February 25, 2024

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“Freedom Ain’t Free!”

A Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa) perched on a fence at dawn, Holland, Gelderland, Arkemheen polder. (Photo: Christian Biemans/Natureinstock/Ardea/Caters News)


We’ve all heard the above phrase numerous times in our life.  Although it has been abused lately, and greatly, by those with sinister agendas in the Middle-East trying to convince we Americans that somehow our nonstop wars fought for Israel are somehow wars fought for our own freedoms, even a reasonably intelligent garden slug can see through that nonsense.  But while our freedoms are nowhere at risk abroad they are definitely being murdered here at home.  In the current and increasingly Marxist US, freedom definitely ain’t free.  Every day, every hour, the Jewish / Leftist attacks on our freedoms are evident, whether it is the ceaseless assaults on our right to keep and bear arms, whether it is the open Antifa attacks in the streets, whether it is the cyber censoring of our right to hear and read free speech in our homes, or whether it is the clear and unmistakable war on our very existence as white men and women at the hands of Hollywood, the media, academia, and the very US Government we pay taxes to, the domestic hate fest against our freedoms is in full swing.  And we all know this.

But let me add to the above by saying this: Truth ain’t free, either.  The anti-white power grid in America and around the globe are now trying to not only silence historical truth, but it is seeking to kill, dismember and bury it.  My books on WWII, Hellstorm and Summer, 1945, are good examples.  Although both books have been “black-balled,” marginalized and given the silent treatment by the MSM in hopes both books will go away, they have not gone away.  And why is that?  Well, for one reason, myself and others continue to publicize the books at every opportunity.  But mostly, the real reason the books are still around is simple:  Once it is out there and available, the truth has a wonderful way of hanging around.  Over the past few years, mostly by word-of-mouth, millions now know the truth about WWII and what actually took place.  As a result, matters in Germany, France, Italy, and the rest of Europe are trending upward in the Right direction.

And thus, I hope this will also be the case in America with my next book—Israel’s Assassins: America and the Middle-East Massacre, 2001-2020.  This will be the only book to date that tells the truth about….well, I think that is obvious from the title itself.  From the false-flag trigger-event on 9/11 in New York right up to the present day and America’s tireless attempts to stoke a war with Israel’s main enemy, Iran—and perhaps plunge us straight into World War III with Russia—the book will not only tell it all, but it will unflinchingly name names.

As noted above, however, “the truth ain’t free.”  While the Jewish enemy has billions upon billions to bury truth under a mountain of lies, a non-academic researcher like myself, who spends virtually every waking moment and every penny mining that mountain for the truth, must also struggle merely to buy food and pay rent.  In addition to my current book project above, I am also engaged in producing a German narration of Hellstorm for a much-need audio book.  A German translation of Summer, 1945 is also about to be published, as are an Italian translation of Hellstorm, as well as several other languages.  While these projects and others are pushing ahead, all have been slowed considerably by a lack of funds.

And thus, for those of you reading this who like your history hard-hitting, honest and as truthful as one man can make it, please consider becoming my active co-pilot with a donation to truth.  If you can do your part, I vow that I will do mine.

For those who send $50 or more, I will extend my personal thanks and a copy of this next ground-breaking book upon publication.

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