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Christmas Cheer from Reasonable Hank

tiernangirl1Peter Tiernan


Everyone knows I’ve followed the ‘career’ of that serial, anonymous, online coward and slanderous blogger Reasonable Hank (it’s hard not to, all slugs leave slime in their tracks).

The stupidity and evil core of most humans never ceases to amaze me, so the Hanks of this world come as no surprise, every rock you look under you’ll find one. The thing that outrages me most about Hank is his complete and utter cowardice. So while the likes of John Cunningham, Sue Ierachi, Ken McLeod and other pro pHarma creeps like David Hawkes, Jane Hansen, and the relentlessly stupid (bought) Health Minister Jill Hennessystill disgust me at least these disturbed individuals have the courage of their demented convictions. At least they troll and injure their fellow human beings with their awful Merck ‘science’ under their own names.
Hank says he must remain anonymous because his life is in danger? Boo Hoo Pete, is your life at any more risk than any of your other equally disturbed and dangerous Skeptic mates? Are you a special case? Well?
Well I’m glad you asked because, yes, you are a special case. A special case of coward. Pretty sure I have not come across a bigger coward ever and in a world of genetically modified cowards that is no mean feat.
So after my last blog exposing Hank I thought that’s it, I’m done with this troll…I had set my sights on a couple of doctors mentioned above whose behaviour needed a little Phyto light shined upon them. No one reads his shit but a couple of us anti vaxxers a little more unhinged than the rest. Only journo that takes him seriously is the totally in decline Jane Hansen and that dried out husk of dust, what’s his name again? Blogs for Crikey, the with-friends-like-that-the-Left-don’t-need-no-enemy? Ahhh, screw it, I’ll remember it later.
This Christmas though Hank surpassed himself. This Christmas he launched one of his most decrepit attacks ever on a family on their knees. A family who have been to Hell and are not even halfway back yet. A family whose husband, father, brother, son has been crippled by a vaccine he should not have been coerced into having.


Ben Hammond was left crippled after he was forced to have the DTap( whooping-cough) vaccine in 2012 otherwise he couldn’t see his premature baby

Some time last year, around May, I received a call from Tanya Hammond.
           “Wow! Reasonable Hank has done a supportive post on us! He even donated
             $50 to our Go Fund Me! I’m quite touched but shocked, what’s going on?”
Poor Tanya thought Hank had seen the light. I laughed, I knew this turd too well.
           “You know what it means?” I tell her, ” It means he is currently writing a
             slanderous blog about you and Ben and is going to dump shit all over
             you next week.”
Hank couldn’t even wait the week, he shat all over the Hammond family three days later. An awful, cowardly, lying blog that basically destroyed Tanya and her devastated family.
That was the turning point for me (another one). I decided to finish the job I started on this cowardly fool. I’m gonna be Tiernan’s personal Karmic facilitator. So yeah Hank, at your bitter end you’ll see me.
Since then, brave Peter Tiernan has been relentless in his despicable, cowardly attacks. He even slandered Tanya’s mum for good measure. He has written and posted over 100 times about the Hammond family since then. I thought I’d seen it all but Christmas 2016 saw Tiernan at the lowest in a low, low ‘career’.





Have you noticed Pete that all your other Skeptic/Friends of Science in Medicine trolls never retweet you when you attack the Hammonds? No you can’t include all your bogus fake social media accounts like@rebelknight50, Hank retweeting Hank. Hank’s greatest fan and retweeter is, after al Hank. Ever noticed how they don’t even comment when you slander this family? Does that not tell you anything?


“Rebel Knight” is Hank’s greatest fan and retweeter

The karmic twist here is that you are all linked by the inefficacious and toxic pertussis vaccine. See it was this vaccine that crippled and near killed Ben Hammond. This was also the vaccine that drew Tiernan into his cowardly, deranged, trolling of vaccine safety activists. Tiernan happens to be cousins with a family who suffered the terrible tragedy of losing a child to whooping cough.
Bad Pharma and Bad Government love an event like this. They can then blame the death on anti vaxxers and not the completely shit vaccine with zero efficacy. They recruit the poor shocked & grieving family to sell more vaccines. Numb and in pain the poor family accept the role so as to honour the poor child they have just lost. Think this is overly simplified then how about you research the pertussis vaccine….even Skeptic scum acknowledge it “isn’t the best vaccine”. The pertussis vaccine is a 100% total and utter waste of time and space.
So poor old Pete, one of life’s no hopers, decides this is the cause he’s been looking for and Reasonable Hank was born, groomed of course by the tawdry and juvenile Ken McLeod and inspired by that old drunk and equally disgraceful Peter Bowditch. Look at these clowns in action and judge for yourself the calibre of Bad Pharma’s goons.
So now here we are, Ben Hammond, a fit and healthy 34 year old male who is told he must have a pertu shot to see his new born baby. Cocooning the policy was called and it basically meant all family members and anyone wanting to visit a new born baby were required to have this toxic shot. Great money spinner for pHarma, think of all the cash they creamed suckering in any visitor to a new born child?
Of course this was policy failure at it’s best and all state governments soon abandoned it because, well as I’ve already told you, the vaccine just doesn’t work. It does not stop transmission of the disease. Whooping cough numbers exploded as did Big Pharma’s bank accounts and the politicians they ‘donate’ so much money to. Guess who all the suckers catching whooping cough were? The new born babies and their families and friends. Oh dear! How inconvenient. So yep, policy abandoned but not before Ben was crippled and lay at death’s doorstep for 6 months.
So what did the Hammond’s do to disturb our friendly, neighbourhood pHarma troll Peter Parker…sorry, I mean Tiernan? They had the hide to nearly die from a vaccine! The audacity of this wretched family! Here we are trying to mandate vaccines for every man, woman, & child on this planet for every vaccine we can think of (and some we haven’t even thought of yet) and you have the nerve, the complete cheek, to nearly die from a vaccine you didn’t need to take! And didn’t want! Screw that!! Hank had to make an example out of you, you gave him no choice. Imagine if everybody that was killed or injured by a vaccine decided they wanted to make a complaint. It would be chaos….how the Hell would Pharma shareholder’s get an annual dividend ? DO NOT SCREW WITH THE BAD PHARMA NARRATIVE or you will deal with the Wrath of Hank. How in God’s name can Murdoch buy another TV station if all you peasants are dying and getting injured in your droves from our shitty vaccines?
I spoke to Ben Hammond this week and this is what he had to say.
“As many of you may know, I don’t really take to social media for much more than kindly thanking everyone for there generous support and kind words. It has helped myself and family through this horrid experience no family should ever have to go through.
It was not a proud moment for me to have to make the decision to appeal to the public for help, and begin a media campaign for what should be already in place, but here we are still rallying for all of the legal and medical expenses we always face.
As with anything I expected some backlash to what we were doing, especially being such a taboo topic to start with, however our good friend Reasonable Hankypoo decided to take it to the next level, and then some…
I don’t know who you are, or what has driven you to attack my family the way have, but your spineless accusations and fabricated stories absolutely disgust me. You truly have proven to yourself who you really are, from all of the comments on your testimony page.
Im not going to lower myself to your level then get beaten by experience when it comes for me to write more insults for you to add. But I will say, I totally agree with everyone on there, it must be awesome to look at yourself in the mirror every morning, fuckin wanker…
I’m agitated that I’ve been asked to even write something about you, but here is the 20 minutes of my time ill never get back…
Ben Hammond


If you would like a refund for your $50 Go Fund me donation feel free to provide your details and we can arrange it in good time .
Dr Phyto will deliver it personally?
And one of the most disturbing parts of this story, possibly even more disturbing than Pete Tiernan is that no one, not Merck, not Pfizer, not Jill Hennessy, and certainly not the dodo in question have the slightest idea what causes vaccine injury or death. No one knows why your one day old baby develops auto immune issues after her HepB shot or why a healthy 34 year old male can be killed by a pertussis shot. They have no idea. Nor does your doctor. Until that ‘science is settled’ and the vaccine cartel and their nasty ass trolls actually understand the mechanism behind vaccine injury and death, vaccination has to be a choice.
Soon the CDC will be thoroughly investigated and their heads will be off to jail. Hopefully the trolls that work tirelessly online for them will follow. Here are just a few that deserve a nice long stint.


Dorit Rubinstein Reiss a friend of Phizer.

Dorit Reiss check her twitter profile this women tweets 20 hours a day and is supposed to be a law professor and mother. Where does she find the time? Who funds her? When your child is killed or injured by a vaccine, remember this women’s name.


Dorit Reiss is a mother, law profesor and tweets 20 hours a day.


Skeptic Dr David Gorski should no better than to promote vaccines as a safe and effective proceudure.

Dr David Gorski. I save my special hate for Doctors that promote vaccination as a safe and effective procedure. These people should, and I suspect do, know better. If any are found to be paid to Pharma to spread Pharma lies and poison and troll vaccine injured families, I believe jail would be too good for them. Siberian salt mines maybe?


Edzard Ernst promotes statins and flu shots

Edzard Ernst Funnily enough I had to read this idiots text at university. He is just a tired old skeptic now that promotes statins and flu shots.
Peter Tiernan. Online cowardly stalker of women and vaccine damaged families. Knows as much about vaccine science as he does about not doxing himself on national radio.
Dr John Cunningham. JCbigears once tried to school me on herd immunity. Like all skeptics he didn’t  read the study before he posted it. Sadly the study he tried to school me on, was one that I’d used in my very own submission in relation to the No Jab No Pay debacle. Poor John, the science wasn’t on his side and, alas, he realised far too late. There is no good science on the mythical 95% herd immunity Pharma likes to spew about. None. Anyone that says otherwise is either bought or an idiot. He too trolls vaccine damaged families in spare time on twitter.One of his victims was Tasha David whose husband and father of her eight children had passed away. This creep spread malicious rumours online that her children were all from different fathers.
 “Dr John Cunningham was  maliciously spreading misinformation when he wrote” It is not surprising that Tasha doesn’t discuss the fact that her “healthy ” children have a different father than the other “sick” ones, and that is more likely that they are suffering from a genetic disorder passed down from their father than anything to do with vaccination. That wouldn’t fit in with her particular brand of .. of I cannot say.” Stay classy John. Gold plated turd.
Patrick Stokes
Patrick Stokes.To be honest, and this will definitely destroy his skeptic reputation, I have a bit of a soft spot for Patrick. From all accounts he is supposed to be a decent guy and he’s definitely not overtly nasty and certainly doesn’t attack vaccine damaged families.  He is, however a journalist guided by his stupid skeptic buddies and Bad Pharma and for this he must be made accountable. Cmon Pat, you’re a nice guy, lose these creepy turds. What would Socrates do?


Bernard Keene Blogger from Crikey and special friend of Hank.

Bernard Keene. This blogger from Crikey gets a special mention. He may even have less readers than me? Absolute dried out, broken,has been. Special friend of Hank and that can only damn you. Sack the bum Crikey…trust me, no one will notice.
Jane Hansen
 Poor old Jane. I’ve been harsh on her over the years. Everyone hates her boss. Everyone hates her newspaper. She has fallen from….well not far from the footpath to the gutter I spose but the gutter it is. Jane’s disastrous foray into the outing of Hank was too good to be true. In an article she authored about mistaken identity and the doxing of an innocent man, she fails to tell her readers that, in a miraculous karmic twist, she knew both men. Went to school with one and sold Pharma lies with another. In another amazing twist, one was called Peter Tierney and the other, Peter Tiernan. Incredible! She failed to mention this of course. Why? Cause it was a big fat lie and poor Jane knows what happens to journos that get caught lying red handed.
 Dr Paul Offit.
Probably number one on my skeptic skum list. This creep made multi million dollars from the totally unnecessary rotavirus vaccine . What’s rotavirus you may ask? Well you’ve injected your kid with it so maybe you should do more research on it before you criticize those who question its position on the soon to be mandated schedule.
Jill Hennessy.”There are no risks in vaccinating your children”
I proudly announce Victorian health minister Jill Hennessy ,the inaugural winner of the James Randi Bent Wand award for services to bent science. We hope to present it to her in person some time in the next couple of months. This politician who we pay for, works closely with Reasonable Hank . Does she condone his cowardly attacks against nurses and vaccine damaged families ? Does she condone his despicable attacks on the Hammond Family? If not then she needs to publicly condemn them? Can you please tell the public how much money Big Pharma has donated to you and your party in the last 5 years ?


Minister Jill Hennessy  openly supporting online serial abuser of vaccine injured families Reasonable Hank on Twitter.

These are just afew of Big pharmas faithful trolls and servants which makes them responsible for the death and destruction that vaccines cause. If your child is injured or killed by a vaccine don’t forget these faces,  over the next few years I will highlight these creeps and their disservices to humanity.  Whenever a child tragically dies from whooping-cough foundations are set up , Daily telegraph does a front page fundraiser for them, a current affair does a story and a fundraiser for them. When someone is nearly killed by a vaccine you’ll never hear about. Why? Because government and Big Pharma don’t want you to hear about it. If you can assist the Hammond Family in any way here’s a link to their gofundme page
I’ll leave the last word to Tanya’s mum.

In the four years that we have been dealing with Ben’s illness and the hell my family have been put through. We have come across many wonderful people who are now dear friends but sadly we have also had to endure people like reasonable hank.  I get people are very confused by the vaccine dilemma, hell I was too, but thousands of parents/wives/family members cannot be wrong! They cannot all be a ‘coincidence’ it’s just not feasible and as far as Ben’s story goes, well, the hanks of this world and the others, you know who you all are, I might add need to wake the F up.  The rubbish that has been spread about Tanya and Ben is just pathetic and extremely insulting.  He is a real person, he was a quad, he is now walking but has been left with multiple injuries and life time problems  that will put him back in a wheelchair and yes it was the DTap vaccination!  But hank has a way of dissecting bits and pieces of blogs etc  from as far back as when I first started our page and he pastes them to suit his own agenda and make his story sound true and the herd follow.

We began this journey 4 years ago because we believed,and still do, that people need to know that this can happen and if you decide to vaccinate (which is your choice to make) then make sure you educate yourself on what can happen and you are financially covered because it will destroy you.  If that makes us activists, well ok we will wear it, and thank god my daughter is as stubborn as her mother because we have not let their pathetic attempt to shut us up work.  They  did vaccinate and now, because they are very aware of what can go wrong, they don’t, it’s that simple and being slammed by these people for trying to protect others  is just wrong. We will keep on making noises because until vaccines are investigated and tests done the way that all medications should be tested, these injuries will keep on happening, and you never know Hank and (name deleted in the name of an upcoming truce) it might be you if they mandate adult vaccines.

Yours sincerely

Lois Vitler

Proud Mum

Source: https://septicskeptics.com/2017/02/03/christmas-cheer-from-reasonable-hank-2/

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