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21 DEC 2015




Andrew James Abbott SC, William Ayliffe, Greg Barns, Kim Laura Baumeler, Raymond J. Broomhall, Aneita Browning, Bernard Cairns, Dan Coombes, Tom Cox, Kate Cuthbertson, Matthew Goldberg, Caroline Graves, Philip John Gray, Bill Griffiths, Chris Gunson, Craig Hobbs, Philip Jackson, Todd Kovacic, Joseph Lee, Bruce McTaggert, Aziz Gregory Melick, David Mitchell, Kate Mooney, Michael O’Farrell SC, Garth O’Rafferty, Keyan A.M. Pitt QC, David Porter QC, Ken Read SC, Mark Rinaldi, Mary Anne Ryan, Cameron Scott, Julian P. Siggins, Rodney J. Skiller, Ken Stanton, Garth Stevens, Charles Sweeney QC, Sandra Taglieri, Philip Theobald, Andrew Walker, Jennifer Mary White, Andrew Wood, Justin Zeeman, Phillip Zeeman. (43)

On 22 and 27 NOV 2015, you were sent emails related to the wrongful imprisonment of innocent Martin Bryant. (copies available to all readers on request) My email to you of the 22nd ends with these words:

“If no written statement declaring that Martin Bryant has NOT had his legal rights fulfilled is made public by you, by 20 December 2015, then the only conclusion can be is that the Barristers of Tasmania are wilfully corrupt like the Tasmanian State which is responsible for the official killing at Port Arthur in April 1996. (see MASS MURDER and THE WORST OF BRITISH JUSTICE) That conclusion together with your names (and images?) will be distributed internationally and no doubt it will be websited on the Internet. You are involved with Martin Bryant – you cannot wash your hands of his coercion, conviction, incarceration, torture, and impending death. Again, you are reminded that you are all officers of the supreme court of Tasmania. Your ethical responsibilities are not dependent on whether you receive financial payment.”

But, no written statement has been made public by you. So it is concluded:

1. You – OFFICERS OF THE SUPREME COURT OF TASMANIA – are wilfully corrupt; and,

2. You – OFFICERS OF THE SUPREME COURT OF TASMANIA – cannot wash your hands of his coercion, conviction, incarceration, torture, and impending death of innocent Martin Bryant now incarcerated in Tasmania for the term of his natural life.

You were sent an email (22 NOV 2015) from your barristerial colleague Paul Mason, now in Brisbane. He states this: “Although I am no longer a member of the Tasmanian Bar, it would disturb me if all avenues judicial, administrative and political were not pursued to enable Mr. Bryant’s removal from lifelong solitary confinement and rehabilitation in custody or even application for eventual release…. Solitary confinement is inherently a torture….” (thank you Paul Mason)

Of course torture is not the whole story. You know this. The mentally-handicapped Martin Bryant is incarcerated for life but he has never had a trial. NO TRIAL!!! The entire legal system in Tasmania was turned on its head – NO coronial inquest, NO credible public inquiry, NO royal commission, NO trial – to ensure innocent Martin can never speak to the public. Your legal colleagues – mongrels* John Avery, Damian Bugg, and William Cox – put Martin in prison. (* Australian slang for a despicable person)

All of you, officers of the supreme court of Tasmania, have allowed this, and continue to allow it, and, it seems, will continue to allow it until innocent Martin Bryant is DEAD! What gutless mongrels you are. You, with your sharp Salamanca addresses and stunning sandstone offices. You don’t give a damn for that “caged circus animal” (Gary Ramage; photographer, News Corp Australia). You concur with the following: “Burn in hell”; “Burn him alive”; “Filthy fat scum”; “Firing squad practice sessions”; “Give him a bullet”; “…he should have got the firing squad scum bag animal”; “…one of the inmates should knock him”; “This pos sucks dicks to get chocolate”; “Injection soon”; “Kill him”; Etc. (SUBMISSION DOCUMENT TO AUSTRALIAN PRESS COUNCIL: News Corp Australia Articles Inciting Hatred & Killing) You concur with these cruel words and the fact that the Australian Press Council refuses to take action against News Corp Australia from publishing articles which incite hatred and killing. It is noted that not one of you have spoken out about this. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

Over 70 years ago on 1 NOV 1945, Australia became an official member of the United Nations. Within, its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11(1) reads as follows: “Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.” But you have, to date, ensured that innocent Martin Bryant is incarcerated without any proper legal defence and without a trial. This is undeniable. But you and your sophistry (barristerial bullshit) will probably argue some exclusionary reason which denies Martin Bryant his inalienable human rights. The literature is devoid of any legal concerns or defence raised on Martin’s behalf which has arisen from you the barristers of Tasmania. You turned away as this boy-man was set up, demonized with false words and manipulated images, coerced, convicted, then incarcerated where he is now being slowly tortured to death. Your abject and appalling nonfeasance makes all of you GUTLESS MONGRELS. This is undeniable too.

So now things will move ahead. Twenty years of wrongful imprisonment are up in APR 2016. If someone (official or unofficial) does not “knock him” before this date, innocent Martin Bryant and the official killing (APR 1996) at Port Arthur will be made subjects of household conversations throughout Australia. And right in the middle of this, it is our (decent people in and out of Australia) intention to ensure that you, the GUTLESS MONGREL BARRISTERS OF TASMANIA, are mentioned.

In the beautiful Apple Isle, you approved Martin’s imprisonment with NO TRIAL. You approve of his ongoing torture. You approve of him being put in a cage to be photographed with the images being displayed in newspapers and on newspaper websites around the world. You approve of the living hell his dear mother and sister are being put through – day after day for nearly 20 years. And you do not care if the families, relatives, and friends of all the Port Arthur Massacre victims have been lied to and NOT served justice. All of you are complicit right up to your ridiculous horsehair wig


Cameron SCOTT

“Cameron was educated at the University of Tasmania, upon graduation he commenced working as a criminal lawyer in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Cameron later moved into the Melbourne CBD where he practised as both a criminal and family lawyer. Cameron has returned to Tasmania where he has established himself as a barrister.” (http://www.tasmanianbar.com.au/)

Cameron, you must have been right there in Tasmania when the Port Arthur Massacre was officially perpetrated. Has it not bothered you – not even once? – that Martin Bryant had NO TRIAL? What kind of legal enlightenment was bestowed on you at that University of Tasmania? Innocent until proven guilty is a foundational principle of your profession.

Don’t tell me Chester Porter QC is full of bull when he states: “The fundamental basis of liberty in the common law of England and Australia is the presumption of innocence. Thus any person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent until his or her guilt is proved beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law.” (The Conviction of the Innocent: How the Law Can Let Us Down; 2007: p.1). Don’t tell me the guilty plea forced down Martin’s throat by that criminal of a lawyer John Avery permitted your legal system to dismiss every right Martin had. To treat him as an Untermensch. Quoting Chester Porter QC again: “If a person has an IQ of seventy, it is not difficult…to persuade him or her to confess to almost anything.” (p.19)  Martin had an even lower IQ of 66 and he lived his life at a school-grade 6 level. It was easy for your mongrel mates John Avery, Damian Bugg, and William Cox to kick his guts in then send him to Risdon Prison – forever. It is the worst contrived injustice in the history of Australia.

So Cameron, you say you studied and practiced criminal law. So then do the right thing for innocent Martin Bryant. But if however you don’t like what I have just written, go and tell your own family that Martin Bryant had the best of British justice. Tell them his legal-aid lawyer was truly brilliant. Tell your family that even though Martin never had a trial, he is truly guilty of killing 35 people and wounding 23 others at seven crime scenes – all on his own. Tell them he arranged for the 22-body refrigerated mortuary vehicle and the special embalming equipment – all on his own. Tell them he held off a highly-armed and trained police assault group overnight – all on his own. And while he did so he made snacks, used the toilet, and had dozens of scripted phone conversations with the police negotiator while using firearms he never owned and which inexplicably were damaged just before he set himself alight then calmly waited inside Seascape Cottage until he had some 3rd-degree burns on his back. Tell your family that he is guilty because everyone knows he did it. And tell your family that Pope Francis is an absolute jackass for saying: “Life imprisonment is a hidden death penalty.” (http://www.cruxnow.com/life/2014/10/23/pope-francis-blasts-supermax-prisons-as-torture/) Cameron – tell them whatever you like. But then look at yourself in a mirror, with or without your wig. What will you see? A man or a mouse?

All your names, and the available images as per the listing on the Tasmanian BAR website, will be used as deemed appropriate to convey to the world how complicit and corrupt you barristers really are. If you don’t like this, take me on in the court of public opinion.

A pdf copy of LEAKED DOCUMENTS will be emailed to you separately. None of you requested a copy, which is most telling. It’s free, you’ll like that. Read what witnesses reveal in their statements. Have no doubt that most of you will try and make their words inculpatory so you can wash your hands of this evil matter. But just like the mongrels Avery, Bugg, and Cox, you won’t be able to. You are marred by guilt, and guilt grows. Your legal system in Tasmania is complicit and corrupt to the core when it comes to the Port Arthur Massacre and the wrongful imprisonment of innocent Martin Bryant.

Read what the State does not want the public to know. Get some courage (not more piss into you down at the barristers’ bar), stand up, and speak out for a mentally-handicapped boy-man who is now being officially tortured to death à la Guantánamo not far from you. His family lives in hell. And all the families, relatives, and friends of the Port Arthur Massacre victims have NOT been served justice. This must end.



Dr. Keith Allan Noble; author

Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7

1030 Vienna, Austria

t. 43-1-9712401

copies distributed internationally

related releases:

REWARD (A$20,000)

Replication of Images Inciting Hatred & Killing

Published by News Corp Australia

2015 NOV 22

poster & conditions: [email protected]


Statements of Port Arthur Massacre Witnesses

leaked from DPP Office, Hobart, Tasmania

2015; 122 pp.

free pdfs: [email protected]


News Corp Australia Articles Inciting Hatred & Killing

2015 SEP 22; 21 pp.

free pdfs: [email protected]


Readings Related to Injustice in Australia

(66 Readings; 80 Inserts; 100 authors)

2015; 2nd edition; 796 pp.

free pdfs: [email protected]

paperbacks: bookfinder.com


Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia

2014; 2nd edition; 696 pp.

free pdfs: [email protected]

paperbacks: bookfinder.com


  1. We live under Corporate Law now and not Common Law or the Law of nature.
    Corporate Law is about profit and control and the term “Cannibalism” is oft used as an accepted part of Corporate Law…. eat your competitors!
    This has nothing to do with us humans as materialism and profit are the mentors of Corporate Law; not the survival of the human race.
    This means that under Corporate Law human beings are justified as slaves.
    Martin Bryant was not judged by his fellow man under Common Law….. he was judged under Government Corporate Law that is amoral and predatory……. think about this…… Gus

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