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Greek government approves brutal austerity measures in proposal to EU



Greece’s Syriza-led government agreed to a massive new €13 billion (US$14.34 billion) package of austerity measures yesterday evening, less than a week after Sunday’s landslide “no” vote in a referendum on European Union (EU) austerity.

The proposal would be the deepest package of cuts since the EU austerity drive began in Greece in late 2009. It goes well beyond the proposed €8 to 9 billion in cuts initially demanded by the EU in talks with Syriza.

The 13-page proposal was submitted to the EU, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) before the midnight deadline previously set by the institutions. In exchange for cuts, the Greek government is reportedly asking for a €53.5 billion ($59.2 billion) loan to the Greek state and some form of debt restructuring, allowing it to avoid state bankruptcy and remain in the euro currency area.

The austerity measures reportedly include sharp increases in the regressive VAT sales tax and an increase in the retirement age to 67 by 2022. The elimination of additional payments to the poorest pensioners will take place by the end of 2019, a year earlier than previously scheduled.

Plans for the privatization of state assets, including ports and airports, will go forward. The proposal also includes a reported increase of the corporate tax to 28 percent, rather than 29 percent, a reduction requested by the IMF.

In proposing the new austerity package, Syriza has with extraordinary rapidity repudiated the vote in Sunday’s referendum, which Syriza itself had called and presented as a model of democratic accountability. More than 61 percent of the population rejected precisely the measures that the government has now adopted.

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1 thought on “Greek government approves brutal austerity measures in proposal to EU

  1. Surviving on debt and hoping for equity seems to be the modern paradigm of our sad compromised political folk.
    They just cannot understand that there is no equity when dealing with the Jew International Bankers….. as George (may his God bless him) Carlin said…… “They own you”.
    Debt economies will always fail regardless of what your trained over educated dills tell you.
    Physics state that energy cannot be created nor destroyed and as money is created and is supposed to represent energy then it defies the laws of physics as we understand it.
    Moses should have left this mob in the desert!…… Gus

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