April 14, 2024

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EXCLUSIVE: Health Ranger launches new independent science journal for the expansion of human knowledge:

EXCLUSIVE: Health Ranger launches new independent science journal for the expansion of human knowledge: The Natural Science Journal is now LIVE

All the big science journals — Nature, The British Medical Journal, The Lancet and so on — function almost entirely as science prostitutes for corporate interests, spewing out a vomitous cascade of fraudulent, industry ghostwritten “doctored” studies that the industry pretends represent real science. This sad, filthy corruption of science harms the reputation of science itself and detracts from the valuable expansion of knowledge that can be achieved when science is practiced in the interests of humanity rather than corporate profits.My aim is to rescue science from corporate prostitution and return science to the democratic, decentralized domain of the curious and the informed. (That means you.) This is why today, I have extraordinary news to unveil… a milestone for independent science conducted in the public interest… something that hasn’t happened before in the history of our world.

Today I’m announcing the launch of a new, independent, peer-reviewed science journal called the Natural Science Journal — a science journal that rejects all corporate money, government influence and all the blind, obedient “consensus” science narratives that only end in stupidity.

It’s time that We the People had a science journal that represents real science in the public interest!

Introducing the Natural Science Journal

Visit NaturalScienceJournal.com right now to download the first issue.

The Natural Science Journal is the People’s science journal. It’s a science journal that explores issues from a truly independent, people-centric perspective rather than the usual corporate-government scientific fascism quackery typically parroted in mainstream science journals.

Consider the articles found in issue No. 1, which you can download at this link right now:

• Are you eating glyphosate for breakfast?

• Which water filters remove the most heavy metals?

• How to remove mercury from your body with anti-heavy-metal foods

• How much aluminum are you drinking?

• Corroding pipe leads to spike in copper concentrations and toxicity

In addition, this first issue also carries the full data set of our EPA Watch water testing program, publishing the complete elemental analysis of the first 100 water results from across U.S. cities.

Download the first issue at the Natural Science Journal website (it’s free, as promised).

If you’d like to cite my first published science paper, it’s entitled ICP-MS analysis of toxic elements (heavy metals) in 100 municipal water samples from across the United States.

This science journal accepts NO outside advertising

How do you know you can trust the genuine science published in this independent science journal?

For starters, we don’t sell advertising space in the journal. There’s no outside money influencing our editorial process. In addition, all published scientific papers are peer-reviewed by other respected scientists before being accepted for publication.

Even beyond that, we do not accept grants or money from any government institution. This keeps corrupt government money out of the science, leading to a more honest, ethical and authentic journal that isn’t subjected to the financial string pulling of corrupt government.

In all, this means that drug companies, biotech corporations and government institutions have no influence over the Natural Science Journal. Instead of answering to these corrupt, criminal organizations, we answer to YOU!

Yes, the Natural Science Journal is YOUR science journal, covering the issues that matter to real people, real food consumers, real parents and health-conscious citizens.

Like Copernicus, we dare to explore science that’s censored by the corrupt establishment

Most of the topics we’ll be covering in the Natural Science Journal are censored or blackballed by mainstream science journals. Throughout 2016, for example, we’ll be publishing articles on topics like:

• The chemical analysis of vaccine composition

• The glyphosate contamination of grocery store foods

• Hidden pesticides found in counterfeit organics

• Heavy metals in foods, superfoods and supplements from China

• Mercury in dog food treats

• Cadmium content of chocolate bars

• Pesticide residues in popular food bars

We’ll be publishing papers on these topics (and many more). In addition, we will soon announce a mechanism for other scientists to submit their own papers for consideration, and we specifically invite papers from scientists and whistleblowers who have been blackballed by the fraudulent “scientific establishment.” (If anyone knows Rupert Sheldrake, please get a message to him that we would like to publish some of his work as well.)

The NSJ will cover food and environmental science in a way the corrupt mainstream would never dare touch

Please note that this journal is a hard sciences journal, meaning we seek scientific papers based on hard analytics in chemistry, physics, botany and so on. This is not a journal for philosophy or thought experiments that cannot be proven through hard experimental data.

As long as they are based on hard data, we welcome papers that explore topics which are usually off limits to the corrupt scientific establishment, including:

• Geoengineering and weather modification

• Climate change / carbon dioxide

• Vaccine composition, toxicity and adverse events

• Genetically modified organisms

• Agrochemicals (pesticides / herbicides)

• Epigenetics and chemically-induced genetic expression

• Biosludge and biosolids

• Botany, permaculture and chemical-free agriculture

Watch the NSJ website for an announcement of a submission process for scientific papers.

In the mean time, enjoy our inaugural issue by downloading it now atNaturalScienceJournal.com.

Welcome to a whole new chapter of REAL science conducted in the public interest. Isn’t it time we took back science from the corrupt corporations anyway?


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