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Presstitute Alert: Science deniers reject authority and facts


In North Carolina, a community rejects a solar farm amid concerns it could “suck up all the energy from the sun” and cause cancer.On the sidelines of climate negotiations in Paris, an eccentric British peer continues to insist anthropogenic climate change is a hoax. In Canberra, prominent backbenchers publicly share the same doubts. So, it seems, do 17 per cent of the Australian population.The principal of Brunswick North West Primary School makes a point of respecting the “diversity” of views on vaccination. Months later, a quarter of its student body comes down with chicken pox.

After two centuries of the “special success” of the scientific method of inquiry, people are apparently deciding to pick and choose which science they want to believe or ignore. Wilful denial of science has become an epidemic to rival the diseases science itself has helped keep at bay. How did it come to this?
There’s some easy, emotionally satisfying answers to that question. Unfortunately those answers are mostly wrong.

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5 thoughts on “Presstitute Alert: Science deniers reject authority and facts

    1. In 2101 I came down with shingled, brought on by stress –
      At the time I was helping a daughter of a friend – who was not capable due to illness – to care for her 3 year old child – as soon as I relized I had shingles I went to the GP & asked if the child could catch anything from me –
      Yet when I read information today – some of it says the opposite ?

  1. No jab no pay –
    Last week in the papers –
    Tony Abbott looks to be heckling the PM Malcolm Turnmull – could it be that Abbott wants his old job back ?
    The Liberal party got rid of Tony Abbott because they felt that he was going to lose the next election for them –
    Today the Liberal party feels that Malcolm Turnbull is going to lose the next election for them & are moving to re-instate Tony Abbott.
    WHY do the feel that they are going to lose the next election – look at the opposition leader – the polls say that the Libs look good under the leadership of Turnbull – so WHY are the Lib’s so worried – BECAUSE THE LIBERAL PARTY WILL LOSE THE NEXT ELECTION
    BUT WHY –

  2. Any human being that involves themselves in a sort of Hegelian Dialectic of problem/reaction/solution needs to look hard into the mirror.
    We were given a mind to understand all this but it seems we gave the mind back and then, pathetically, accepted the solution offered.
    We are now in the Communist paddock labeled ‘Communitarianism’ to confuse the mindless but it all reflects the Hegelian Dialect of Corporate Government control…… “Solution!”
    Go ahead and vote for your favorite poison………. Gus

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