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Dr. Bruce Lanphear speaks about corrupted fluoride science

Dr. Bruce Lanphear speaks after his testimony.
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Dr. Bruce Lanphear has testified at the important fluoridation lawsuit, and gives his thoughts on corrupted science in this interview following the conclusion of day three.

Day three of the nine-day fluoride trial in the U.S. has concluded.

Journalist Derrick Broze, who has previously appeared on our podcast, interviews Dr. Bruce Lanphear about his testimony in the important lawsuit.

Derrick also asks Dr. Lanphear about work on pesticides in Canada.

Let’s hope the EPA are held to account, and good on Dr. Lanphear for making a testimony. Too many so-called ‘experts’ are scared to speak out against corporate puppet master string-pullers.


Check out some of our coverage of the EPA battle below.

In June 2023, The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has forced the release of a suppressed EPA study showing that prenatal and early life exposure to fluoridation can reduce IQ:

Last month, as the FAN prepares to battle the EPA, one of the ‘experts’ sent in to defend fluoridation is caught lying and removed from the trial:

This piece gives additional context to the decade-long battle to get this lawsuit to trial.


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