘what is the point of having a women’s comp if men can play in it?’”

Commenting on the Trans trend that is increasingly denying DNA-defined women a voice, Kirralie added, “Powerful men shutting down women’s voices – is that stunning & brave?”

Speaking with Caldron Pool, Kirralie said, the only correspondence from FB about them cancelling her account, was a brief email telling her the page had “been disabled for going against Meta’s Community Standards.”

They then confirmed Kirralie’s cancellation, declaring: “You cannot visit the Page, and you won’t be able to add new people to work on the Page.”

There was no option or link provided for her to appeal the decision.

Meta’s move follows Football Australia’s refusal to answer concerns about the Wingham Football club allowing a biological man to compete in its women’s division.

Binary posed questions to the club in December 2022, who then referred Binary to Bruce Potter, Mid North Coast Football’s General Manager.

A tight-lipped Potter told Binary the official policy was to allow “players to register according to whatever gender they are comfortable with.”

Refusing to answer more pointed questions about protections for young girls, and women, Potter defended the pro-Trans policy, claiming “no one had ever complained.”

He then passed the buck, referring Kirralie to Football Australia.

Like Potter, F.A. exhibited little interest in answering Binary’s questions, or honouring women in general, with a response.

On approach, Football Australia appears to have run an immediate defence for its CEO.

Protecting the organisation from reasoned scrutiny, Football Australia refused to let Binary talk with its directors.

Effectively dismissing women’s concerns about men competing in women’s sports, F.A. shrugged Binary off, telling the Binary boss to send an email instead.

Recalling the exchange, Smith asked, “Why should parents be put in the terrible situation of having to deal with an adult man in their daughter’s bathroom?”

Qualifying the purpose of her questions, the Binary Director noted, “No one is saying he can’t play. It is simply a matter of fairness, safety, and dignity. The bloke in the frock can play either in the men’s competition or a mixed competition, there is absolutely no need for him to play in a women’s division.”

After a list of unanswered emails, a frustrated Smith concluded, “Football Australia’s policy is erasing women and making a mockery of womanhood.”

I don’t disagree.

Cancelling Kirralie is an example of misogynists at Meta reinforcing the 2SLGBTQIA+, GayGB cults’ “sit down and shut up!” war on women.

Another high-profile victim is Bethany Hamilton.

The pro-surfer was accused of “wanting Transgender people to die!” in part for protesting the World Surf League’s decision not to consult biological women on the organisation’s new pro-Transgender, Gender Inclusion policy.

There is also Giggle podcaster, and app creator, Sall Grover.

The women’s only app designer is being dragged through court on a human rights abuse charge, for refusing “Roxy Tickle,” a biological man, who claims he’s a woman, access to the app.

On any other given day, these assaults would rightly be labelled chauvinistic. Then spammed on social media as a prime example of patriarchal abuse.

Rising to challenge these ‘bad Transgender laws and policies,’ Binary is showing support for UK-based, Kellie Jay Keen’s Standing for WomenLet Women Speak – Australian tour.

Events are scheduled to run throughout March in Australia, and New Zealand.

Promoting the tour, Binary explained, “The events are attended by men and women from all backgrounds who want to protect and promote biological reality. ‘Women are adult human females, – not a costume, not a feeling or a drug to be dependent on.’”

As I tried to argue in 2017, Biology is not a social construct.

In the English-speaking world, the letter “p” can never be the letter ”q”.

“P” cannot equal “q” without violence to the conventions of the language.

Any claim that would seek to displace ”q” from its true value, would always be a false claim.

To say “q” is “p” would require force and corporate compliance with an ongoing lie.

The end result of this revolution is the destruction of the English language.

Although it looks like the English language, anyone trying to speak it would be speaking gibberish.

This reassignment of values doesn’t just surrender truth to an untruth, it distorts reality, and has to violently suppress dissent in order to uphold an illusion of legitimacy.

The consequence of unhinging logic from the SSM debate, and rejecting reason from “love is love’s” global embrace, is a web of deceit, weaving a world of hurt for women and children.

The Trans war is part of a broader, grotesque attempt to reconstruct society in the image of an unnatural, and therefore unattainable utopia.


2 thoughts on “Meta Misogynists Boot Kirralie Smith for Challenging Football Australia’s Trans Policy

  1. Has Australia gone completely fucken crazy. This is a disgrace to the sporting individuals who care about their sports. What’s next, having young boys playing with the girls in junior league because they say they are girls.

  2. Sodomy and perversion combined is the new religion.
    Adored by our failing Gods; what next?
    Where are our christians; no lions here mate just anti-evolutionists by the drags promoting sodomy and perversion as being normal.
    Do we understand that homo will lead to homo extinction.

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