February 25, 2024

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Allona is a guided and fearless Health advocate on a mission to connect, inspire and empower through educating.

She’s a passionate voice for freedom of choice within communities at large.
“Together we stand tall, proud and strong knowing that the truth will prevail and the light always wins”.

The Time for Truth, Transparency and Unity is NOW.

Empower yourself and take back your health.

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Podcast Links:

I don’t think it’s fair’: Inside Australia’s biggest anti-vaccination hot spot

Claire Harvey: Anti-vaxers, you are baby killers

Pertussis Infection in Fully Vaccinated Children in Day-Care Centres, Israel

Recently Vaccinated Kids Are Spreading Pertussis Everywhere

Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature

DDT/Polio: Virology vs Toxicology 

The DDT/Polio thesis represents the major historical turning point for political criticism of the sciences of environment, epidemiology, and germ theory. It was brought to the public by the independent research of Jim West, first published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June 2000. With three original articles published circa 2000, and with current (2014) updates, annotations and commentary, the author unearths a disconnected, buried science of polio, i.e., the 1950s arcana of Biskind, Mobbs and Scobey.

With modern epidemiological graphs, with toxicological and virological insights, the thesis describes a human disaster resulting from the massive application of persistent pesticides circa 1945-1972. The oft-maligned Rachel Carson is effectively and simply defended. The author introduces strong arguments that enable a clear separation of science from politics within the areas of toxicology, virology and environmentalism, and the related topics, vaccination and immunology.

Jim West: http://harvoa.org

The CDC pledges “To base all public health decisions on the highest quality scientific data, openly and objectively derived.” But Peter Doshi argues that in the case of influenza vaccinations and their marketing, this is not so. https://www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f3037

Vaccines are not safe or effective & if you would like more information in regards to this then please click here. 


Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The People speaking on this podcast are not authorities. The conversations & research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate discussion among listeners. 


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