February 23, 2024

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E.coli – Germs Are Not Your Enemy



Some bacteria break down materials into something we can tolerate, some breakdown materials with side branches or aspects that we react to, and even violently so. The scientific consensus tells us there are different strains of the same kind of bacteria: some good and some bad, however they ignore the factual phenomenon of pleomorphism and the vital evidence that the same bacteria are “good” when they are ingesting that which we do not react to vs. “bad” when ingesting something which we do. What we react to can vary from individual to individual depending on their terrain variables: are they removing wastes properly? Is their nutritional status optimal? Are they undergoing chronic stress acidifying their tissues? Etc.

Bacterial wastes create gases and other breakdown products not suited for human digestion. We are not meant to eat poop, we are not meant to eat rotting food. We are not cows, wolves, birds or fish and the microbes that colonize in our mouths and guts start via our mother’s birth canal and are meant to be specific. Those who have had the almost unnecessary procedure of C-sections (sold to mankind as the “norm”) will have an altered milieu and have more health issues as a result. Doctors and even midwives are still so archaic and ignorant, most do not at least swab the infant’s mouth with the vaginal fluids at birth to mimic this process after a C-section.

E.coli itself is harmless. It will break down wastes in certain water sources, in foods, in soil, etc. E.coli helps to break down the wastes in our colon/intestines. That is their home, their compartment in the body. When they find themselves in the vagina in high numbers that is not in balance, they could try to stay there, to survive there, after all, they are alive. H.pylori’s home is in the lung, that is their home. If they are repeatedly coughed up into mucus and swallowed into the gut, they could try to make a home there, which can cause reflux leading to ulcers. Equally, if the tissue is severely damaged from chronic inflammation, it could become “leaky” and these microbes also could find themselves far away from home.

If bacteria are in the wrong place, the body will purge (mucus, inflammation, increased blood flow, molecules of removal aka white blood cells, fever to increase activity). If the bacteria in those wrong places find no competition from the “home team” microbes, (perhaps they were wiped out or altered by antibiotics, vaccines, drugs, pesticides, GMO foods, stress, etc.) they might not be purged properly and toxins could be made there, altering the pH, causing issue.

When we ingest bacteria doing a job of breaking down toxic matter (for example rotting in food, alongside many other breakdown microbes), we are at risk of toxicity and the body will be triggered to purge. That is your typical food poisoning event, which, incidentally can look similar to cold and flu symptoms (HINT: because colds and flu are simply a toxicity purge, as well, and not caused by a virus. All those symptoms we see (fever, cough, congestion, achiness, malaise, skin rashes, runny bowels, headache, etc.) are HEALING reactions to return the body to homeostasis).

People will then try to kill said microbes with antibiotics, which is never wise. It’s not their fault and they are not “bad” or hurting you. Their wastes are. So clean up the wastes: run a coffee, enema, alter the pH for that region (for the stomach and vaginal region it is with increasing acidity via apple cider vinegar, boric acid or for the gut, an HCL supplement), increase your vitamin and mineral levels to upregulate detox (magnesium, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, etc.) and add into the situation lactic acid forming bacteria – don’t remove bacteria, give MORE bacteria, just the kind that is supposed to live there and do the job of keeping the terrain in homeostasis.

Germs are not your enemy. The world is not there to hurt you. We only hurt ourselves by our own ignorance.


Amandha D Vollmer
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Holistic Health Practitioner,
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