February 29, 2024

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Halt the United Nations’ Trans Agenda

The WHO is back with its ideological radicalism!

Just days before Christmas of last year, the WHO came forward with a shocking proposal. They announced plans to create guidelines for “the health of trans and gender diverse people” with a worrying focus on access to hormones, surgeries, and legal recognition of gender self-identification. This isn’t about health – it’s about ideology.

They’ve handpicked a biased team to develop these guidelines. Of the 21 members, only a third are doctors, and half don’t even have medical training! Worse, many are openly LGBTQ activists, and not a single one stands against the trans lobby’s agenda. This isn’t just us saying so. Even a UN Envoy has criticized the WHO’s one-sided, pro-medicalising approach.

This is urgent. The WHO isn’t twiddling its thumbs. They’ve already scheduled a meeting on 19th February 2024 to finalise these guidelines.

The WHO sneakily announced this controversial proposal and invited comments during the holiday season when they knew that everyone would be distracted. Now they’re rushing to finalise the guidelines in February. This leaves barely any time for a balanced panel, independent reviews, or evidence synthesis.

What’s at stake? The safety and long-term health of our children and adolescents across the globe. These are guidelines for hormone treatments and puberty blockers, with unknown effects on growing bodies. This isn’t just about health, it’s about culture. This is a stepping stone to normalise gender-change language and promote the trans agenda globally.

The WHO sets the global agenda when it comes to health policy. If these guidelines are approved they will be used as the gold standard by policymakers and health organisations worldwide.

We can’t let this happen. Sign our petition today, letting the Guideline Development Team know that we are on to them and demand that the World Health Organisation halts this project immediately.

These ideas that can harm kids and young people’s health are not a joke. The WHO must not be allowed to get away with subjecting the next generation to irreparable and irreversible harm.

We need to stop this before any measures are set in stone. Any guidance must take into account the concerns of the medical community and caution against any form of gender transition for young people.

The clock is ticking. Sign the petition now, and urge the World Health Organisation to abandon this dangerous project. Let’s keep the WHO’s guidelines focused on safeguarding the health of citizens, and not threaten it!


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