March 4, 2024

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Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting


The official news narrative about the El Paso WalMart mass shooting is largely fabricated. Even though the violence was real, and people were really shot and killed, the narrative surrounding the tragedy is almost all fiction.

Five huge questions are screaming out for real answers:

#1) If there’s only one shooter, why did so many eyewitnesses report multiple shooters at the scene?

#2) Why did the local police arrest and hold three suspects in custody, as was widely reported by the media before the story was changed to a “lone shooter?”

#3) Why does the so-called “manifesto” appear to be written by someone far older than 21 years of age? (Answer: The manifesto is a hoax. It was not written by the individual who was arrested as the shooter.)

#4) How does one man kill 20 people and wound another 30 people with a single magazine that only holds 30 rounds? The surveillance photo shows no chest rig, no battle belt and no spare magazines.

#5) If the shooter is on a suicide mission, why does he bother to wear both eye protection and ear protection? Answer: Because he knows he will survive his “mission” and be taken into custody after surrendering to police. It wasn’t a suicide mission at all. Eighteen months from now, the world will have forgotten the name of the shooter, and the media will never report anything about him again. (He will likely be relocated under the witness protection program, living under a new identity after having completed his “mission” for the deep state.)

BONUS QUESTION: If you hate illegals and want to protect America, why would you mass murder Americans shopping in an American store? Wouldn’t you theoretically want to target illegal aliens if that’s who you want to destroy? Nearly all the people who were shot were Americans. It makes no sense to hate illegals and then turn around and mass murder Americans.

ONE MORE QUESTION: Why was the shooter’s online profile changed from “Democrat” to Republican / Trump supporter / QAnon follower? Clearly the deep state is modifying his online profile to match their own conspiracy theories and official narratives about QAnon followers being “domestic terrorists.” This is Orwellian-level psyop stuff being run on the entire nation…

In summary, the official narrative doesn’t add up. In fact, it’s all a “staged violence” event which combines real violence with a fake narrative to achieve a specific political purpose. In this case, the goal is the complete disarmament of the American people, blaming Trump for everything and positioning illegals as “victims” of a mass shooting when, in reality, it was Americans who were actually shot.

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6 thoughts on “Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

  1. I’ll be back later to tell all.
    I just noticed a voicemail confirming a rendezvous@my place tomorrow…………………………………….that I was oblivious to.
    the garden is okay, the inside is a mess, I have to go clean up a bit at least.

  2. I am almost blind.
    A butcher had a go at trying to fix my eye you see.
    I’m blind in my other eye because of an equally effective aficionado.
    Tomorrow afternoon my Knight in Shining Armor is coming with his student to talk to me about coping with little or no sight.
    He is from The Guide Dogs Association.
    Only that I didn’t find out till this evening due to electromagnetic interferences.
    Nevertheless all is well.

    1. reg: mag/electro force failure – never seems to thwart Daniel the handsome real estate agent who is after my house.
      Daniel calls me at 8ish pm
      So as to have me believe that he is not after my house but interested in conversation & passing the time with me.
      Only I know that if it were anything to do with me, Daniel would earnestly & efficiently be banging on my front door like a man possessed.

  3. The butcher I speak of has a MASTER
    One, o;d in a drunken state, most of the time, old hag who drags him about by his, the medical term for ball is testicals, in public , “Oh.” how he adores it so.
    Sado side of macosim, is what his affliction is called.

    She has slung off at me a few times & is believing that she has gotten away with it.
    I am not rude or abusive – until you do it to me & then I am the SHE DEVIL.
    Episode 2 will surface at any moment, for she is waiting to blow.
    & you shall be the first I tell it to.

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