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Demonic Israeli Cruelty Of Australian Cattle & Sheep



Australian cattle and sheep have been filmed being brutally slaughtered in an Australian-approved abattoir in Israel.

The hidden camera footage, obtained in an investigation by animal rights group Animals Australia, shows cattle having their tails deliberately crushed, attempting to regain their feet after having their throats sawn and being hoisted upside down while fully conscious.

1 thought on “Demonic Israeli Cruelty Of Australian Cattle & Sheep

  1. This is what they do to animals….. what they do to humans is the same…… torture before death!….. remember Gaza!
    Let’s travel back to the Russian Revolution (Robert Wilton “The Last Days of the Romanovs”… Douglas Reed “The Controversy of Zion”) as the epitome of human destruction that set this crazy mob of Zionist Jews, financed by their Banking elite who, according to Prof. Carroll Quigley in his book “Tragedy & Hope”, then became the international banking elites of the world…… let’s remember it was the Zionist Jew who controlled the Russian Revolution financed by the Rothschilds/Schiffs/Warburg families and others who were part of the London coterie going back to the Rhodes formula of elite rule from London.
    The Federal Reserve Act in 1913 was imposed by these Zionist traitors to repay their investors in human carnage that then worked its evil path through WW1, the great Depression and WW2. (Tom Goodrich “Hellstorm”)
    You are still paying for the murder of your kin via your tax system….. wake up, it’s not a bad dream….. it happened!…….Gus

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