February 25, 2024

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“GMO Doomsday”: Concerns over Bayer’s new soil microbes

Bayer scientists observe their latest creation.
Photo: Bayer


Organic consumer advocacy groups are calling for action to stop the advancement of genetically engineered microbes for soils, warning that an impending “GMO doomsday” could await the world.


Bayer is working with the Bill Gates-backed Pivot Bio on genetically engineered microbes for soil, and the pair have already developed commercially available products.

At least two genetically engineered microbes are currently being used across millions of acres of U.S. farmland, and according to Bayer, might even be in Australia as well.

Bayer has made a pledge to “reduce the environmental impact of crop protection by 30 percent without sacrificing yield and the health of the harvest” by 2030.

But organic consumer advocacy groups are calling out against this new push, starting an online petition to raise awareness about what they describe as a potential impending “GMO doomsday“:

The promise is that this new type of GM microbe could ‘cut synthetic fertilizer use’, but the Organic Consumers Association says there’s no evidence of that.

Furthermore, the group says Gates-backed Pivot isn’t letting independent scientists evaluate their claims.

Bayer has amassed a collection of at least 125,000 wild microbial strains, and in 2019, created an umbrella branch for related products called Biologicals by Bayer.

Yes, the same entities that are trying to replace real food and farming with lab-grown and synbio (“precision fermentation”) Frankenfoods are ‘here to help again’. Give me a break.

A look at the Bayer website gives us more details about what this push entails and why this ‘solution’ is needed at such a time like this. Interestingly, Australia is used as a case study.

In one of the PR pushes for the campaign, Bayer detail how these new GM microbes will ‘assist farmers’ ‘better prepare for and recover from’.. you guessed it.. wild weather conditions like floods.

That’s right, one of the main messages Bayer is trying to transmit in regards to GM microbes is the fact they will ‘protect’ against.. geoengineered storms. You honestly can’t make this stuff up.

Problem, reaction, solution.

They also state that Dr. Denise Manker, a Ph.D. Senior Science Fellow in biologics at Bayer, is “…working with Australian colleagues on the project”.

Now, given the recent destruction of farmers livelihoods across multiple states here in Australia, and the questions that many have in the aftermath, is this also part of the plan to creep further onto our shores?

As always, this is a ‘solution’ that could harm the planet in more ways than one.

As biotech and agrichemical companies push to commercialise genetically engineered soil microbes for agriculture, a new report from Friends of the Earth reveals potential risks and recommends policy action.

“Genetically engineered soil microbes are fundamentally different from GE crops,” said Dana Perls, food and technology program manager at Friends of the Earth.

“Microbes can share genetic material with each other far more readily than crops and can travel great distances on the wind, so the genetic modifications released inside GE microbes may move across species and geographic boundaries in unpredictable ways.”

A handful of healthy soil contains more microbes than there are people on the planet. Soil ecosystems are marked by incredible complexity. Of the billions of species of microbes that make up the living soil, we scientifically understand the role and function of far less than one percent.

These tiny creatures, such as bacteria and fungi, play a massive role in agriculture, regulating cycles, building soil structure, providing crops with immunity to pests and diseases, and unlocking nutrients.

The stakes are high — scientists are increasingly aware that healthy soil is central to regenerative agriculture and farmers’ ability to feed the world in a changing climate (natural cycles).

Soil is the basis of farmers’ resilience to droughts and floods, and Bayer and Gates look to destroy it.

“Soil is the basis of human civilisation — we depend on soil for 95 percent of the food we eat,” said Kendra Klein, PhD, deputy director of science for Friends of the Earth.

“And yet, biotech companies are rushing to commercialize GE soil microbes with little scientific understanding of the potential consequences. The latest science shows that engineering organisms can result in unintended genetic mishaps.

And there are rare but potentially disastrous risks of creating an invasive species or novel human pathogen. The release of GE microbes across millions of acres of farmland is an open-air genetic experiment that may have irreversible consequences.Once they are released, GE microbes cannot be recalled.” 

Humanity is in a battle to protect the very foundations of natural life as we know it.


New advancements in technology have allowed for the rise of fake food, lab-grown food, and more.

From the soil, to the seeds, to the monopolisation of both, the synthetic takeover is arriving.

In 2019, Australia moved to deregulate many controversial gene-editing techniques, which critics warned at the time would seriously threaten organic food production over the coming decades.

The recent discovery of a ‘supercharged’ CRISPR technique has allowed scientists the ‘opportunity’ to transform seeds, crops and foods in a way that ‘connects them to the environment’.

It seems like there are countless stories popping up now of the GM transition of our food systems, such as how bananas are likely to be approved in Australia by April, after being submitted to regulators.

If introduced, it would not only make them the world’s first GM bananas, but also the first genetically-modified fruit available for cultivation and consumption at home.

Europe is currently also in a fight against the Frankenstein food corporations, with Italy banning lab-grown food in their country. But this move towards the very microbes in our soil is a whole new beast.

Meanwhile, none of these companies are actually concerned about real damages to soils from huge amounts of chemical pesticides that leach into soil each year, designed by the very same people.

After destroying soil quality and the organic food industry for decades, we are now supposed to believe that Bayer and Gates will ‘protect’ our soils from (manufactured) weather events and degradation?

If you believe that, like many of the Scientism cult do, I’m afraid there is no hope for you.

Australian farmers: Do not accept the slick PR nonsense from Bayer and Pivot.

Together we will all continue to fight to protect our soils and foods for future generations.

Source: https://tottnews.com/2024/01/14/gmo-doomsday-soil-microbes/

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