February 24, 2024

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Gladys The Tyrant Has Completely Lost Her Mind

Tyrant Berejiklian is taking her personal dictatorship in NSW to new levels with each passing hour and breaking our laws at the same time.

Discrimination, segregation, bullying, intimidation, threats and outrageous tyranny is on display everywhere you look in NSW.

Tyrant Gladys has a new road map out of Tyranny and into a new dawn of booster shots for the double jabbed so lets all fall onto our knees in appreciation and love for this filthy dictator.

NSW residents will also be able to travel around the state, as long as they are full vaccinated, once the state has 70 per cent of its residents with two doses.

Who the hell does this woman think she is? i can only move around my own state of NSW if iv had two doses of the clot shots? i don’t think so and all of this sounds highly illegal.

Proof of your COVID jabs will be driven mostly through the myGov app According to reports, the new system will allow citizens ‘seamless access’ using biometric technology and will be the government’s go-to identity credential moving forward.

myGovID, expanding upon the familiar myGov system, will allow citizens to create a digital identity and use their facial scans to log into a range of online government services.

It will work like a digital equivalent of the ‘100 point ID’ method currently used on a number of services, verifying documents like passports, driver’s licences and Medicare cards.

Tyrant Gladys is now actually threatening unvaccinated Australians not to join in on the tiny freedoms that will be allocated to the fully jabbed and that police will be checking picnics for vaccination ID.

NSW residents have been warned police will be checking the vaccination records of anyone enjoying new freedoms next week.

If the Australian people do not stand up together against this vicious criminal and her disgusting discrimination then Australia will fall into very dark territory.


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