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149 thoughts on “Conclusive Photographic Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack by DEWs

  1. There are several interesting (weather/fire) articles on – Watt’s Up With That by Anthony Watts.
    Article number 1. My Status & the Status of WUWT by Anthony Watts.
    #Campfire that destroyed the town of Paradise, CA on November 8th & threatened Chico CA, where I live, on the same day.

    1. Maybe you could strike up a conversation with someone on WUWT & get their take on this deliberate fire lighting.
      They all sound like nice people – hey.

        1. – Deadly WWII firebombing raids on japanese cities largely ignored.

          On March 10 1945, U.S. B-29 bombers flew over Tokyo in the dead of night, dumping massive payloads of cluster bombs equipped with the then-recently invented: napalm. A 5th of Tokyo was left a vast smouldering expanse of charred bodies & rubble.
          It was the most deadly conventional air raid ever, worse than Nagasaki & on a par with Hiroshima. But the attack & similar ones that followed in 60 other Japanese cities, have received little attention, eclipsed by the atomic bombing & Japan’s rush to rebuild.

          ME: The people who do these things are not human – they are a different species hiding in human form.

          1. R Davis, you are so right. Following World News with an open mind these past 50 years, I have now come to realize that the U.S. is the most vicious, warmongering, power-hungry Nation on this Earth. Their need to “hit first with the biggest stick possible” is only paralleled by their need to make every other Nation subservient and obedient to them.
            There is a complete lack of humanity in them, agreed.

          2. Very True..they dropped Incendiary bombs, which cause massive flames that take the oxygen from the air…as they knew that Japan was largely built with Bamboo at the time, so burning it was the best option, in times of war, its about who created the war, and that is Rothschilds cult who manipulate both sides into conflict then sell arms to both sides and have done so since Napoleon through to today in Syria and Yemen

          3. I, for one, AM aware of this. We knew that Japan was already toast, with many civilians already dying from starvation. We had already destroyed all of Japan’s military bases and weapons facilities. B-52 flyovers were a daily occurrence and the citizens believed it was over, but some psychopath decided to go rural and carpet bomb the already half-dead citizens who didn’t even want war in the first place.

          4. I knew a colonel from WW2 he fly planes- and at that high rank – he made the choice to refuse orders of dropping a bomb in Japan – as he was aware the area was a village. It saved no one and cost him everything he worked for, but he preferred to keep his humanity

          5. This is all bullshit..obviously..its fun to be called stupid by stoned stupid people..the author needs to get a hobby.

          6. Who the hell cares. Maybe you should read up on the atrocities brought on to the Chinese from Japan. Would you show Nazis the same decorum??? Lol didnt think so……

          7. The people and government of Japan were and always will be the demons in that scenario. The day the flew into pearl harbor sealed there fait. They were given not 1, not 2, but 3 chances to surrender with no response…… Then BOOM!!!. then given another chance to surrender with no response…. Then BOOM!!! So who exactly did you say the evil aliens where again. Certainly not my counrty……

          8. Wow, I’d have to agree. Not human, but what could be the purpose of such blatant masochistic infliction of suffering? I feel as though we are being literally attacked ” in your face, what are you gonna do about it?” Kinda way.

          9. They are demons in human flesh and the human’s brain cannot fight the demons because it does not consist of the Holy Spirit,. Pray hard and become God’s armour. THE POWER OF PRAYER CAN STRIKE ANY DEMON DOWN. WE MUST PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

          10. Forgetting Pearl Harbor, China, Philippines and numerous other countries that the Japs invaded and murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands? They would not surrender despite repeated warnings from the U.S.. They were training everyone, including small children to attack the allies with sharpened sticks. They committed as many war crimes or worse then the Germans. A land invasion would have cost tens of thousands of Allied lives. The right thing was done as this is/was war.

          11. yes they are not human they are what we Gnostic call ARCHON PARASITE ENITITES , wellness to you Davis 🙂

          12. Tom didn’t want war? You must be hazy on what happened in the world wars. I’m sure Pearl harbor y’all can’t blame to much but the Japanese for that and what came after yea we hit them hard and learned strike first so our people are safe and anyone fleeing violence provoked by a side we turn to ashes we accept and help them. Never forget never surrender.

          13. German cities suffered a same fate. Most were full of refugees fleeing from the commie rapists, coming in, from the east. Zionist America is the biggest murderer on the planet. Thank God its days are numbered. It will resemble dried husk once the Zionists bail out, after using it as a cat\’s-paw.

            \”Everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good-guys lost.\”

          14. I have tried to point out that fact to people several times. The bombings before the nukes were just as bad if not worse.

    1. “Bodies so badly burned, there is no DNA left to identify them”…?
      Crematorium burn at up to 980 degrees Celsius and it takes up to 3 hours CONSISTENTLY burning at that temperature to turn a body into ash.
      Forest fires burn at a maximum of around 800 degrees Celsius.
      So tell me, how does a quick, flash-in-the-pan forest fire burn bodies to ash inside their cars?
      Living in Australia, I am intimately familiar with the natural, every-single-Summer time forest fire that destroys a few houses here and there.
      So tell me this – how is it that a so-called NATURAL FOREST FIRE only burn houses and not the wooden picket fences and green lawns and trees around the houses? How does this NATURAL FOREST FIRE JUMP over those wooden picket fences and furn the house next door down to the ground and then jump the fence again and burn the next house down to the ground, but not burn the grass or the trees?

      1. Josephine Hogg I have been in fires that the heavy ashes from one burning home is blown over three houses and catches the third house on fire. fences are not necessarily burned. Standing structures are. you see it in every major fire.. Skipping one and burning another or skipping 3 or 4 and burning the next. tile roofs make a difference as well as stucco homes vs wood homes. Just stop and think logically.

      2. None of what you just said is going on here. Idk where you guys are getting your doctored photos but sounds like you’ll believe anything. Better watch your step before we decide to firebomb you!

        1. This is what happens to idle minds.

          Critical thinking is gone, just grabbing at straws to try and make sense out of the world around them.

          No semblance of sanity or reason. It’s actually really scary, because these stupid theories are used to manipulate people into an agenda many times, i.e. Alex Jones.

          1. The only dangerous thought is to limit and criticize the thoughts of others. Maybe the problem with him and you is that you both wanna debate your theories as facts while wearing earplugs and shouting into megaphones. What does it hurt to hear people out and try to understand them? The goal is to gain more personal knowledge. The way you folk argue is to make them gain your knowledge….. sooo fucking backwards.

        2. Sounds like you need to pull your head out of your ass and look at the facts here…..anyone with half a brain can see them.

        3. I live here where this is happining these photos are the same things we are seeing with our own eyes, obviously you have not been personally effected or lost someone or experienced what we are going through. Don’t hate those who are aware and trying to share the truth. Put your head back in the sand where it belongs.

        4. I can show you proof of what they are saying. I am less than 8 miles from paradise. I can send you a pic in less than a minute that is not enough time to doctor up as you call it. I can stand in the pic and hold a color or and object to prove to you the pic had been taken in 1 minute or less. Trust me this fire is not normal. There is strange things up there. That just don’t happen in normal fires. So if you are wanting proof just ask. Example: let’s say you want proof the Verizon store is burnt to the ground but lass than a foot away there flag is still waving on the side of the bricks. And you want me to take a pic and send it to you in less than 1 min. So you tell me to hold two fingers up and a todays paper. Trust me what you see up there is just crazy. There is a chevron gas station burnt to the ground but 15 feet away is the plastic and aluminum pumps not even a black mark on them. There is a car lot with 25 to 30 cars 13 of them burnt to the ground but right next to the burnt car is a car not even touched and you know how close they stack cars in a lot

      3. Have you ever watched a large fire burn? Even small ones send embers through the air. I witnessed one house burned down completly while the next two didnt have any damage and then the next was burned down. My friends house went up in flames from a forest fire with nothing salvaged from the house after digging for hours all the while her pool house didnt even get scratched. So yeah, embers fly long distances especially with all that wind.

        1. the DEW’s use Google Earth to target structures … every address on the planet and the layout of the house has been computerized/digitalized making for very accurate & precise targets

      4. Those picture are not from the Camp Fire , that fire burned hot and was pushed by 45 mile an hour was burning a football field every minute. Therir living in the forest .

      5. Very Well Said , Thank You, It Amazes me how even with the evidence in front of their own eyes continue to be in Denial. Wait till it effects them and we know it will , only then will the jello heads of the world wake up.

      6. Fences here in the us that are wood are typically stained sealed and coated and if they are pre fab’d wooden fences to ensure a long life span of the product they’re done perfectly so no moisture gets in, no sunlight or uv damage occurs and also so that the part that is close to the ground and in the ground doesn’t rot. Also for protection from people touching occasional scratch from bike maybe. Either way it would take direct fire to the surface a while to get those coatings to fail. A lot of times special coating are torched off and forest fires aren’t near as hot as propane torches. As for the remains in cars… Inside the dash is about 30 pounds of insulated wire, insulated padding, copper, and carpet on the floor. Insulation for wiring may be heat resistant but its not fire proof and once you get the insulation hot enough it’ll burn hot and it’ll burn long. The copper inside it with only escalate the problem no to mention you’ve got 5 quarts of oil, gasoline (which liquid form isn’t flammable) vapors locked in the fuel rail that runs right undebreath the driver, there’s brake fluid, and more wiring under the hood. All those things mixed together give a car enough heat and sustainability to burn a body to charred remains. The reason you will see unburnt trees still erect but homes leveled is that live trees are over 50% water. The bark provides a layer of protection and round wood is much harder to catch than jagged wood on fire. Houses on the other hand are built with wood framing and that wood is often time cured and dried of all its water content for the most part. Its much easier to ignite that from embers tossed in the wind than a live tree T hats got a large content of water in it… Houses also have natural gas lines, gutter of dried brush debris, tons of electrical wire T hats insulated plus the walls are lined with insulation that is fire resistant but will absolutely burn if exposed to constant flame I.e. the rest of the house being on fire. Fires are a massive force of nature and they’re especially hard to tame when in a drought but we saw the same thing here in Oregon with the eagle creek fire. Besides with as ill prepared as civilians were and with as crazy as the panic and urgency to escape set in these fires only claimed 87 live thus far. Don T you think if this was a intend3d way to kill mass numbers that the elites, the richest men in the world, who have all the brightest minds in tactical weaponry, would come up with something a little more deadlier than this? Come on now…. Be logical…

    2. Let your eyes do the thinking…trees do not burn in a forest fire from the inside out…steel and granted melted but the trees and lawn around the house untouched…randomly picked cars on fire…something is very wrong…look the pictures over again and shut your judgement off and use you logic…

      1. Happens all the time. The moisture content of a tree will determine how it burns, or if it will burn at all. Go pluck a fresh leaf off a tree and see how hard it is for you to burn it. You’re also discounting mycelium network trees use to communicate with each other. A fire in one area would trigger a response to uptake more water through their roots. I wonder if you even think of trees as living things. Also, if you’re using your eyes to make judgements about everything, you’re starting from a flawed perspective. I would suggest picking up ANY book on human factors. I’m giving you a chance to learn here, but I doubt you have enough humility to take it.

        1. Jeremy, thanks for your comment. Are you in Paradise, CA? I have seen a lot of photos of burnt out cars. Are you seeing these, or are these “fake” photos being used to make people think that DEW’s are being used. I can’t know anything except what I hear on the news and see in various videos. Do you see burnt out cars with LIVE trees/vegetation nearby or not? Do the houses burnt to the ground resemble “normal” house fires or not? I understand trees can, occasionally burn from the inside out–weird, but not impossible. But the pictures I’ve seen look as if DEW’s have been used. Can you please take some photos of Paradise, CA, some burnt out cars and then send them to me? that’s the kind of proof I need, since too many people can send manipulated images onto facebook. Afterall, hollywood has been making fake scenes for decades.

          1. Hollywood has been making fake seens … \\\\\\\’ya mean like 911 & the 2 commercial airliners fake crashing into the WTC 1 & 2 – the aluminum wings cutting through concrete & steel as if they were butter …

            We need to wake up … America is under attack once again and most everyone is sleeping through the nightmare

        2. These pictures do look fake. I live about 50 miles from Paradise. What gets me is Roger Kimmel is the director of PG&E. He is also the president of Rothchilds Inc. a international banking firm for the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. These two famillies own the Federal reserve, believe in population control investment, and are elites who run the world. Governor Brown just signed a bill that will allow PG&E to raise their rates on the people
          if they get sued.

      2. I\’ve seen trees burn from the inside out. The trees concerned were already dead and hollow with holes down the bottom and type. A natural chimney if you prefer. The fire got in the bottom and just kept burning all the way up the inside. It was not just one. I saw many as I walked through the forest that has just burned out.

    3. Ray, I wish it was bullshit. But if you do the research you will find these things are written in many places, reported by many sources. It is very difficult to believe this story until you start to research. Inhumans in human form is easier to take than humans doing this. I don’t know if it is all made up but so much of history is written by the victors, so the truth is what?

    4. Interesting…. you cant see that the leaders want us burning. They want us constantly fighting each other and at odds so that they can do their dirt and people are too preoccupied to see it…. we have become a nation of hate and conquest…. not freedom and liberty. But this isnt a theory. It’s just a bit much for the average mind to accept because its unknown….

    5. Shit like this just doesn’t even make sense, at all.

      WTF is this even supposed to explain, what benefit comes from this?

      1. One of my college textbooks that was talking about global trade said that then Pres. Obama wanted to get rid of the wine vineyards in No. CA and develop those in Brazil because we could import wine cheaper from Brazil than we get it from CA. When one of the fires investigated last year turned out to be set by an ISIS male who left the gas can and an igniter on top of it with his finger prints all over it. I did some research at the time and found out that the day it started he was in Brazil addressing a group he calls “America/Brazil.” It’s all one world order stuff with some deep state thrown in, it’s all related.

      2. The benefit is the country waking up and realizing our government is NOT our friend. The only way to do this is uniting…..not dividing.

        1. We won’t unite under the tyranny of the fake president donny boy…who refuses to believe in climate change/global warming.. even though the most intelligent wise most educated people on the planet have scientific proof this is what is happening.. good luck. until we elect a truly wise, humanitarian, intelligent president.. we’re in doomsville…..

          1. A majority of scientists believe that global warming is a lie. Check you info sources b/c you’re dead wrong. Also, directed free Energy weapons destroyed the world trade center. It is Tesla’s particle beam weapon capable of melting airplane engines 200 miles away.

    6. Anything is possible. It wouldn’t be that big of a surprise, worse things have been done…the only thing I want to know is WHO/or/what country is doing this? I really don’t think it’s our government……at least not this time.. So if not ours then WHO?

  2. This fire happened to take place over the proposed California railway system owned by Diane Feinstein, only problem was, houses stood in her way for easement issues. Not anymore. Somehow this fire is over only the railways proposed railroad.

  3. Reverse image search shows that many of these images are old photos of lens flare, stills of asteroid landings caught on video, missile launches & strikes, etc. others are from the same rumors floating around last year.

    If there is any truth to this story, the false images sure kill the integrity of the article.

    1. Josh is a government cyber force agent.
      They always show up with the other point of view!
      Only your integrity has been kill, Troll.

  4. “Bodies so badly burned, there is no DNA left to identify them”…?
    Crematorium burn at up to 980 degrees Celsius and it takes up to 3 hours CONSISTENTLY burning at that temperature to turn a body into ash.
    Forest fires burn at a maximum of around 800 degrees Celsius.
    So tell me, how does a quick, flash-in-the-pan forest fire burn bodies to ash inside their cars?
    After the devastating Californian fires of last February, this lot was predicted as the 2nd phase of the destruction of North California.
    Living in Australia, I am intimately familiar with the natural, every-single-Summer time forest fire that destroys a few houses here and there.
    So tell me this – how is it that a so-called NATURAL FOREST FIRE only burn houses and not the wooden picket fences and green lawns and trees around the houses? How does this NATURAL FOREST FIRE JUMP over those wooden picket fences and furn the house next door down to the ground and then jump the fence again and burn the next house down to the ground, but not burn the grass or the trees?

      1. Yes just like in 9-11…heat rises!!!! think about that..heat does not flow down..and what happened to the huge water tanks on top of the towers?

    1. These fires were burning at up to 2500 degrees. Also once a car starts on fire the gas in cars will create a greater heat. Have you not seen a car fire on the side of the road that burned the people inside to a \”crisp\”? These people were in a fire that did burn for hours. Not sure where you get your info from. I live in Northern CA. I saw the devastation first hand as we were evacuating. Come see the \”trees\” that did burn, hundreds of acres, come see the houses with fences and trees burned, come see the entire neighborhoods gone… trees and all. Some houses are \”skipped\” because the embers are blown by the wind, which can blow from one house and land on the roof of the next house, missing the fence. Embers can be carried for miles by the wind and start \”spot fires\”. Fire also creates it\’s own wind… hence the fire-nados we had here in our county. The fire near our home was started by a spark from a flat tire. I suggest you go speak with firefighters and get some good information about fires. My question for you is, \”How do \”they\” control a raging fire to not burn fences?\”

    2. So they have been doing this for 50 years? I haved lived in So Cal my whole life. Fire is very random, (can u say wind?) You see this in every fire. If you people are serious, you are stone cold stupid. BTW most houses burn form the inside out and collapse on themselves fire is always moving so trees in cleared areas don’t burn at all. I could go on all day with you dipshits.

    3. Keep talking to these loony tune character liberal idiots in this country who believe everything is about their sacred environment, as if conservatives don’t care!!!
      These forest fires are devastating. But, it’s deeper than a bunch of “homeless” guys or “global warming” as the democRAT dorks want you to believe.
      Forest fires don’t “jump” around without a trace. So, you’ve pegged it correctly!!
      This isn’t a “normal” or “seasonal” wildfire. It’s totally orchestrated and designed!!!


  5. It’s like you’ve never ever tried to light a fire with dry brush before vs wet brush. Also, super great job with the ultra-selective foliage analysis. IF LEAVES THEN NO FIRE. IF FIRE THEN NO LEAVES. ERROR. ERROR. ERROR.

    I would normally deride NPC’s, but you sir, should stick to NPC’ing.

  6. You know when you see a headline starting “conclusive evidence proving that ….. ” …. it is about to be followed by some insane conspiracy theory with no evidence !!

    1. You are in denial of reality. Most people prefer lies they want hear instead of truth that they don’t.

      The majority of men are not capable of thinking, but only of believing and are not accessible to reason but only to authority.” – Arthur Shopenhauer

      So just keep your head in the sand, believe the propaganda of your rulers, and your ass will get kicked.

  7. The Fact that people who have spoken out with The Truth, especially about the existence of Aliens on Earth, have had their hard drives hacked and filled with child porn, to discredit and prosecute them, is a Cluie that they will go to any extreme lengths
    to prevent The Truth from being told..

  8. They ( the powers that be) have become so Ruthless in their hidden but in plain view agenda, this has gone far enough, when will the people organize themselves/ourselves to expose the facts and stop this once and for all, the defence force must protect the people against any government who do not comply with the wishes of the people, and we all know that The People do not want war, nukes or deliberately lit forest fires…it is all a Grab at cash before they get stopped in their tracks, only GOD can save us now…

  9. Looks like to me, that they are destroying the land with fires, running people off the land so they can buy it all up at a reduced cost to develop for profit, as they did so many times over from JP Morgan when he had the gold price dropped so low that the individual mining claim owners in West Virginia, could no longer afford to maintain their gold mines, so they all ended up selling out to JP Morgan, then once he owned the whole lot of their claims, the gold price went back up and beyond its previous price, making JP a very rich man, and a member of this banking cult..

    1. As a lifelong resident of West Virginia, and an Exploration Geologist that worked for the Coal industry or 17 years in this state, if you can show me just ONE Gold mine anywhere in this state, let me know so I can grab my pick and start either digging or panning and become a billionaire off just the tailings.
      Don\\\\\\\’t you mean \\\\\\\”coal\\\\\\\”?

    2. As a lifelong resident of this site of West Virginia and an Exploration Geologist that worked for the Coal industry for 17 years, if you can find me just ONE Gold mine ANYWHERE in this state, could you please let me know, and I’ll grab my pick and pan and I’ll start digging and panning making myself a billionaire just strictly off the mine tailings. Whatever I find, I PROMISE to split all my findings 50/50 with you and I’ll sign a contract to make it legal.
      Don’t you mean “Coal”???

    3. As a lifelong resident of WV, and an Exploration Geologist that worked for the Coal industry for 17 years, if you could find me just ONE Gold mine in this state, could you please inform me as soon as possible, so I can grab a pick and pan and I’ll start digging or panning immediately and I’ll be a billionaire by just scruffing through all those mine tailings and waste rock in less than 6 months. I’ll even split it with you 50/50 and sign a contract with a whole team of lawyers to make it legal.
      Don’t you mean, “Coal”??

    4. As a lifelong resident of WV and an Exploration Geologist that worked for the Coal industry for 17 years, if you could inform me of just ONE Gold mine anywhere in this state, could you please inform me, so I could grab a pick and a wet pan and I’ll be a billionaire in less that 6 months. I’ll even split it with you 50/50. Why, I’ll even sign a contract in front of a whole team of lawyers in just to make it legal.
      Don’t you mean, “Coal”???

  10. In 1985 I was attaced by some light that feelt terrible as I was waiting on a parkinglot for someone. I dont know what it was, and I was scared. This was in San Fransisco. Does anyone know what it was? And why I was targeted.

    1. DEW? You guys are freaking morons if you think this was anything but a real fire . Watch a video of the fire spreading . See what what happens when fire rages through an area like that. It Is random some things dont burn while other things right next melt. Just the nature and how it moves is what makes fire so deadly . Keep these DEW ideas to yourself I would hate to see the reaction of someone affected by the camp fire listening to your BS.

  11. Over the past few years, the U.S. Navy has published public service videos of laser technology on ships that shoot down dummy planes. It takes several seconds to warm up and the beam is much more narrow and pinpointed. If these were from the same technology, then we are talking about leaps and bounds in advancement. This would also make current weapons production obsolete so, although I believe such a weapon exists, I don’t know who or what controls it and I won’t guess or make shit up. More info is needed.

  12. The New World Order is upon us…the Illuminati; prayerfully Jesus’ return is near. But He told us to “occupy until I Come”!! Be sure you KNOW where your soul is going, where you will spend Eternity!!!! John 3:16

  13. “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!”

  14. PROFETII DESPRE AMERICA. Staretul Ignatie: „Ceea ce a inceput in Rusia se va incheia in America”. Parintele Serafim Rose: „Noi traim vremurile din urma, Antihrist este aproape”. Staretul Antonie: „Va fi stearsa de pe fata pamantului Sodoma – New York. Nu va ramane fara rasplata nici Gomora – Los Angeles

  15. I’m skeptical, but the trees were burning from the inside out last year too. Very suspicious. How does that happen exactly? I’ve burned some wood in my day and in my experience it burns from the outside in, eh? Also, I heard on NPR yesterday that they’re saying the displaced folks will have to leave the area – as in the state. Now that was on National Public Radio so …

    1. Pine trees burning from inside is NORMAL, it’s the way they burn ! And compltely destructed houses shows how poorly built they are. Compare with photos from Portugal and other places and you see California fires are just normal fires !

  16. You people are nuts. These pictures are doctored. This is not going on here. There’s no selective burning happening. Jeez, some of you believe anything you see or are told, huh?

    1. Those pictures are not doctored,,I live in Sonoma county and some of these pictures are from here and I have seen them..know what you are talking about before you mouth off

      1. Thanks Cheryl. However, I wouldn’t be so harsh. Folks reject that which they can’t understand WITHOUT investigation. I have been trying to get proof that what I see with my own eyes IS the truth and you’ve just added support to my belief that these ARE the results of DEWs.. Keep in mind, however, that the GeoEngineering programs–putting as they do enormous amounts of nano-particulate aluminum out there, make fires more incendiary. This can explain massive losses of forests, BUT the toasted houses and cars speak to DEW’s.. So as with 9/11, you have MORE than one horrible thing happening at the same time. Enough to keep people confused UNLESS they do their homework. I often talk to folks about Geoengineering and most folks just don’t want to learn @$*^*&$ about anything, sad but true. I heard Judy wood a few weeks back discounting the use of DEW’s in the CA fires, but her arguments were not convincing. For a brilliant researcher that she is, I couldn’t believe some of the stupid things she said. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but if all these photos (and video of that FOX reporter praising laser weapons and laughing about it), are NOT doctored, then we’re screwed. I hope at least ONE reporter in CA can run this story and “spill the beans” on these treasonous activities.

        1. Thomas Pitrie seems everyone has also forgotten about the tesla l.a.w.s. infrared laser that was installed and tested on a Navy ship off the coast of california.. What is to say it wasnt built into a satellite structure with the necessary power grid to run it and stay charged up off the undampened solar radiation feeding the solar panels..

      2. The director of PG&E is also the president of Rothchild Inc. Look it up! They are a group of investers for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. The two families own the federal reserve. The pics are legit. I live by Chico Ca 50 miles from Paradise and facebook is blowing up with pics like these. Some are of Santa Rosa. I dont know about laser beams tho lol.

    2. I am not saying I believe something just because I posted a photo. I’ve asked folks out there if they can provide independent photos. Everyone knows that photos can be doctored. This doesn’t mean bad things or DEW’s are NOT being used. Just check out this video and see if you think this bimbo is making all this up? Are ALL the photos doctored–in your opinion,or not? How do you KNOW they’re doctored? I am NOT saying they’re real or not. I didn’t take them, so I can’t “know.” But I wouldn’t put anything past those in power. Thanks.

  17. Once the middle gets cozy, buying up land, investing in stock, once the cost of living increases to the point where the ‘bubble will burst’ it’s no surprise to see disasters occur… either economic or ‘natural’… there’s definitely technology out there that could accomplish this type of destruction, just look at Tesla’s work and possibly what’s hidden in area51… now that the value of that property has decreased dramatically, I wonder how much will be swooped up by the 1% and sold to the next sucker to come along..?

  18. Who is Dews and are any lives gone, how many people died? That cant just by burned in a strait line via a airoplane but by n hellicopter yes.

    So who is the Dew. From where?

    1. Biggest set of crap I’ve seen yet….Just two pictures in the lot stand out a mile….Car on road melted and not a tree in sight…House all by itself in middle of forest, which incidentally is intact/unburned, with ample buffer zone of lawns, completely flattened…your pictures…talk about having one’s head stuffed way up where the sun don’t shine!!!

  19. Citing a quote from Noam Chomsky, a supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas hardly serves to make sense of this bullshit conspiracy theory. Photos of buildings burned with surrounding greenery untouched can be explained by the planting of fire retardant plants in some construction zones to prevent fires. Not everything catches fire at same temperature. By the way, Chomsky, a political opportunist supported the mass murderer Pol Pot. So what moron authored this conspiracy crap. The B1 bomber shown “firing a laser” is US aircraft. You’d never be able to hide that if it was true. THese Aussies should chase a kangaroo.

  20. Wow really? As a former firefighter who has fought a couple of wildfires fires jump they change course they can burn the whole block and skip a house skip trees depends on the wind and thermals and all sorts of factors and for the rocket scientist talking about World War II in Japan there were no B-52’s they were be B-29 at least learn your history son

  21. Sure I’ll consider anything as a real possibility, but seriously I need more proof. I pray for all the people in these fires, it’s tragic. There are surviving people to tell their stories and basically if they were to come forward and confirm such DEW’s then that would be something to investigate further. Mentioned earlier someone did say some are old or doctored. At least one photo had cinematographer on it so it’s possible doctoring is a factor.

  22. Sure I\\\\\\\’ll consider anything as a real possibility, but seriously I need more proof. I pray for all the people in these fires, it\\\\\\\’s tragic. There are surviving people to tell their stories and basically if they were to come forward and confirm such DEW\\\\\\\’s then that would be something to investigate further. Mentioned earlier someone did say some are old or doctored. At least one photo had cinematographer on it so it\\\\\\\’s possible doctoring is a factor, visual perception, or unrelated event. Honestly though it looks fake to me and I think it\\\\\\\’s sad that someone can\\\\\\\’t take a real situation to heart, instead blame it on someone/government/aliens/terrorist.

  23. You tools really believe this crap? I don’t. And for someone in the comments to state the United States is looking to CONTROL the rest of the world. You, Miss, are flat out nuts. Sure the fires are questionable, they seem intentionally set. BUT, in the way that you people are pointing at. California does have illegals living there. They are MORE than likely the ones that did it. Or some deranged California person. There are nut cases out there.

    1. Hahaaaha (deranged California person) What kind of grammar is that? Did you make it beyond the 3rd grade?
      You are the nut case to not understand the agenda of the Deep State.. Or do U even know what the deep state is? Global Elite? look up Agenda21 .. start doing some research and find out whats in store for everyone.

    2. So please explain what you mean by crap. ALL the photos are fake? Some of the photos are fake? Directed Energy Weapons havent”t been invented or used? The U.S. Government haven’t been altering the weather for the past 70 years and therfore, making the foiliage more flammable because of the chemicals used in these operations? I’ve been studying this material for 20 years, so I have some knowledge on it. And you? What have YOU studied about weather modification programs and is it true or not that these have made “forest fires” way worse? Now more than one agenda is on-going now, but this is not the place to get into these things. I am well aware that some of these photos can be fake. People who live out there say (a) They’re fake and (b) They’re not fake. Imagine that. Instead of generalities, please be more specific.

    3. So, let’s see…. Have you read:

      Killing Hope by William Blum?
      Rogue States by William Blum?
      The People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn?
      Brainwashed for War; Programmed to Kill (The Zionist War Agenda/ How We Became War Junkies), by Matthias Chang?
      Failed States by Noam Chomsky?
      The New American Militarism by Andrew Bacevich?
      Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins?
      Extreme Prejudice, The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover-Ups of 9/11 and Iraq (This book is VERY relevant, as it speaks to many unjust wars, the killing of over 1.5 million people and the displacement of nearly 10 million from their own countries, based upon a major falseflag events of 9/11.)

      Anyway, those are my favorites with regards to our involvement in the rest of the world. Perhaps you don’t think that’s interfering with another country, because you did not know we have 900 military bases in 140 countries. Of course, not everyone knows of these things. If it’s your belief that we are not interested in having complete control of the rest of the world, that is NOT what the evidence shows. For example, what happened to Mhomar Khodafi occured precisely because he had the audacity to try to create a single currency (the Dinar), that would have extricated not only Libya, but the rest of Africa, from the U.S. Dollar. As admitted to in leaks from WikiLeaks…Hillary Clinton was adamant that “there’s no way he’s going to get his own currency!”. And after NATO went in–at our behest–143 Tons of Gold,in their vaults,went missing. (So how is “our version” of democracy there now? Are they STILL the African nation with the number one standard of living? HARDLY–theu’re an absolute wreck. Yeah, committing a crime is “ok,” but, heaven forbid, reporting a crime (as has Wikileaks for years),, well, that’s a punishable offense! And by the way, you have evidence that “it’s more than likely that illegals” (set the CA fires)? Where is your evidence for this? has lots of evidence (check out their 11/17 broadacast), that the fires in CA are not natural and it is my belief, that “illegals” have nothing whatsoever to do with fires. But maybe your “evidence” will change my mind!

      1. I live in Southern California and these fires scare the hell out of me. I understand the Santa Anas and we are used to wildfires but this was no ordinary wildfire! This was like a high energy blast that immediately started a whole city on fire. People were burned so bad they cant identify them and they are having trouble collecting all the ashes of humans before it rains and they get washed away. Over 1000 missing. I have never seen a whole town burn at once like this and the deaths are way way too many. Something very different happened in this fire. I understand that all fires are different but this is not even in that catagory. The worst fire in state history it was cold that day and there were no winds at all in southern California. I cant believe that the winds were so bad there and not even a draft here. All weekend the skies were full of trails l am sure they are keeping it from hitting southern California where it was supposed to go next. Thank god for our military

    4. Please correct your spelling, i was like what, you tools ? lol. You meant fools. I’m only telling you this because too many clowns like to jump on people’s back about grammar or spelling. There is so much stress in the world, that is another stress, and I think we have a chance to edit if not don’t worry about it.

    5. Oh MR M. your out of this world, COntrol of the world is what American leaders do, they are the hidden enemies but your in la la land and if you don’t know this your the one who is nuts. I agree with you about illegals possibly doing this but the whole world talks about how AMERICA CONTROLS so don’t jump down her throat because your fuckin stupid. I don’t know who wrote it because after i saw your comment I went searching to see who wrote it and I can’t find it so maybe your talking to yourself lmao!!!!!

  24. I hope you don’t live here Josephine Hogg. (Related to moronic David Hogg I wonder) If so kick rocks crazy. Say nothing to the fact of what other nations have done that rivals anything we have. You’re an idiot.

  25. These photographs only prove that there are some gullible fools out there. This is so stupid. I can’t believe anybody would fall for this crackhead fantasy.

  26. There is a technical analysis of the nano DEWs used in this state sponsored attack on the people of this planet:

    There is a holographic processor with $aturn coordinating this AI attack. It also drives “the Cube” a hypercube algorithm processor which controls ALL global financial transactions. UCLA developed it in 1988 and it was trialed during Black Monday in 1989. That was 30 years ago! We are being spiritually tested within a holographic universe. A zero is NOT a number, it is a mirror. Study your Vortex Based Math. Schools have spheres atop the flagpole to advertise that this is a military institution which is RECRUITING into a left brain mascuLINEAR hierarchy. The right brain uses femi-NINE math.

  27. You do realize how extremely unsensitive and in my opinion unprofessional it is to post the burned skeletal remains in the burnt out vehicle? (Picture # 19 on post)
    Most of these families have lost everything, loved ones, their homes and property, their community, security, and most even their beloved pets and you are going to risk someone recognizing enough of the vehicle for them to see a family member or dear friend who died an unspeakable death and who was reduced to a partial skeleton to sell articles?
    Shame on you. It is no wonder America no longer trusts the news media since most have become self righteous, rude, uncaring folks who spin their own twist on events instead of reporting the facts, the truth. If yoj have any decency remo e that pic before someone from the fire see’s it. Thank you.

  28. I REALLY wish people would do proper research before believing this nonsense. (took me 10 minutes) Some house pictures were from 2003 gas pipleine explosion. Eucalyptus trees sourounding are fire-resistant. Roadside fire in 2015 ignitied some cars while they were moving. Water was dumped from above so some were not on fire. Lasers by the military are invisible. Any photo can be photoshopped. Have to wonder motive behind conspiracy theorists starting all this crap. They are brain-washing people.

  29. watch out for a rain event projected for weds Nov 21 around the recent burn areas in Thousand Oaks and Malibu just like the Montecito mudslides that had an insane amount of rain fall in a short time in the Thomas fire burn areas. if this comes to pass ill be convinced of a weather war.

  30. If you think drones are doing this you’re deeply misguided. Think Tesla’s death towers. Now look at any cell phones tower. You’re welcome.

  31. Drones don not yet have the capability to create that damage. That has to be a ‘fixed or land based’ system. If even possible.

  32. This essay is about how Cannabis figures into the globalist agenda. Basically what is happening in the US now is not legalization but rather Prohibitiion 2.0. In the coming years they will try to stamp out “home grows” entirely so your only choice is to buy from state dispensaries. If you google my name — Bruce Cain — you will find articles and videos of my activism over the decades. I just want all adult to grow their own Cannabis in the same way the make beer or wine at home: no cards, no licences, no inspections, no zonging restrictions etc. At some point in human history we have to stand up and simply say “I’m not your nigger.” I will not let you treat me like a plantation slave when it come to my right to grow. It is time we human’s woke the fuck up.

  33. I was in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 (around 2010, I don’t recall exactly) when Victoria was ringed with fires, and the steel railroad tracks in Melbourne MELTED. Sorry, but, steel doesn’t MELT in 140 degree farenheit heat. I think they said the temp was 140. They claimed there were 120 mile per hour winds, but I was outside, and I didn’t feel any wind. My skin felt singed, but it didn’t feel like 140 degrees. I went out for walks in that heat, with no problem; just that weird feeling of skin singed. That’s a sign of microwave heating. They handed out popsicles at the train station downtown, but people didn’t seem to be overwhelmed by the heat. 200 died in those fires.

    Check out Rosa Koire on Agenda 21, and Deborah Tavares at, and, intruthbygrace, serbian conspiracy, and mental_boost for more on DEW fires. Check out weatherwar101 “Interview” on youtube to see how they engineer floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more.

  34. This is God’s answer to us. “If you do not need me anymore and you blame me and you punish my children you will be left alone with the devils”. Remember, the state of California recently ban the bible. To all the atheists: to whom will you ask for help next time the devil will make you walk through fire?

  35. Apparently all these people are not aware that Germany was afterall working on an Atomic weapon however they were rapidly losing the war and transferred their technology to Japan, it turns out last year Japan revealed that they were actively preparing to test their own nuclear weapon on a date scheduled 2 weeks after the US dropped their bomb on Hiroshima and had the US delayed use of the bomb or it had taken longer for the US to develop, the Japanese now tell us, their bomb would have in fact worked and they planned to drop A-bombs on Hawaii, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles as early as only 3 weeks after Hiroshima.

  36. Who benefits from depopulation of the small communities in California woods. Isn\’t the gov trying to force people into smaller dwellings in the cities.?

    If PG&E goes bankrupt which messed-up city governments will step in. If you think power and gas is bad now, just wait till your local crooks take over. Utilities are licenses to print (and steal) money.

  37. @Tom McDonough @Other Conspiracy Crackpots They would be B25s not B52s. If you can’t get small facts right; you can’t be trusted to get the big ones right either. There is no conspiracy, just incompetence and laziness on the part of PG&E. Take time to study how fire works before shouting about batshit crazy directed energy weapons trees, and bullshit false flags. Better use of your time would be to write fiction and least get paid for your work.

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