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Dr. Stefan Lanka Discusses The False Germ Theory and The Frauds Who Created It


Goethe writes in Faust a warning how a single doctor kills thousands of people with the “hellish latwergen” which was a syrup of mercury. He writes “Here was the medicine: the patients died. No one asked: who recovered? No one asked: is the theory correct? Does the virus exist at all? So we roamed with our hellish pills, among the valleys and the hills, worse than the pestilence itself we were, I have poisoned a thousand, that is quite clear.”

The main belief was that illness comes from an imbalance of liquids or juices in the body and that this produced toxicity. That if you gave the body a small amount of poison it would make an antidote to this poison. When increasing these doses slowly, the body would be trained against the poison. Like when one drinks alcohol and builds up a tolerance. This medical mistake comes from the doctrine of juices including this false idea of an immune system.

So the anti-poison idea becomes the anti-body. Rasputin and Napolean took small amounts of poisons with this belief, so if they were poisoned they would be protected. In the 19th century they applied the same thing to the toxins of disease. Miasm, the disease demon, takes over a person and the demon can reproduce inside and jump to others. Toxins are made via this process.

Then it had been observed that bacteria produce toxins, however only in a dead body, in dead tissue. These bacteria in aerobic or oxygen conditions have a functional metabolism where they produce vitamins and in an anaerobic situation create toxins for self preservation, or in the case of candida, they change their shape and metabolic function to adapt to their surroundings and start producing alcohol. When oxygen returns they change back. So most obviously, bacteria cannot be the cause of disease as they only create toxins with a lack of oxygen.

Professor Henle who formulated the first postulates of what constituted disease. These were later disproved as it was observed that bacteria change their shape and metabolism based on their environment and did not lead to infection in healthy tissue. The reality is that bacteria work together as a community with a constant exchange of information. In isolation, they quickly die. Once you remove some bacteria from their greater community and study this, you will be inaccurate with your findings as they will behave much differently than in their total and natural setting. So to typify them in this manner is scientifically incorrect. This is just one problem of many. They still cannot find the TB bacterium, what they believe they are finding are proteins that match their cell lineages mixed with blood products but there is no such bacterium.

So now, all of a sudden a few years later we have Robert Koch adopting these same postulates. Koch was able to adapt photography to the microscope. So he was quite famous for this. So there was a type of hypnosis going on where now these postulates were just accepted without question, as they believed whatever this man would say. All he did was photograph bacteria that could be found everywhere. Koch violated Henle’s 3rd postulate which stated that a bacteria must cause the same disease. A scientific fraud was perpetrated here, this fraud fed the lies of AIDS, vaccination, influenza, etc. all follow from this.

He changed it to read that the germ must cause a SIMILAR illness, not the SAME illness. So now, he kills mice with toxins from leaving food out to spoil. The toxins made are what can kill, not the bacteria itself. The mouse that it kills has swelling in the testicles, he removes some of this matter and injects it into the skin of a frog. The frog dies and he calls this skin anthrax. Robert Koch, yet another scientific fraud, like Jenner and Pasteur. This is what is done to this day.

As well, Koch took dyes from the industry to stain bacteria, they acidified the tissue to colour it. They noticed that the staining killed the bacteria, making holes in it, then the bacteria would die. This is how antibiotics began by BASF, Bayer, IG Farben, Merck and so on using the dyes. So the pharmaceutical industry was contrived from the colourant industry based on the false infection hypothesis.

The Americans copied the Germans assuming they had a greater knowledge, due to their expertise on the Haber Bosch process, which is taking nitrogen from the air. So why did the German government hire Robert Koch, when he had already fled Berlin after killing thousands with his “magic drug”, tuberculin, against tuberculosis? Otto Von Bismarck called him back because he needed a pretext against the British who had seized the Suez Canal illegally.

Britain now had political and military advantages as they no longer had to sail around Africa, they could go through India and travel the calm Mediterranean bringing foods and spices back with them. So Germany wanted to make the allegation they were bringing smallpox, anthrax and the black plague from India. Thus quarantine was deemed and ports were closed to them and they were even shot at. Robert Koch was offered 100,000 marks to create the argument that people were carrying in these diseases.

So how did the idea of a virus come about? Koch’s French counterpart was scientific fraudster Louis Pasteur. In 1870 the French were at war with Germany. The dead were later declared as the result of a smallpox epidemic. The Germans claimed it came from France and the French claimed it came from Germany. Pasteur, who knew from Bechamp what bacteria could and could not do, denied the knowledge, in order to go along with the Vatican church, claiming to have found the primordial creation, even though later he reversed his stance.

He said this to become employed by the state. The disease spread and pandemic ideas were used politically to suppress upheavals, to control starvation situations, etc. and Pasteur was at the root of blaming the germ on disease causation.

The early Vatican wanted to create the fear of diseases for their own agendas, claiming the disease is coming from the disease demon and is a punishment from God, similar to what the Greeks used. All for the agenda of control.

So Pasteur was commissioned to find a way to prevent the English from traveling through the Mediterranean sea and he came up with the idea of a new pathogen that created illness and he called it poison, in Latin, virus. That was the idea, and he said it was 1000 times smaller than bacteria, saying they use such dense filters that bacteria cannot get through. So he pressed the liquid, the poison from a dead animal, through this filter, he injected it into the brain of a dog that is vertically tied to a pole, the liquid comes out of his ears, the dog convulses, barks, foams at the mouth and then dies. He called this rabies. This is what Pasteur did. He also claimed to have the antidote to the virus, to push the vaccine concept.

This agenda was primarily propagated in France. The Germans had their antibiotics and chemotherapy. Pasteur committed fraud in all his undertakings. He was at least human enough to document all his deceit in diaries to parallel his lab books. He decreed that his family never release these books. Of course, his family became very wealthy from this. However, when his grandson died, these diaries were released to Professor Gerald Geison in 1993 and Princeton University.

Geison translated the information and revealed the massive fraud Louis Pasteur had perpetrated on humanity. This was the model of illness held for centuries, which was really a model of war. It was not the model of nature, which is always a model of symbiosis. Now Pasteur did not anticipate there would be an electron microscope in the future which had a far higher magnification than the optical microscope and were able to visualize structures 1000 times smaller than a bacterium.

We could now see spores and realized when bacteria were dying slowly they would change their shape into a sporoform to self-preserve. When they die fast from, say, extreme temperatures, they produce even smaller particles that cannot live themselves, on their own but contain nucleic acid in the center and consist of proteins. That they will provide other bacteria that survived, nutrients so they can survive the crisis situation. This is seen in order by similar organisms like fungi and amoeba and algae from the ocean but this action was never observed in a human, animal or plant. This can be verified with little effort.

Then enters Gerbert of Aurillac who merged Arabic and Chinese knowledge into Europe. Ayurvedic and Chinese medical knowledge had no concept of contagion, it was either due to increases or decreases, explained in terms of energy or chi. The war like idea of germs was only a European idea. In 969, Count Borrell II made a pilgrimage to Rome, taking Gerbert with him. There Gerbert met Pope John XIII (965–972) and the Emperor Otto I, nicknamed “the Great” (936–973). The Pope persuaded Otto I to employ Gerbert as a tutor for his young son, the future Emperor Otto II (973–983). Some years later, Otto I gave Gerbert leave to study at the cathedral school of Rheims where he was soon appointed a teacher by Archbishop Adalberon.

When Gerbert died, everything changed. The Roman Vatican suppressed much of his work and began to use disease to determine who was good and who was evil and should be expelled. The German word for leprosy is Aussatz which means to cast away. This became a central religion dogma in the 11th century. The mini ice age of 1308 caused mass migrations of people as they couldn’t grow their crops in the colder weather, there was a starvation catastrophe, the massive Friuli earthquake of 1348 worsening things. The quake was seen as a sign of the anti-christ as law and order turned to chaos. The central hub of global trade, Venice, and the main trade lines collapsed, so did the currencies.

This was used by the priests to deem huge populations groups as being punished by God and they were claimed to have the black plague. Whole sections of starving people were quarantined, put under lock down, starved to death, slaughtered and poisoned, just as described by Goethe. Leprosy was renamed as the Black Plague. Then later after the French and American Revolutions, the same concept was renamed… instead: smallpox. The same has been done with AIDS. This is a technique of extermination of specific groups of people by which they could be quarantined and poisoned by the so-called medicines purported to cure them. People were really dying of starvation and exposure, not any such plague. The fear of the spread of such evil demonic disease was a measure of control.

Galenus the Great Physician of Marcus Aurelius already discounted the idea of disease being caused by germs, but suggested that disease may lead to sins. When we study the work of Gert Hamer of German New Medicine we can understand this, as diseases manifest as psychosis.

Max Von Pettenkofer demonstrated how hygiene prevented cholera which was a toxic poisoning from sewage.

Louis Pasteur was a fraud, hired by the French Government. All living organisms are made from CELLS. So when you are talking about health, in reality you are talking about CELLULAR HEALTH. It doesn’t matter if it’s the kidneys, the heart, the lungs, etc. All health is based upon CELLULAR HEALTH. Acids will destroy cellular tissues and cause cellular degeneration. It doesn’t matter where these “Toxins” (acids in reality) come from. In order to reverse these adverse effects, one must neutralize the acids, and regenerate the cells. You can do this by eating fruits and abstaining from all acids from any source whatsoever. This includes bacteria that are producing acids. If the bacteria are in poor health, they too have systems that will create acids to help it survive.

Well when you have a mass amount of bacteria in your body, producing acids, this can become deadly to the host, i.e., YOU. Lack of oxygen can create an anaerobic state, and then these Healthy bacteria in your body will become unhealthy anaerobic state bacterium and start to produce toxins. All bacteria are the same, just like all humans are the same, just like all dogs are the same. But we can be viewed as being different if our environments are changed and cause these differences, the same goes for bacterium.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A VIRUS. Period, end of story. When Enders was doing his experiments, from which he received the Nobel prize in 1954, I believe. He had done no negative controls, and his experiments were not scientifically sound. You see Enders was sterilizing the cell cultures, and a few other things before “infecting” the culture with his phantom virus. Because he had done ZERO control experiments, it slipped through the cracks that what was actually happening was that ENDERS HIMSELF WAS KILLING THE CELL CULTURES by blasting them with acids (sterilization) and then blaming the death of the cell cultures on viruses, which he didn’t even isolate any virus to begin with. What they were really viewing with electron microscopy was CELL PARTICLES.

You know how when your skin cells die off, we call them dead skin cells. Well the same thing is occurring in cell cultures, when these cells die off, they are viewed under electron microscopes and they were saying these particles WERE THE VIRUS! Pure scientific fraud. Our entire medical industry is completely based off of frauds and nonsense. Which is why hospitals kill people en mass. Do yourselves a favor. Understand that ACIDS WILL DESTROY CELLS. IF YOUR BODY IS COMPRISED OF 100 TRILLION CELLS, YES IT MIGHT TAKE 30 YEARS OF ABUSE TO KILL YOURSELF, BUT YOU WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. You might drown on your own fluids in your old age because of “pneumonia”. Or you might end up with a scattered brain , mindlessly existing in some nursing home. The symptoms are wild.

Let’s talk about “GENETIC INHERITANCE”. The old NEO-DARWINIAN think of cursed races of POOR GENE INHERITANCE. This is complete bullshit, there no such thing as inheriting bad “GENES”. You know what really happens? YOUR MOM TOOK POOR CARE OF HERSELF AND HER EGGS WERE BEAT UP BY ABUSE. SO WHEN SHE HAD YOU, YOU ENDED UP DEVELOPING POORLY. You can reverse this by eating a HIGH Fruit Diet and abstaining from ACIDS. Hopefully you didn’t endure irreversible damage caused by your mother’s poor decisions.


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