April 15, 2024

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Dictator Dan Set To Provide Millions To Jewish Communities

Dictator Dan is set to give away millions of taxpayer dollars to Jewish Communities and anyone who isn’t white!!!

From Australian Jewish News 

Five million for community

The funding is part of Labor’s larger $12 million investment to support multicultural festivals and events.

A re-elected Andrews Labor government will provide $5 million to various projects within the Jewish community.

Premier Daniel Andrews attended DaMinyan at the Yeshivah Centre on Friday to discuss the funding announcements.

1 thought on “Dictator Dan Set To Provide Millions To Jewish Communities

  1. the poor jews…. lets play the victim card by hypocritical Dan. First he blasts them when they broke the covid curfew and then he buys their votes, because like Dan the jews are opportunists, and forever the eternal victim, because NAAAZZZIS don’t you know! To gas 6 million jews would take 68 years. The only gas chamber ever in existence is in the United States. In Auschwitz they were showers. The cremitoriums were for burning infected clothing. People need to seriously WTFU. See Europa: The Last Battle on Bitchute; See: Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told also on Bitchute; and Hellstorm: The Bombing of Dresden.

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