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Government-Funded Festival of Dangerous Ideas Endorses Sex With Animals


The New South Wales government funds an event each year known as the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Of course, there is nothing dangerous about these ideas. They’re the bog standard postmodern garbage you’ll find pushed in every undergraduate course on campuses these days.

Overweight women ranting about the patriarchy, men with makeup pretending gender is just in our minds, African women complaining that white people are more valued, those sorts of things. Applications of cultural Marxist ideology to ever-more microscopic identity grievances, usually by someone with a career to pad out, a book to sell or an axe to grind.

t seems there are even people who pay money to attend this event. The mind boggles.

These ideas aren’t dangerous. They’re just degenerate.

In the kingdom of darkness, it’s always a race to the bottom because hell is where they’re headed and they want to take everyone else with them. This year it’s getting particularly dark.

This is not just a random cultural aberration. Bestiality is becoming steadily normalised in the neo-pagan culture of the West.

This goes beyond the sin of sodomy. This is lusting after strange flesh, on a level with the sin that created the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4). This is sheer demonry, and its normalisation is being funded with our taxes.

The speaker at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas normalising bestiality is, of course, an academic. She’s not some loon from an Antifa squat in Newtown. She’s a professor at the University of London. She was raised Christian by missionary parents and did her PhD at ANU.

Her ideas are treated reverently by the London Review of Books:

“Bourke’s Loving Animals is an exploration of the ethical possibilities and often grim reality of modern bestiality… Her thesis is that while sexual interaction between human and nonhuman animals is very often abusive, it needn’t be. Drawing on feminist and queer theory, she makes the case for a form of human-animal love that isn’t merely free from harm, but is governed by reciprocity, respect, and care. Taking this seriously can, Bourke thinks, help us understand what we owe our fellow nonhuman animals, and the sex humans have with each other.”

A demon couldn’t write it better.

Surely, as foundational moral standards for our society are under assault from Satan’s minions on all sides, the urban elites of Christianity, Inc in Australia must be leading by standing in the full armour of God to protect the vulnerable, right?

Surely the leaders of the flock in this nation would be raising the alarm about this normalisation of lusting after animals before such views are pushed on Aussie kids in the classroom?

Um… no.

They’re mostly concerned with making sure Christians are nice to gender extremists, nice about lockdowns, nice when we get cancelled by Marxists and not sexist about women’s ministry at church.

Heaven, help us.

In Satan’s culture, sex with animals is not the last taboo. These people won’t stop at animals, because the flesh won’t stop at animals. As we see the ongoing resurrection of paganism in the postmodern West, we’ll see the same practices the Canaanites carried out for Moloch and the Aztecs carried out for Tezcatlipoca in the world again, shamelessly and in broad daylight.

If we don’t get Christian revival, we’ll get Sodom and Gomorrah in every city in the country. It won’t be nice. We need church leaders who have the faith and the fortitude to expose this reality, rather than being more concerned with social acceptance and their church careers. We need church leaders who are less worldly and much, much less woke.

It’s either Christ or chaos, and for a long time now in the post-Christian West atheists thought that they could have the moral order of a Christian culture without the requisite submission and devotion to Jesus Christ. They thought they could continue to enjoy the fruit without needing to come to the tree that provides it. They were profoundly wrong. Instead, they were living on the fumes of a Christian culture given to their ancestors by God Almighty and their time was running out.

Now there are not even fumes in the tank. The last vestiges of Christian culture are being fanatically erased by the servants of darkness, and we’re about to see just how wicked the human heart really is.

Get ready for a whole lot more monkeypox.


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