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Daniel Andrews – Australia’s Dictator – Crimes Against Humanity


The tyranny of using this virus to shut down and rig elections is extremely dangerous. The New Zealand government has locked down Auckland after just four new cases and postponed the national election with under 100 active cases. Under the pretense of this virus, we are at serious risk of losing everything as those in power realize that they would now be voted out. Their only solution is to postpone elections, which then will gradually never return. That all depends upon the police and the military.

Will they continue to support the loss of our free societies? Daniel Andrews is an Australian politician who is the 48th and incumbent Premier of Victoria since 2014. He is also the state leader of the Australian Labor Party since 2010. He is showing the world how dangerous the left has become. He is destroying all freedoms in Victoria and pointing the way for what all left-wing agenda truly is all about.

Doctors are coming out and pleading with this ruthless Daniel that in the name of the virus, he is putting everyone else at risk of death by other things from strokes to heart attacks. People are being denied normal health care because of these left-wing politicians around the world. The police and military are betraying the people of Australia just as they do in Venezuela. They should be storming the legislature and arresting Daniels Andrews for crimes against humanity.


‘Kim Jong-Dan’ has confirmed himself as a ‘bully and a dictator’: Alan Jones


2 thoughts on “Daniel Andrews – Australia’s Dictator – Crimes Against Humanity

  1. Dan the Man could sit comfortably with Lenin, trotsky, Stalin and the lesser of the 20th century psychopaths, Hitler.
    We are having a taste of full blown Communism and Dan is showing us the way to enjoying his ideology, chaos and human destruction.
    Already the NWO police are in Victoria and Dan claims the Law is his bible.
    For instance…. If you disobey his Laws of Lockdown then he will lock you in his Bed and Breakfast building with high walls and barbed wire including a large fine to subsidise his cost of caring for you. No views or TV but large pictures of Dan on the walls.
    Rings a bell!

    1. He must be executed immediately, along with Sutton, Gunner and Morrison – and any others who agree with them. They’re all committing crimes against humanity, with corrupt judges to protect them from facing trial for their vile deeds.

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