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Genderless Classrooms Are Next On Daniel Andrews’ Agenda

4,000 Victorians childhood educators are going to attend ‘education’ sessions then sent back to their respective pre–schools to socially engineer our kids.

Victoria’s Labor Government will spend $3.4 million of taxpayers’ money on a ‘degendering program,’ claiming: “It will build the capacity of ­educators to use reflective practice to critically evaluate their work with children using anti-bias ­approaches specifically regarding gender bias.”

It’s all in a bid to target ‘sexist 4 years olds,’ eradicating ‘gender norms’ from classrooms; Encouraging little boys to wear dresses and the shame of ‘anti male sentiment’ surrounding domestic violence.

So, it’s out with gender, in with sexuality!

Last year, Early Childhood Australia Spokeswoman, Clare McHugh made the highly disturbing claim that “Children are sexual beings.”

When speaking about 0-5 year olds, that statement is particularly alarming to us as parents.

Recently published Sex Education research found that 40 per cent of participating teachers reported witnessing problematic sexual behaviour in schools, including simulated intercourse and attempts to coerce other students into sexual conduct.

So where has this sudden awareness of sexuality come from?

Let’s take a look at one of the resources promoted to teachers at


Here are the tips and advice found in this resource for teachers in an Early Childhood and Primary school environment:

“Sexual play is a normal part of child development in every society… In the Primary Years it may include simulated intercourse with clothes on.”

 “If a primary school aged child asks “What is a clitoris?” Answer with: “A little round bump about as big as a pea which is just above the opening to where the wee comes out. It feels good when you touch it.””

“If a primary school aged child asks “What is masturbation?” Answer with: “It is when you stroke your penis or clitoris and it feels good”.

“If a PRESCHOOLER asks “What is the vagina?” Answer with “A special passage where the baby comes out, in between where wee and poo come out: It is also where the man’s penis goes during sexual intercourse- it will probably be helpful to draw a picture.”

Teachers need to stop focussing on de-gendering their classrooms and instead ‘desexualise’ their teaching resources.


2 thoughts on “Genderless Classrooms Are Next On Daniel Andrews’ Agenda

  1. “to socially engineer our children” – ?

    * Gender Bender: Chemical Hormone Found in Kids Food – June 2011 reports REUTERS.

    * Born This Way: Researchers Explore The Secrets of Gender Identity – August 2017 reports REUTERS. – “geneticists are quietly working on a major research effort to unlock the secrets of gender identity.”

    To cover up & white wash the fact that our children – { The Lab Rat’s } – have been tampered with.
    That our children are mutants of the 21st century.
    The products of Dr. Josef Mengele inspired experimentation by …..
    Who did this to our children ?
    Man made mutants – genetically altered to achieve – what exactly ?

    1. It’s catchy – isn’t it.

      gENDRE bENDER kID’S … The Lab Rat’s of the 21st Century
      Genetically Engineered to Accommodate Any Parents Desired Tastes

      The Freedom To Chose
      Why Settle For Pot Luck
      Create Your Perfect Child

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