February 25, 2024

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Daniel Andrews ‘is an out of control menace’: Bolt

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is out of control and is a “menace” to his state and to the country as he imposes ruinous bans on people already just hanging on.

“The Victorian Premier is out of control, he’s a menace to his state,” Mr Bolt said. “

He’s a menace to his country”. “He is destroying Victoria’s economy, destroying Victorian jobs, destroying the federal finances and I really fear that’s it’s so bad that he will now provoke civil unrest, much worse than what we saw on the weekend,” Mr Bolt said.

Mr Andrews announced on Sunday tentative dates for the easing of restrictions, should new case numbers remain low. The Melbourne metropolitan area will continue with its stage four lockdowns until at least September 28.

Mr Bolt said the state has been “ruined by a premier who seems a megalomaniac, imposing ruinous bans”. He said what is being observed in Victoria is the “willful destruction of a modern economy”.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm_aOhl8srU&feature=youtu.be

5 thoughts on “Daniel Andrews ‘is an out of control menace’: Bolt

  1. LOL the Premier of Victoria is mentally deranged….so are his 8 goons around hum,,, voices from a bloody computer. We are so fucked in Victoria, especially Melbourne, suburbia! What i worry about the most is the mass slaughtering of livestock and dumping their carcasses in pits…. wtf are you doing Andrews you slimy commie bastard?

  2. Andrews and his clowns have pushed Victoria into bankruptcy and having bowed to his Bankers the IMF is now under their control.In other words Andrews has sold Victoria out to the New World Order with Communist China sitting on the fence waiting to pick up the pieces. He has already leased part of the Melbourne port to the Communist enemy China. This is actually treason and treason has a death penalty.
    I would go to Victoria with a cut lunch and a flask of wine to witness this karma should it occur.

    1. Treason no longer has a death penalty in Australia but it should.
      All the Health Ministers and politicians and government officials who
      were all complicit should be hanged. I copped another 30 day ban
      on fascist book for saying Commie Dan should be hanged.
      We will need to bring plenty of rope to exterminate all these evil psychopaths.

  3. Andrews’ vacant stare into the camera makes him seem as if he’s already AI inocculated. That’s why he cannot fathom any other option.

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