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Gov. Cuomo Says COVID-19 is a ‘Preparation Drill’


So half of the entire world has been locked down, with tens of millions losing their jobs in the US alone, lining up for miles in breadlines, all for a “preparation drill”?

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1 thought on “Gov. Cuomo Says COVID-19 is a ‘Preparation Drill’

  1. Maybe it is a preparation drill to see how we all accept the Media and State crap that has been thrown at us.
    Once established that we will succumb to their fear tactics then the guns will be loaded and the military will become our enemy. That’s the plan unfolding into human extinction or genocide. Who is gonna decide who goes…. it won’t be a god it will be a psychopaths of Satanic origins. When the time comes you can quote your constitution all you like but it will be of no effect…. you will have no rights under Satan’s terrorists only the right to die but the how is not of your choice either.
    We, humans, have made a miserable fuckup of life on earth so we cannot blame Satans mob as we were told so many times of their coming.

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