September 25, 2023

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City of Perth wants you to report ‘anti-social behaviour’ to a hotline


Perth authorities, who already have a smart city network comprising 700 facial recognition CCTV cameras, say that citizens can now call a hotline to help inform them of things like ‘antisocial behaviours’.


“See it. Say it.”

It’s the slogan of an initiative recently launched by the City of Perth that encourages people to use a dedicated response service to “report any issues or behaviours that impact safety within the city”.

Lord Mayor, Basil Zempilas, emphasised that “every individual has a role to play” in “maintaining the safety of the City of Perth”, and this can now be done by reporting concerns or incidents promptly.

But doing this, residents and visitors “can contribute to creating a safer environment for everyone”.

The hotline will be a 24/7 service directed by the city’s all-seeing surveillance centre, which is equipped with CCTV viewing and is staffed by a team of security experts and police who monitor the city.

Zempilas commented that “many people are unaware” of the “comprehensive safety measures” in place within the City of Perth, all directed from this facility.

And now, if you like in Perth, you can help the surveillance state in their endevours!

Sp, what exactly are they looking for?

Well here is where things get interesting. Check out what they are encouraging citizens to report:

“Call 9461 3333 to let us know about something that might have made you feel unsafe. It might be antisocial behaviour, you might want to a request for a welfare check on someone you’ve passed in the street…”

Boy, oh boy!

But what exactly do authorities consider ‘anti-social’?

Better yet, who are the general public being trained to consider is inside of this definition as of late?

Could it be that certain community actions, like protests at council buildings to highlight issues many of these same authorities consider ‘conspiracy theories’, are reportable?

We have already seen this language used in other locations across Australia:

The Lord Mayor added: “Your cooperation enables us to allocate our resources effectively and protect the well-being of all individuals within the city. Together, we can make the City of Perth an even better place to live, work, and play.”

We appreciate your co-operation, citizen!

While it all may seem innocent and well-meaning on the surface, considering Perth’s transformation in recent years into a smart city dystopia, this kind of 24/7 ‘people-reporting’ could be just the opposite.

Perth has become one very strange place over the past few years.


Now, you may be saying to yourself: ‘Oh Ethan, not everything is some giant plot!’.

But here’s the things: City of Perth already have more than enough capabilities to effectively protect the community — perhaps much more than is actually needed to serve this purpose.

In 2019, the city introduced 700 facial recognition CCTV cameras that reports stated would “…be able to recognise your face, tell your gender and track your movements”.

This shift was all part of Perth’s commitment to their greater Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, a transformation seen all across Australia in major cities and regions.

The city has been working on the development and installation of hardware for four key projects of the plan — Smart Precinct, Smart Irrigation, Smart Sustainability and Data Hub.

This includes a plethora of ‘smart upgrades’ such as facial recognition terminals at Perth airport, the rollout of Perth’s Optus Stadium as a ‘5G smart arena’, and much more.

According to the documents, these measures allow city authorities to be alerted if someone enters a restricted area, while also counting pedestrian foot traffic” and monitoring motor vehicle traffic.

You must ask yourself, with all of this surveillance, just why would they need a hotline?

Well, there is only so much even the most sophisticated of technology can pick up.

Machines don’t yet understand someone’s ‘vibe’, and aren’t tuned into every conversation (except through your phones if you allow them too).

Here, citizens will act as eyes and ears that can ‘feel out’ what the cameras can’t.

So, once you report something, they will use their surveillance powers to be all over it.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

We have also already seen how Australians are prone to dob on fellow citizens over COVID restrictions.

‘Did you hear someone say they oppose vaccine mandates in the local Perth CBD cafe?’

‘Make sure to call this number now and do your bid for the community!’

‘Together, we can rid the streets of Perth of Thoughtcriminals!’

Steps like this are how social credit systems are normalised in a country.

All fuelled by distrust in your fellow citizen.


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