February 25, 2024

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Social Credit? Brisbane’s “Offence Detection System” Tender


A new tender emerged recently for an “Offence Detection System” in Brisbane, which sounds strikingly familiar to some of the surveillance mechanisms used as part of China’s ‘social credit’ nightmare.

What is Brisbane City Council up too?


A very interesting tender was recently submitted on behalf of the Brisbane City Council.

The tender in question was labelled “Offence Detection System“, and the description of the Orwellian proposal sounds very much like the makings of a social credit system infrastructure.

The submission states that “Council Compliance Officers” would be provided with a “…centralised cloud-based system that uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to detect a variety of non-compliant activities occurring in the Brisbane area”.

It states that the system could allow for “non-compliant activities” such as illegal parking, “footpath activities”, and graffiti to be detected via “satellite imagery”, “decibel meters”, and mounted cameras.

Brisbane City, which has already transformed into a 5G-driven smart city dystopia, seems like they want to use advancements in AI to further ‘enhance’ their surveillance state.

What exactly would monitoring “footpath activities” involve? Could it be that someone has, say, crossed the street without waiting for the light to go green?

In China, their mammoth ‘social credit system‘ is like an all-seeing Big Brother system, powered by millions of facial recognition cameras and biometric IDs, where citizens are publicly shamed and can have points deducted for… you guessed it… crossing the street illegally.

Citizens are monitored crossing the street in real-time.
Photo: NUG

Something about this tender didn’t sit right with me, but just a week after being put up on the website, it was withdrawn from open application. The reason for the withdrawal being: “Brisbane City Council’s existing contract has been extended to 2025”.

That’s it? This explanation doesn’t tell us if this was accepted or rejected, or if this system could be adopted after that date, or if the extension of the contract has included this proposal.

Regardless, one thing is perfectly clear: The Brisbane City Council want to “streamline” their surveillance system, and by using artificial intelligence inside of their smart city, no ‘non-compliance’ will be tollerated.

For years now, the West has been at threat of the introduction of a Chinese-style system here at home.

Now, we start to see ‘social credit system’ infrastructure wording begin to appear in the public sphere.


Brisbane’s shift to a smart city surveillance state has been incremental over time, and we have covered many of the developments here on TOTT News across the years.

Post-9/11 legislation allowed for a massive expansion of spying in this country under the guise of ‘terrorism’, and airports were the first to begin their shift to ‘intelligent CCTV technology’.

Facial recognition systems were soon to follow after, as cities and regions across the country began building infrastructure to support a massive ‘smart’ transition.

Today, with the technology in place and the capacities now available with 5G expansions during lockdowns, we are seeing small introductions of ‘gamified’ point-based behavioural psychology.

In 2022, Australian jobseekers would no longer have to apply for 20 jobs per fortnight, but rather earn ‘100 points’ a month by completing ‘tasks and activities’ to keep receiving welfare payments.

Classroom applications are also training students on ‘set behaviours’, ranking students according to how well they ‘follow the rules’ and conform to the educational indoctrination.

We are also seeing the normalisation of ‘anti-social behaviour’, which City of Perth wants you to keep an eye out on, for which they openly admit council protests are classified as such.

All of this, in my estimation, has been the slow building blocks towards an Australian ‘social credit system’, and with Digital ID looming in the wings, all the pieces of the puzzle will soon merge as one.

All centralised for future generations, or near-future ‘disruptions’ to society, to ensure AI-driven ‘smart’ surveillance is watching your moves at every corner. Drive people to the cities, and rank their freedoms.

Listen to Ethan discuss the advancements of Australia’s biometric dystopia in the following video:

What do you think about this “Offence Detection System” and the wording associated with it?

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: https://tottnews.com/2024/01/21/social-credit-qld/

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