Brain-to-Brain Interface: The Next Gen Social Network


In the future, you won’t need to manipulate clunky technology using your fingers. Social networks will soon reside within, and between, minds.



One thought on “Brain-to-Brain Interface: The Next Gen Social Network

  1. They Wish They Knew How To Do This

    I can hear you thinking.
    I don\’t know who you are.
    I don\’t know where you are.
    But I can hear you thinking.
    Ever wondered why we tend to fall asleep in front of the TV set ??
    The TV set is monopolising your brain – shutting out other \”noise\” & the brain can rest.
    It is all about filters that shut out most of the \”noise\” like the neighbor next door who is depressed & wants to die & so you start feeling that way.
    You are picking up his the neighbors negative thoughts & your brain equates them to your immediate life.
    So you begin to believe that you have nothing to live for.
    Suicide pacts tend evolve from like minds getting together & BINGO.
    These morons wish they knew something – anything & they do not.

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