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Brave woman against a gang of psychopathic COVID cops

Majin Ben

A great clip showing a brave Aussie woman standing up to a gang of criminal cops who stalk our streets searching for people to intimidate, harass, fine and arrest.

If you walk out of your house alone without a face nappy to show your submission to the NWO and their great reset then you are more than likely to be surrounded by a pack of these criminal thugs.

We need more Australians to stand up against this tyranny and these pedophile protecting bastards in blue and you do not have to obey their fake public health orders in any way.

Australian police have lost the trust and respect of the Australian people and their reputation overseas is now in the toilet where it belongs.

Australian police are so full of hate and ego that the bad reputation is only fueling their disgusting violence against the good people of Australia but it simply cannot go on much longer.

These criminal traitors cannot order you to wear masks, stay indoors or answer to a any of their made up health orders which are only directives and not federal law.


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