COVID-19 virus fake

by Jim West (please share and cite)

The great COVID-19 pandemic of respiratory disease is claimed to be caused by an invisible virus, i.e., an evil form of RNA nucleic acid.


Any challenge can be defended with more complexity.


Despite extensive laboratory investigations in patients with respiratory tract infections, no microbiological cause can be identified… In the past 3 years, several novel respiratory viruses… were discovered… PCR products (440-bp fragment of pol) were subjected to a melting curve analysis (65 to 95°C, 0.1°C/s) to confirm the specificity of the assay. Cloning and purification of His6-tagged recombinant N protein of CoV-HKU1. To produce a plasmid for protein purification, primers (5′-TTTT CCTTTT GCGGCC GCTT AAGCA ACAGA GTCTT CTA-3′ and 5′-CGGAATT CGATGT CTTAT ACTCCC GGT-3′) were used to amplify the gene encoding the N protein of CoV-HKU1 by RT-PCR. [ref]



The logical rule of investigation, Occam’s Razor, requires that simple explanations be prioritized.

Air pollution is the obvious explanation for respiratory disease. Everyone knows this from personal experience. The residents of Wuhan know this, having worn pollution masks and ordered under travel bans for decades before COVID-19.

The COVID-19 epicenter, Wuhan China
as portrayed by The Guardian (2012), Photo: STR/AFP/Getty

All COVID-19 epicenters suffer long-term air pollution.

The mainstream admits that long-term air pollution is the primary cofactor, but omits studies of pollution as the short-term trigger. COVID-19 virus is assigned that role.

Short-term air pollution as the pandemic trigger is never mentioned. (See details)

This omission invalidates COVID-19 virus theory. It lacks an essential control.


“Virus” is an energy trap, by way of sophistry.

Defeat any virus argument by merely asking for the toxicology studies. They do not exist.


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