April 15, 2024

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Chinese company to buy Dairy Farmers and other dairy icons for $600 million


The Chinese company behind the $1.5 billion takeover of organic infant formula maker Bellamy’s has agreed to buy another of Australia’s biggest dairy operations.

Key points:

  • Japanese-owned Lion plans to sell its dairy business (including brands Dairy Farmers and Pura) for $600m
  • The buyer is China Mengniu Dairy, which recently bought Bellamy’s for $1.5b
  • Earlier this year, Lion sold its its cheese business to Saputo for $280m

China Mengniu Dairy will pay Japanese beverage giant Kirin $600 million to take over its Lion Dairy & Drinks portfolio, the company said on Monday.

The Lion brands include several iconic brands including Dairy Farmers, Masters and Pura milk.

Its portfolio also includes Dare and Farmers Union iced coffee; Big M, Dairy Farmers and Pura Classic flavoured milk; Vitasoy soy milk and coconut milk; juice brands Daily Juice, The Juice Brothers and Berri; and Yoplait yogurt, under licence.

Lion has been trying to sell its dairy portfolio since October 2018, when it decided to concentrate on expanding its beer business including James Squire, Little Creatures, Tooheys and XXXX.

The company said it decided to approach Mengniu Dairy after reaching an agreement in April to sell the specialty cheese division of Lion Dairy & Drinks to Saputo Dairy for $280 million.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-25/chinese-company-in-600-million-bid-for-aussie-dairy-icons/11735408?fbclid=IwAR1POTVBC32fQFqwgRUOTX4vwUC9FdDy7L1Oe5P0Z25IDMFCAcUpRpO7-dc

23 thoughts on “Chinese company to buy Dairy Farmers and other dairy icons for $600 million

  1. Big QUESTION Here ….. (???)

    How much of this Chinese Company is …

    1. White Anglo Types
      Of Australian Origins
      Who have DELIBERATELY
      ……… OPENED DOORS
      To line their own greasy pockets ??

      Before we spit at the Chinese … let us look at
      Who have FORCED this METHOD of doing business

      “You’s can only come in here … to Australia … if we … corrupt Australian officialdom … get the larger share of the profits”
      It has been this way since the beginning & now it is open slather ??
      “Oh, no, it’s not us .. we have forgone out greedy wicked ways”

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        Seeing as you are at loose ends ..
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          1. At Melbourne University ..
            Seek out Professor Marcia Langton & Gerry Georgatos & ask what you can do to help our indigenous peoples ..

          2. You could take that no account Yugoslave bastard Nicka with you ..
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            IT .. is where it’s at .. my son Andrew earns 5 times more money then him or them.

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            One day he rang me at work from Sydney
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            He obeyed his mother & that day came.

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            I know my shit.

          5. Where did the quote come from ??
            Harper’s Magazine January 2000
            article title – The Unfinished Twentieth Century
            What We Have Forgotten About Nuclear Weapons
            By Jonathan Schell
            A Tale of Three Augusts …. Folio 42.
            It is a rather lengthy article but well worth reading & especially as it is us looking in sidelight.

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  2. Micky de Mouse
    Micky de Mouse
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    I can hear U
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