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Gender Theory Taking Over NSW Schools – NO OPT-OUT


The NSW Teachers’ Federation is providing “equity themed” seminars for teachers.  The federation has stated that they will be utilising the controversial Gayby Baby School Action toolkit, to promote “equity” and “will provide the opportunity for participants to transfer knowledge gained in to their own educational setting.

The main slogan promoted in this resource is “Who wants to be normal? Normal is boring”.

The corrupt intentions of this resource are clearly seen with its “passive consent form” which recommends that teachers inform parents rather than seek permission to teach this extreme program to their children.

‘The Gayby Baby School Action Toolkit’ encourages teachers to implement a whole school approach to teaching gender ideology. Teachers are urged to teach gender theory in all learning areas and so this makes it impossible for parents to have an opt-out option for their children.

Promoting school activism is a major feature of this resource. Children in Year 5 or 6 are told to become “agents of change” by organising, ‘Wear it Purple Days’ and running events for IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia).  By doing this, children feel important because they are told that they are “connecting their school with a global movement towards acceptance and inclusivity.” p. 37

The toolkit also refers to the same gender theory madness purported by Safe Schools. “Sex (your body) and gender (how you think and feel about your gender) are two very different things…. Being transgender is just another natural type of diversity in the world.” p. 38

“Is masculinity only a quality in men?” p. 25 Gayby Baby School Action Toolkit

When addressing parents, teachers are instructed to “adopt gender neutral language in parent communications and when discussing student families in the classroom (ie consider saying “parents” or “carers” instead of “mum and dad” p. 35)

This redefinition of the concept of “family” and in particular “mother” and “father” by changing terminology and deconstructing biological truths, promotes ‘gender neutrality.
On page 38 teachers are told that “if a child asks “Don’t you need a mum and dad to make a baby?” the teacher’s response should be “You need an egg and a sperm to make a baby.””

Do our children need to know how same-sex couple conceive? The ‘Gayby Baby’s School Action Toolkit’ exposes children to how homosexual couples conceive. “Some families may elect to conceive privately, using a needless syringe or oral medicine syringe.”

Speak to your principal today to find out if this is being taught in your school.


1 thought on “Gender Theory Taking Over NSW Schools – NO OPT-OUT

  1. I am an old lady now so don*t have children or grandchildren at school now, but if I did I would be telling teachers to shove their gender insanity, their safe/unsafe schools agenda & leave my children alone. If they can*t teach my children how to read, write or do simple sums, which they obviously can*t any more because their time is taken up with parental rights kidnapping, or they are illiterate themselves, which is becoming more & more obvious, then my children will be home schooled. If the govt. makes this obscenity mandatory then they can put me in jail & with the amount of parents objecting now, they will have to build more jails to house us.

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