April 22, 2024

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Demonizing Childbirth: Another reason I won’t have kids


Note: The main stream media spend huge amounts of time & money pushing the gay agenda onto our children, though the schooling system, movies & Television. Here they are pushing anti-childbirth propaganda & trying to scare woman out of starting a family. The Main stream Presstitutes seem to think that it’s perfectly normal for young children to be gay, bi-sexual, transgender & for men to be screwing each other in the ass, but for a woman to have a baby in a loving relationship, thats sick. 

Growing up, the books I read were littered with dead mothers: Wuthering Heights, Oliver Twist, any number of fairy tales. Before I was old enough to even figure out how women got pregnant in the first place, I knew that the process of becoming a mother was incredibly dangerous. And before I knew that the term “childfree” existed, I knew that’s what I was – someone with absolutely zero desire to have kids.

Thanks to developments in medicine and hygiene, it’s safer than ever to be pregnant and give birth in the developed world. But that still doesn’t mean bringing new life into the world comes without risks. A new study from Arizona State University reports that when fetal cells are introduced into an expectant mother’s body, the results can be helpful, but they can also cause harm.

Some of the cells can remain in the body after the baby is born, and they’re linked to some positive health benefits (like helping heal after C-sections) and some negative ones (like an increased likelihood of rheumatoid arthritis in women). As the cute animated video that the research team made to accompany their findings puts it, the mother’s body is “rife with internal conflict.”

On one level, this study does provide new information about what fetal cells are and how they can remain in the body post-birth. But for me, it’s yet another point in the “why I’m not going to have kids” category.

It seems like every month brings a new study about how pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding or parenting affects a woman’s health, and often for the worse. One study claims that a woman’s height – which she can do nothing to change or control – affects whether she will have a healthy pregnancy, with shorter women more likely to have premature babies. Another study concluded that having a child is worse for your life than going through a divorce or the death of a loved one.

This could all be a case of confirmation bias since I’ve already made up my mind on the no-kids-thanks front, but studies like these definitely show that nearly everything related to kids and parenting has a stronger effect on women than on men.

And it’s not just fetal cells. I’ve watched too many women return to work earlier than expected because their job provided only minimal maternity leave. I’ve seen too many women deal with huge medical bills related to their labor and delivery because there were unanticipated costs that insurance didn’t cover.

Just like fetal cells remain in a woman’s body long after birth, expenses and stresses can linger. And unlike some of the regrettable decisions (questionable boyfriends, spending too much money on a dress I only wore once, thinking I could totally make it to work on time after staying up drinking until 4am) I’ve made in my life, kids are permanent – they’re not an outfit you can return to the store or a tattoo you can get covered up.

The idea of committing to something I feel at best lukewarm about on a good day isn’t worth surrendering 18-plus years of my life for. And considering that my genes already make me a likely candidate for rheumatoid arthritis, I see no point in upping those odds.

As a woman, it feels like our bodies are always up for public discussion. Plenty of people, male and female, have asked me pushy and invasive questions about my reproductive decisions over the years. Often, when I say I don’t have kids and am not planning to, people gush about how having kids is such hard work but it’s so worth it. They may think so, but it’s hard to believe that could be the case when I read yet another study about how much pregnancy and childbirth can hurt women. My womb is, and forever will be, happily unoccupied.

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