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Game Planning for October’s Online Offensive


A lot of people want to do something, but don’t even know where to start. Many people do not have a good network of friends and might not feel comfortable getting out and doing “real world” activism by themselves. The good thing is that there are plenty of opportunities to use the internet to our advantage.

While some people scoff at the idea of internet activism, it can be incredibly influential. If we were not having a great deal of success online, the tech overlords (working with their embedded ADL partners) would not have banned us from even being part of any conversation or raising funds. They know that if we are able to keep spreading truth, then their time in power will quickly come to an end. They have absurd amounts of money, political power, and media influence, but they are no match for a dedicated grassroots uprising of people with truth on our side.

In an effort to accelerate our ascent, I have introduced the concept of October’s Online Offensive on my radio show. The idea is to do whatever you can to increase your efforts in the online battlefield, ramping things up as we approach Halloween. I want us to overwhelm the enemy, who will be forced to play whack-a-mole. When one of our accounts go down, more will pop up.

The battle can be fought on the enemy’s playing field, if done intelligently, by creating content and leaving comments that direct people to the truth, without being so over the top that we are banned immediately. Going on platforms where we won’t be banned, such as Gab (I have linked my account), can also be productive for networking and truth-telling, but we don’t want to solely preach to the choir. You can also use online tools to inform people you know in real life, by emailing links and memes, for example.

Many of you are already engaged in some form of online activism, so all I am suggesting to you is that you increase your efforts. Amplify your messages in whatever way possible. Make the enemy understand that we will not be silenced and that this is not going to be an easy fight. Continue to grow your network of activists with whom you are able to work toward a common goal.

Although this is a deadly serious struggle, do try to have some fun with your efforts, which could include humiliating enemy agents. This will keep everyone’s morale high and motivate others to keep plugging away. Success breeds success, and good ideas can be shared and copied around the world. We will win this online war because we are far more clever and cunning than the enemy, and we have the truth on our side.

We must not get discouraged by any minor setbacks along the way by keeping in mind that the we are literally fighting for our lives and the future for our children. We are right now at a serious crossroads and time is of the essence. If we do not fight with every fiber of our being, we will be doomed to miserable lives as slaves or tortured and murdered. I am not exaggerating, which you will know if you studied the history of WWII and watched Hellstorm.

While I am promoting online activism this month, I do not want to deter anyone from doing “real world” activities. In fact, if you organize flash mobs, protests, banner drops, etc., these things can all be amplified by our online presence. The most important thing is that you struggle in whatever way you determine is the best, most productive way, given your own particular circumstances and interests.

I am leaving the idea for this offensive somewhat general, as I would like to see your creativity shine through. I encourage you all to use the comment section here to share ideas for targeting, messaging, and game planning. Also report back with some of the successes you are having.

Let’s go!


1 thought on “Game Planning for October’s Online Offensive

  1. I would like to see a comprehensive list of the court cases that are happening. The more that watch these the more our judicial system will know that we are keeping a very close eye on things and holding them to account. If anyone finds this please let me know. Also telegram seems to be the way to go for not being censored so slowly moving things over there. A lot of prayer is needed right now its easy to pray for friends and family its a whole other ball game to pray for our enemies.

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