March 2, 2024

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Breaking News: Australian Family Terrorised


Breaking News! Please share far and wide this is happening in Australia and this family needs justice!!

Ben and Tanya Hammond, 2 days after the birth of their 8 week premature baby were forced into having DPaT vaccine otherwise hospital refused them access to see their premature baby in 2012. Both parents Ben and Tanya had the shots and Ben became paralysed within11 days of receiving the vaccines. Ben has been through horrendous health problems and although he can finally take steps now, however, from chest down Ben completely numb and is now legally disabled. Ben was a strong very health man working as a mine manager, however, now is unable to ever work again.

Distraught is wife Tanya has been very public about NO Fault Vaccination Compensation Scheme doing TV, Radio and newspaper interviews since this happened. Tanya and Ben believe if they had to have the vaccine then there should be a compensation plan for injuries like Ben’s. Not only have they had to struggle with Ben’s health issues but also been left high dry with 5 children and a mortgage struggling on benefits?

You would think that would be enough to deal with when Tanya was literally dragged out of her car and bashed for scare mongering against vaccines shortly after she was interviewed on local TV. Tanya had her jaw, windpipe and bone in her neck broken. The woman got off with and fine and good behaviour bond. Just where is the justice for this family??

Then just when you thought that the Hammond family had experienced more suffering than most people can even imagine….it just got worse!

RE: Tanya’s story

At 6am this morning our family were still in bed when we got woken up by cops breaking down our front door! They removed us from our room (where we were sleeping with our 3-year-old) and they tried to forced Ben to the floor. I was screaming that he couldn’t because he is disabled, but they wouldn’t listen. I had to watch him trying to get down, but since he couldn’t they slammed him roughly to the ground and pinned him to the floor with a gun to his head. I was pinned to the ground with a gun against my head also but I kept trying to ask about my baby and trying to see where he was. Each time I tried they kept slamming my head against the floor yelling GET DOWN! GET DOWN! My baby was so upset but I couldn’t help him, I felt so powerless.

My 11 yr old woke up to my screaming and crying just before he had his room raided by 10 police. They destroyed our 2 front doors, terrified and traumatised my family and when I asked what’s going on they said to wait till the camera gets here before they will tell us. Why would they need a camera crew when we had done nothing wrong? How long had they been planning this?

A good 10 mins later (still pinned to the floor with guns pointed at us) the camera arrived. They told us they had a warrant to search our home for making and selling CRYSTAL METH!! I couldn’t believe my ears, they thought we were drug dealers?!? Our family is struggling to stay on top of all of the challenges that have tried to destroy us since the Whooping Cough vaccine took away Ben’s health and they think we have the time and energy to make illegal drugs?!? I just couldn’t believe what was happening? I was helpless to protect my kids and my disabled husband, watching them force him to the ground and my little boy screaming while I was pinned to the floor and I couldn’t help them…

They found Ben’s catheters and they categorised them as “sharps” they also took Ben’s medicinal cannabis plant that he uses for managing his pain and his smoking device he uses to administer it and they are charging Ben for that. HE NEEDS THAT to manage the constant pain he is in, nothing else works as pain meds cause him to urinate blood.

Needless to say but they found NO evidence of any Meth or Meth making equipment so they put our family through hell and traumatised all of us for absolutely NOTHING!

We need your moral support even more now than ever, if you can contact your MP and ask them to investigate our case and find out why and how this happened we would really appreciate it. I can’t help but ask, when will our family’s suffering end?


After reading local the newpaper today Tanya feels the media are reporting their side of the story leaving the public to believe that they are guilty of serious drug use/crime when it’s obvious all the police took from their house was one small plant and a pipe completely only used for medical reasons to help her partner condition as medical drugs make his condition far worse??

please help the Hammond family:

Routine vaccination leaves man quadriplegic? Open Letter to Channel Nine

16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Australian Family Terrorised

  1. – It’s happening NOW here in Australia this is a media stunt to blacken and tar the names of these people to manipulate the masses to discredit this family’s outspoken stand about the vaccine injuries and secondly to punish them to just shut up! It’s CORRUPTION at the highest levels, Pharmaceutical Mafia is in control through social engineering, governments, police, medical profession, democracy is no more and NO ONE is safe not your babies, not your children, not you!!! This is the new prevailing mentality whipped up hysteria like in the middle ages where witches were lynched for causing the plagues except that now there is NO PLAGUES – the mildly retarded people are being brainwashed to attack any one who does not parrot the government jingles. Where the government uses mass social media campaigns to hunt down and attack a minority with their new found powers of surveillance and intelligence resources to intimidate and smear and pull publicity stunts against unwitting, out spoken people which was brought in by the former zeitgeists. The anit vaxx is to be associated with curses and evil and to be persecuted and to expect violence, this is the real climate, I’m not even being sarcastic this is really happening world wide.

  2. I am absolutely horrified by the behaviour of the police and our government on behalf of this family. this is not a police state. to do that to someone that the government has disabled and to his struggling family is just not right. I am ashamed to call myself am Australian. this should not be going on .SHAME SHAME ON YOU POLICE.

  3. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here-the Elites have fully implemented Agenda 21, and are moving to eliminate 5 Billion “useless eaters” from the Planet. It looks like the poor people in Australia are among their first victims. and they will do anything they can to conceal the truth (even kill people outright instead of doing it sneakily with vaccines). It’s an outrage what this family is suffering. I hope there is a Go Fund Me avccount I can contribute to!!

    Fundamentally, biological warfare is sneaky. It involves a microbial sucker punch to its intended target, often accomplished in a manner in which the aggressor can claim clean hands, while his victim may suffer or die.

    Biological warfare can take a number of forms. The question—how can you get a bacteriological or toxic agent on board without the target being alerted– has been asked and answered. In addition to using humans and animals as vectors, biological warfare agents can be airborne, waterborne, foodborne or put into pharmaceuticals.

    Substantial concerns have been voiced concerning the potential for inserting bioweapons into vaccines. Indeed, given the history of known contaminated vaccines, this is hardly a matter of speculation. Polio vaccines have been found to contain cancer. A Merck rotavirus vaccine was found to be contaminated with a pig virus. Another Merck product, the Hepatitis B vaccine, was reported to have been laced with the AIDS virus. In addition, a tetanus vaccine distributed in the Third World was found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin, an anti-fertility agent known to produce spontaneous abortions.

    1. There is a group of people in this country who have been bullying, intimidating & threatening anyone who says anything bad about vaccines & big pharma. These same people did this to the family & dobbed them in so pleas just share this info to see whats really going on in Australia.

  4. This is absolutely disgusting. This definitely needs investigating and this man needs to be able to treat his pain in the manner of which he feels most comfortable, he no longer trusts medicine and medicinal drugs and why should he. If he has relief by way of medicinal mj then let him have it and he should be looked after by the government for this. He did what he was told by way of a threat, I understand him not being able to see his baby until he was covered, but considering the outcome someone should be held responsible for the loss of his life ‘so to speak’.

  5. I am a natural born Kiwi, and a Naturalised Australian. I am aghast that the WA police would dare to act this way. To gain entry to the house, they must have the occupier’s permission, when they identify themselves as police. They have a duty to present a copy of the warrant, and inform the Hammonds to what the warrant pertains. It sounds like none of these procedures was lawfully followed. Why did they (the police) feel they needed a camera to be present BEFORE telling these terrified people why their home was invaded and their persons assaulted in such a callous and brutal way. Where is their duty of care to the family? Also, I understand that the making of crystal meth leaves a readily identifiable odour, the absence of which should have been screaming at the police that there was nothing on the premises for them to continue searching for a meth lab.
    When I lived in Aussie (for 40 years), I was under the impression that I was living in a democratic country, not a police state.
    There obviously needs to be a full parliamentary inquiry into this outrageous treatment of the Hammond family, right from the administration of the vaccine through to the heinous, dare I say criminal activity by the WA police force. I truly hope that this is not allowed to be swept under the carpet and covered up, and that the police officer’s whose behaviour is beyond reprehensible are stood down, WITHOUT pay until a legal independant inquiry is carried out.

  6. Please learn Karl Lentz – Uncommon Law.
    Karl Lentz lives in Virginia, America and is the best Common Law ‘man’ in the world…(the legal system is NOT what you think)
    Karl can be contacted via his website
    but remember, Karl is very busy, so be patient. God’s speed. Amen.

  7. If we are to salvage any portion of our natural rights as human beings then we had better start informing each other that we do not live under a Common Law system but under a Jewish Talmudic Law that is recorded by historians as “The Law”!
    The Talmudic Law is Communism and any thinking person who has studied the real history of the Russian Revolution must conclude that Communism is against the survival of the human species.
    I strongly advise the reading of Robert Wilton’s “The Last Days of the Romanov’s”
    Also the excellent book by Douglas Reed “The Controversy of Zion”.
    These two books will give you a historical factual journey into the past that will inform you on what is happening in our world today…….. and Aus!
    Both books are available as a free PDF download…… please read and understand………. Gus

      1. How can we tell whether you have just written this yourself? Honestly, please convince me that this drug raid and attack is true…there are no details, or other reports, just your words published on this page. I mean if something like this happened to me and I had a gofundme page I would put it all up there but instead Tanya writes to, actually, who? You? Or the ‘Vaxinfostartshere where the same story appears?

        The tabloids love thins kind of stuff. Channel Nine would be all over it considering this is such a newsworthy turn of events for their story involving the plight of the Hammonds.

        At least you have some balance by linking the Just the Vax blog post. Kudos for that, I guess.

        By the way, I feel very much for what they are going through. It is very tragic and they have been through enough. I think this kind of article would just add to their woes, that is contending with the anti vaccination websites using this story for their dubious causes…especially if it isn’t true. And it seems highly unlikely that it is in this case.

  8. Thank god for hero’s like Peter Little and the Hammond family going public and raising public awareness of the dangers of vaccines, and the lack of due process to correct trialing of vaccines and informed consent. Vaccine death and damage is real, any politician blackmailed to prevent UN Human Rights to freedom of choice should not be in office.

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