April 20, 2024

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Desperate and bankrupt Qld Labor extract the last cent from suffering motorists

Desperate and bankrupt Qld Labor extract the last cent from suffering motorists, predicting a whopping $500 million from fines this financial year.


Cairns News reiterates: DO NOT COMPLY

Member for Hill Shane Knuth and KAP State Leader and Member for Traeger Robbie Katter have today hit out at the State Government over the validity of unmanned mobile speed cameras across the state.

The issue has exploded this week, after residents from Malanda flooded Knuth’s office with complaints about one of the devices stationed on the Malanda/Atherton Road, outside OZcare, during the month of September.

KAP Member for Hill Shane Knuth slams Qld Labor for dodgy traffic fines







Mr Knuth said residents have started receiving multiple notices, some more than 3 weeks after the alleged infringements occurred.

“In the space of a week I have had over 250 individual complaints with more than 400 fines, some with multiple fines,” Mr Knuth said.

“One person who contacted my office today just received 10 fines, totalling over $10,000. This is absolutely absurd and smells purely of revenue raising.”

Mr Knuth said when he questioned the validity of the fines recently, TMR issued a swift statement stating the device was functioning correctly, however the Member for Hill said that was not good enough.

“I want to see cold, hard evidence that the device was certified and tested for calibration at the time it was installed, every day it was at the location and immediately after removal,” he said.

Labor’s new attack cameras can send to police data banks real time, high resolution photos of your car, a close up of the driver and occupants, and the speed and direction in which it is travelling. Trucks are a specialty.

Mr Knuth said the length of time the device was stationed there, the pure volume of fines and the number of repeat fines raised some serious questions about the validity of the infringement notices.

“I have asked for the Minister to provide what specific speed related crashes have occurred in this 60 km/h zone in the past five years to justify placement of a speed camera device, who deployed the camera, what qualifications they had for deployment and evidence showing placement was valid and in accordance with Queensland Government policy and guidelines,” he said.

Member for Traeger and State Leader for the KAP said the issue was not an isolated one.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey does not hold a drivers licence and he sure as hell does not want you to either





This is a huge issue right across the state and is an incompetent and completely pointless roll-out of these cameras in remote areas, where people can least afford it,” Mr Katter said.

“These are not people who drive Porsches on outback roads. These are hard-working people driving sometimes up to 100km to a medical appointment, or just trying to get their kids to school.

“These have been rolled out right throughout regional Queensland and the majority don’t relate to speeding deaths at all. Instead, how about fixing our bloody dangerous roads.

“TMR are quite happy to rip out hundreds of thousands of dollars from small communities but leave us with unsafe roads that kill and maim, while pocketing the cash and spending it on a new tunnel in Brisbane.

“It’s obscene and typical of a government who have no idea of what regional Queenslanders are going through daily.”

Labor Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey, who does not hold a driver’s licence, said the fines would be upheld because the camera was working properly. One Atherton motorist asked why should Far North drivers accept the fines “just to pay for Palaszczuk’s Olympic games that nobody wants anyway”.

Hopes that fines would be waived have now been dashed by the main road authority.

“We have reviewed the operation of all Transportable Road Safety Cameras and can confirm all camera devices are operating correctly,” a TMR spokeswoman said.

“To ensure accuracy, several validations and checks are undertaken prior to infringements being issued from TRSCs.

“These include calibration of the speed camera, secondary validation of the speed camera’s accuracy at each deployment, verification of the offences and manual adjudication of detections prior to an infringement notice being issued.”

Most claim to have been booked doing 68km/h in a 60km/h zone and all insist the camera has been calibrated incorrectly or is not working properly.

Heartbreaking stories have emerged of drivers with impeccable traffic histories who now face losing their licences.

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