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Covid Strike Force Will Backfire


At this point, the Coronavirus Vaccine should be seen for the tool it is: a global governance Eugenics weapon foisted upon the masses by United Nations social engineers determined to test the limits of their own power as their tentacles penetrate the federal, state, and local governments of the United States.


The Biden Administration will do what it is told to do as President Obama’s irreplaceable Press Secretary Jen Psaki has become the face of a Biden Administration that slumbers in the southwest corner of the White House only to awaken for trips to the ice cream parlor.

Obviously the Eugenics overlords weren’t pleased that bumbling Joe hadn’t reached his July 4th goal of 70 percent vaccinated.

Jen Psaki’s downplaying of her own description of a vaccine strike force going door to door will be her final undoing, as she will have to contend with the arrogance of Dr. Fauci and the draconian incompetence of United States secretary of health and human services Xavier Becerra as the effort ramps up.

Becerra’s 24 years of overseeing the Los Angeles Democratic petri dish of Skid Row and then failing upwards as California’s Attorney General ensures that he will be a totalitarian Health and Human services Secretary, eager to ignore fundamental Constitutional rights, all in the name of the progressive agenda that is merely global governance in disguise.

It is blatantly obvious. The power mad are recklessly running with the totalitarian opportunity to please their globalist masters. No matter what it takes.

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