April 15, 2024

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False flag terror madness! Brussels, Paris under martial law


EU authorities are using the fabricated menace of state-sponsored false-flag terror to impose martial law on their populations.

Our correspondent in Brussels has reported that the streets are empty except for parades of military vehicles: “Brussels has become a ghost town. The streets are empty and everything is closed. I am afraid to venture outdoors to buy bread.” (See above photo.)

The authorities have given no reason for their clampdown other than a vague assertion of “terrorist threats.”

Meanwhile, the French Parliament has voted to extend the nation’s state of emergency for three months. (Note: The date 9/11, with its three digits 9-1-1, the emergency call number, was chosen to represent the permanent Global State of Emergency it inaugurated.)

Though hundreds of people have been detained without charges, it is safe to assume that the real orchestrators of the Friday the 13th massacre in Paris – the heads of Operation Gladio B – are not only still walking around free, but are actually in charge of the transformation of their countries into militarized concentration camps.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced that his government has deployed 10,000 military troops and another 100,000 gendarmes to enforce the nationwide state of emergency.

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The “shelter in place” crackdown on Brussels is reminiscent of the lockdown of Boston, Massachusetts  after the false flag Boston Marathon bombing. Such declarations of martial law are designed to trigger fear and hysteria and prevent the population from learning the truth: That it is their own rulers, not “foreign terrorists,” who stage the very carnage from which they so richly benefit.

The declaration of martial law in the European capital, Brussels, as well as the state of emergency in France, were designed to prevent Europeans from learning about stories such as the following:

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5 thoughts on “False flag terror madness! Brussels, Paris under martial law

  1. THE CRAZZ FILES wrote about the men coming into Europe pretending to be refugees & that they were in fact soldiers – REMEMBER :
    Is this them ?

  2. VT: The Crackdown Begins: Europe Jusr Passed “Strict Controls to Make it Difficult to Acquire Firearms.”
    CRICKEY: its too late mate …
    Europe has been making & selling arms & especially to Israel, arms which have made their way back throughout Europe. So has Britain, who where in trouble because they were selling arms to Israel, who sold them on to terrorists.
    Europe & Britain is awash with illegally obtained arms manufactured & sold by them.
    Everyone is armed to the teeth mate.

  3. That is what Israel is – the fence.
    After WW2 Israel provided a way out of any country & passage to most other countries with new ID if necessary for BIG ALMIGHTY BUCKS.
    And the list of their services goes on & on.

  4. true story time :
    David died over 15 years ago so its okay to tell now.
    Senior partner of international law firm in Melbourne.
    2 lovely rifles in cases under the bed.
    The guns by back of Howard saw them go up into the attic.
    After 2 years of cancer he left us & a few boxes of volotile & unstable ammo up in the hot attic.
    His brother in law Andrew came to discretely take away the 2 rifles.
    His widow then rang Victoria Police who after they organised the removal of the ammo, said that it could easily have taken away half the block.

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