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When Did Comedy Become So Unfunny? (2018)

3 thoughts on “When Did Comedy Become So Unfunny? (2018)

  1. TODAY:

    everything has become very hateful

    Bring Back The Good Ol’ Days –
    Roll out those crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer, you’ll wish that summer could always be here.

    The days when the church, hand in hand with the state, burned heretics & witches at the stake.
    SLAVERY, Oh, fuck yes, imagine how much cheaper everything would be.

    GOD, we need to do GOD.
    we are not surprised if we are familiar with GOD’s word.
    because mankind rejects GOD … they have lost / will lose their supernatural powers to be civilized.
    no ??
    what do you mean no ??

    # they have a debased mind.
    what do you mean ??
    Oh, okay I listened further, deceit, jealousy, vengeful, the seven deadly sins right.

    I think that today we are not becoming a worse human being
    no man
    we have the technology that has allowed us to see the world’s people on mass
    & not everyone is a Miss Goody 2 Shoes.
    that this has been the case always & even worse in the past.

    they are haters of GOD .. poor GOD.
    but hey … remember … GOD is fine with all this dude
    He knows all about the shit that’s going down, right from day 1.

    ISAIAH 50
    Thus saith the LORD, where is the bill of your mothers divorcement whom I have put away, or to whom of my creditors is it that I have sold you ??

    Q:- Does this sound like GOD has not got His finger on the pulse of things ??

    Behold, for your iniquities have YOU sold yourself & for YOUR transgressions is your mother put away.

    And GOD goes onto say:-

    Why when I can was there no man.

    * I was there dood, lookin’ at you, where were you smart guy ??

    When I called there was none to answer.

    Since when did you go deaf, cause, you couldn’t hear me right !!

    A happy ending
    This shall thee have of mine hand, you shall lay down in sorrow.
    Which means you cut yourself out of the deal guy, weep at your own folly.

  2. Eric Fromm – To Have Or To Be?

    When man bases his identity on that which he owns
    When he loses his belongings he is LOST / NOTHING.

  3. Years ago, my son Joe said to me, “I don’t believe in God” looking for a reaction.
    “That’s okay by God, you see, God is so busy with all the people who do believe in Him, that He most likely hasn’t even noticed.”

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