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Diana, the murder that was no mystery


I AM looking forward to a murder mystery night next month.

It’s an innocent enough way to spend a Saturday evening. Let’s face it, most of us like to play the ‘amateur detective’ and, despite the title, nobody really dies or comes into any harm. So it’s all good, clean fun.

I am going to share a secret. Because my partner is in the show, I do have some inside knowledge. It will appear to be an innocent enough event at which a death occurs that looks like it’s from natural causes but turns out to be something more sinister. You probably guessed as much…

The clue is, of course, in the title. This will be no run-of-the-mill WI death! A total of three suspects are in the frame and  people like me will question them to see if we can work out what really happened.

And, yes, like last year, most of us will probably get it wrong!

It’s made me think, however, of a very famous death and how that would fit into a murder mystery night.

A good proportion of the British population believes there was more to Princess Diana’s car accident in 1997 than meets the eye.

According to a You Gov poll back in 2013, only 41 per cent think her death was ‘accidental’, with 38 per cent suggesting the opposite and 21 per cent unsure.

So let’s imagine our murder mystery scenario.

A much loved and respected member of the community dies after a road accident.

So far, so innocent.

But we are then told that she had told a lot of her friends about the infidelity of her husband, who was a man of great wealth and standing, although not nearly as widely loved.

Infact she went so far as to suggest that this man was still with her lover during their brief courtship and continued this relationship throughout their rollercoaster marriage.

She had warned that she had much more to say about her husband and his mega rich family including one secret ‘that will shock the whole town!’

Now I’m a bit slow to catch on at times but this would certainly lead me to think that her now former husband and his family may have wished her dead.

So I wade in with the ‘killer question’.

“Did anyone have an inkling that this woman could be punished for what she had shared?”

“Oh, yes,” comes the answer from the woman’s solicitor. “Infact she spoke with me very specifically to say she was worried she would either be killed, or severely injured, in a road accident – and that her former husband was plotting such an event.”

“And did another else hear anything similar?”

One by one, the woman’s friends, including the astrologer she had great faith in, and even a police officer, put up their hands and admit they had been told much the same thing. They’d even got letters written by the hand of the deceased woman herself in their possession.

“So tell me what happened to the woman’s body after she died. Was there any further investigation into the cause of her death?”

“Well, the former husband came to collect the body from the hospital but, no, it wasn’t possible to find out too much more because she had been embalmed on the day of her death….”

What? Why was a former husband, who could clearly be implicated in what had happened, possibly be allowed to remove the body. And embalming? Surely that doesn’t happen until much later in the proceedings?

It’s time for us to nominate our killer. The sole question in our minds is whether we’ve somehow got the wrong end of the stick. After all, the odds that someone say they will die in a suspect car accident and then it actually happens a few months later must be many thousands to one.

It all seems so very, very obvious. This woman’s death was, in all probability, carried out or orchestrated by the former husband and/or his family.

The evening’s a great success. It’s the first time in history that every single person in the audience has proved a super sleuth.

When we look at the facts – and take away the mind control that prevents us from seeing any wrong with the Royals – Diana’s death was no mystery. It was murder and those she foretold personally know full well how unlikely the official narrative really is.

Princess Diana’s death crash was NOT an accident and two cars involved have never been traced, say American couple who witnessed the smash – as they reveal they now fear for their lives

‘A couple who witnessed the aftermath of the crash which killed Princess Diana say her death was ‘no accident.’

Robin and Jack Firestone claim they still live in fear for their lives after reporting seeing two dark and mysterious cars at the scene.

Princess Diana, 36, her lover Dodi Fayed, 42, and their driver Henri Paul, 41, all died in the Pont de’ l’Alma tunnel, Paris, on August 31, 1997.

The Firestones told the Express they were on their way to their hotel in the back of a taxi when they drove into the tunnel just minutes after the collision.

They say they saw two ‘formal’ and ‘awkwardly parked’ cars which had stopped at the front of the Princess’ Mercedes S280.

But it was only the next morning they realised the woman inside the Mercedes was Diana.

The property owners found a French police officer to report the mysterious cars they’d spotted.

Robin said: ‘We went up to him and I said “listen we were in the tunnel last night and we need to talk to the police because there are things that we saw”.

‘Without hesitation, he said they have enough witnesses. Don’t worry about it.

‘We were dumbfounded. One of the most famous women in the world is killed and they don’t want to speak to witnesses.’

Despite being eyewitnesses, they claim they were stopped from giving evidence by French authorities and then the British because their testimony was so controversial.

They were not even called to the first inquest which took place in London in January 2007.’



17 thoughts on “Diana, the murder that was no mystery

  1. Look what I found:
    Mira – Constellation of Words.
    The Strangest Star in the Universe – Youtube
    We officially named a star after Andrew for his 21st birthday
    The magic / supernatural aspects of stars are a fascinating topic.
    We’ll have to find a star for Adam.

  2. Once I looked upon a man & whatfore did I see
    I saw a youth in Lebanon
    That was not in love with me
    Tall & smug & confident & needy of a wash
    His head held high he walked passed me
    As I wondered if he was worth it – gosh.

    Once I looked upon a man & whatfore did I see
    I saw a man of 55 & gentle as can be
    A diligent lover when the need arose attainable & free
    I watched & waited patiently as he played his games of love
    With anyone who came along
    He laughed with joy while I watched & passed away

    Once I looked upon a man & whatfore did I see
    A tall & educated man from Lithuania he did be
    I only caught a glimpse to know his hips were broad
    His heart was true & his shyness was disguised with busy movement & hurry
    His heart was true & he was mine but I was gone away

    Oh Mandrake wherefore art you
    For I seek you high & low
    A journey so long & arduous
    And I never know
    It seems like you & yet it’s not
    And then I never know
    Have I missed or given you away
    By even a silly mistake
    And on I go to seek some more
    With bits of broken heart strewn in my wake
    And yet the journey never ends

    Darkmoon website – The Fly’ Last Song: A Nursery Rhyme.

    1. Then there is the movie Lady Hawk & another version of beauty & the beast as in The Sound of Water – movie – interspecies love – loves who were once in another guise.
      Which I have commented on – & here also

  3. First we need to understand the laws that govern survival.
    There must be a BASTARD CHILD / LOVE CHILD as we know them, to infuse & transfuse the existing bloodline.
    Therefore a tethered heifer is required.
    Lady Diana be that one.

    You all know diddly squat about MAGIC & it is magic itself that manipulates the dance & not any mortal, but a hybrid like me.

    Oh, you spout about the astrologer, the scryer, the shamane, the diviner, the psychic & the rest of the gaggle of baboons, as if thou art efficienatoes, for it make of you, out of nothing, someone who is of knowledgeable truth.
    They are all remnants of the Humble Witchdoctor, adorned in face paint & chicken feathers. There they all sat rubbing chicken blood into their patients to earn their daily rations, as they hummed a chorus or so.

  4. How many a Queen was beheaded for less, than to bare a son, to inherit the throne, that could only shoot blanks. His mother turned from him in disgust, “we cannot even don him in a gown & be discreetly proud that he be gay.”

  5. The Book of Job is one of the literary masterpieces of all time & provides a profound discussion on the suffering of a just man.
    Job is a just man, but Satan the accuser comes before The Lord & tempts Him to test Job.
    How is it that Satan has such sway with The Lord God ??
    For the Lord knoweth all things pertaining to man, his very own creation.
    And therefore does not The Lord God not have knowledge of all things & therefore have power over all things ??
    Who then sits at the right hand of God but Job, for he has proven himself as trustworthy, a fact that even Satan cannot refute. Thus Job & his kind be the Hybrids, those who are trusted with all matters of all things.

  6. Two Kings of two fathers,
    Lady Chatterley\’s Lovers.
    To ensure that mankind did not extinguish himself.
    Alas, the aristocracy, man perceiving himself to be superior to the common circumstance & what damage he has done to the world at large & the truth of all thing has been destroyed in deliberate acts & replaced with lies & fables of fancy.

  7. Was Lady Diana one truth that was destroyed & what harm could have come if the truth were told ??
    They have mainstream media to paint it all up nice & propper & we suck it up like cheap wine.
    It is that they have convinced, not us, but themselves that they are the chosen of God & his beloved Satan, so vividly, with even spilt blood of the just, but in sacrifice to whom ??
    For there is no one else but God & the thorn in his side Satan ??
    The Devil’s Advocate – Satan tell us that God is a sadist & the other half of that reality is masochist also.

  8. An Impasse adulterer is assigned the task of brokering a deal, where God will turn away so as to allow you safe passage to heaven, regardless of any & all & even of the most heinous transgressions & iniquities.
    They portrayed this being as a Sin Eater – alas not so.
    These sins are passed down to the siblings –
    The Sins of the Father.
    And what of Jesus Christ, was Jesus the receiver of His Father’s sins & therefore came to be man to rectify His Father’s transgressions incurred with Satan??
    For the act’s committed upon Job the Just were by the hand of the father to satisfy / humor / entertain, Satan – n’est pas !!

  9. One night as I was sitting in a wheelchair at The Eye & Ear on The Park, waiting for Dean & Doug, of the Flying Doctor Non Emergency Transport Service, I met a man who gave me a card with Eternity written on it & we chatted, introduced ourselves as we shook hands & parted company.
    Our Brother Jesus Christ did not arise to sit at the right hand of God,
    He came to stay with us.
    He walks the streets with us day in & day out.
    Up & down, up & down, up & down, with us.
    We are not abandoned.

    But we can make you one to put on your doo, if that’s okay.
    Don’t sat no, you deserve it – hey !!

  11. Something Interesting:
    A walk in is …… when a person dies & another soul / spirit takes over that body in conjunction with the original occupier. I have heard of people who were drug addicts, desperately wanting to kick the drug addiction & not being able to.
    They literally died & came back to life reinforced by the spirit of another person who had died.
    Death is not always witnessed by someone else & therefore the return to life is not documented.

    How about that.

  12. Thus saith the Lord
    Where is the bill of your mothers divorcement whom I have put away.
    Or to whom of my creditors have I sold you.
    Behold, for your iniquities you have sold yourself & for your transgressions is your mother out away.
    Why when I came was there no man
    When I called was there none to answer
    Is my hand shortened at all that I cannot redeem
    Or do I have no power to deliver.

    ISAIAH 50:

    This chapter could bare witness to the fact that this occurrence has been a part of man’s biological fact of life since the beginning.
    There is so much in the holy Bible that is not understood, incorrectly interpreted, & just plain lied about by the bullshit artists that are Gods Voice to man on earth = ORGANISED RELIGION.

    1. And therefore it could be a redemption & deliverance of not only the person who is immediately dead, but also the redemption & deliverance of one already dead & on a waiting list to return.

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