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‘Christian Lives at Risk in Swedish Migrant Centers’

Reports of attacks on Christians and other minorities are seemingly on the rise. So too is the far-right backlash to the wave of migration.

Mon, May 2, 2016



Those are among the types of things happening in Swedish migrant centers right now, according to the Swedish Evangelical Alliance and quoted in Christian Today.

There have been similar reports from across Europe since the start of the current wave of migration from the Middle East began, with critics of the process suggesting little thought has been given to the needs of Christian migrants as opposed to the Muslims, who form the vast majority.

Violence at the Swedish migrant centers has not just affected Christians and those from other minority groups.

A 22-year-old social worker was attacked as she worked a night shift with 10 teenagers at a home for unaccompanied young refugees near Gothenburg. Alexandra Mezher died in hospital from her stab wounds.

Among the effects of this type of incident is a visible increase in activity by the far right in Sweden. On May 1 protestors took to the streets – 350-400 in this videoed protest.



3 thoughts on “‘Christian Lives at Risk in Swedish Migrant Centers’

  1. “without identity papers”

    60 Minutes are beyond rediculous – Led by the heroic Tara Brown – last week they tried to snatch 2 children from their fathers custody in Lebanon. The stupid mother who let them get involved – needles to say it all went exceptionally well for Tara Brown & her crew – they have a great story. On the other hand the mother will probably never see her children again as a result.
    Fake ID is the EASIEST items to get.
    Trans National Organized Crime Syndicates / Professional People Movers are just that, professional in every way & they are certainly not small time punk people smugglers as we are led to believe.
    Sweden – like all the EU nations are not kind hearted at all – MONEY & STOLEN LAND are just some of the motives for allowing the intake of the populations of the Middle East = kaching, kaching, kaching.
    I bet they never expected to see so many refugees – in their imbecilic state of mind the cretins must have expected that the hords of Arab rats would be bombed to death, or drown – or statve to death like the Iraqi population were starved to death – it is a fantastic way to solve an infestation.
    Liz Hayes – “I would never have imagined in such a wonderful country as Sweeden”
    1) Sweeden is a cesspool – yesterday, today & most likely tomorrow.
    2) Liz Hayes so, went to the wrong Plastic Surgon …. 59 going on sweet sixteen.

  2. The whole world is in desperate trouble & Ms. Hayes has marbles in her mouth & peas for brains.

  3. youtube The Italian Job – The Alpine Highway “Accident”
    Have a look & see what Trans National Organised Crime Syndicates can be.

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