April 15, 2024

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Australian Corporate Media Making Up Stories About Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

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Australian Corporate MSM outlets are becoming more desperate by the hour in their attempt to demonise the ever growing truth movement.

Corporate MSM shit paper, NEWS.com.au has hit a pathetic new low by completely fabricating a story about a woman’s husband who suddenly changed into a dangerous conspiracy theorist during the fake COVID-19 plandemic.

The NEWS.com.au article is entitled, ‘Isn’t the same person’: Wife’s heartbreak after husband sucked into world of conspiracy theories. 

A woman who want’s to remain anonymous want’s to share her story about the dangers of online conspiracy theories because her husband turned into a potential terrorist while searching online conspiracy platforms.

The shattered woman wants to send a warning out to the public that her husband got sucked into the dangerous world of conspiracies and disinformation.

Was he watching and subscribing to the Australian Corporate MSM media outlets?

As the system is so inverted and to properly understand this completely fabricated article I would strongly assume that this man was actually watching too much MSM.

What was the dangerous and extremist material that the mystery woman’s husband was watching during the COVID PSYOP?

The most concerning problem is that he identified as a “sovereign citizen” and he liked Trump, but the lazy poo piece does not even explain why, it just says, Trump.

Independent video share platforms are also being targeted for turning the woman’s husband into a rabid conspiracy theorist.

MSM Presstitute Alexis Carey writes “Social media and certain websites (BitChute in particular) have led to his downfall even though he can’t see it,” she said, adding that his new-found beliefs had seriously damaged his closest relationships.

“There needs to be more censorship on these websites, even though it is too late in my case.

“More people need to be prosecuted for posting false information as well.”

Prosecuted for posting false information? so we need to start prosecuting Corporate media outlets like NEWS.com.au for spreading fear, propaganda and for fabricating stories to demonise and potentially criminalise those of us for simply thinking differently?

The forces of darkness are moving quickly on the back of the QLD train PSYOP to criminalise freedom of speech and shut down the truth movement before it grows too large to control.

These ridiculous articles are being pumped out to convince the sheeple that people who think for themselves or differently from the MSM and Government narrative are not only mentally ill, but potential terrorists.

1 thought on “Australian Corporate Media Making Up Stories About Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

  1. It would be interesting to find when man has never conspired against his fellow man.
    History is full of conspiracies.
    The MSM is one of the most powerful conspiracy theorists in todays digital world using advanced technology and mind control techniques to covertly establish false reality in peoples minds; the worst type of conspiracy.
    Exposing lies and deceit is not a conspiracy as, in most cases, the perpetrators expose themselves as does the MSM. Just jot down a few headlines and wait!

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