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Heartbreaking Accounts of Vaccine Injury


“My daughter squealed like a rabbit, arching her back, for 20 hours straight after her DPT vax in 1989. She then slumped into an exhausted sleep for a further 20 hours. When she awoke she looked through us, not at us, didn’t smile and had no facial expressions. Was like a shell of a human, with her humaness gone. She had lost her ability to crawl, to reach for items and today she is 28 years old, autistic, and unable to care for herself, function well as an adult – cannot cross a road on her own. DPT damaged her before Gardasil and MMR came along. Gardasil and MMR are WORSE… much worse…” -Peta Daimyo

“I’m going to try to make this as short and to the point as I can. December 30th my 20 month old daughter was vaccinated (was NOT my choice) MMR & Varicella. December 31st she woke up with high fever and rash. Took her to doctor. Diagnoses: Hands, Foot, & Mouth Disease. Rash has still not completely faded, but looks a lot better now. Approximately 2 weeks after vaccination she woke up stiff, and refused to walk. I took her to ER where she had two febrile seizures. Diagnoses: viral illness.

“Fast forward to now. She walks but falls and bumps into things constantly. Her coordination has vastly regressed. She has been flapping her arms and throwing her head back at any point of distress. Stares off into space a lot. Cannot STAND having a single piece of lint, crumb, or sand on her face, feet or hands. Extreme anxiety when I wash or brush her hair, change her clothes and diaper, almost always resulting in a temper tantrum. She gets the shakes very bad when she wakes up. Having trouble feeding herself with utensils, which was never something she had problems with before. She seems to want to be held close and comforted almost constantly. After doing some research it seems like Sensory Processing Disorder.” -Anonymous Mom

A Family’s Nightmare Begins With The MMR Vaccine (Click to read what happened to Jodi Merchant)

5-Year-Old Girl Dies from Acute Encephalitis Following MMR Vaccination (Holly Marie Stavola)

Submit Your Child’s Vaccine Injury Story (and view others’)

“He’s My Son” – Eric’s Vaccine Injury Noah’s Vaccine Injury

Michigan Baby Dies Following Administration of Eight Vaccines (Elijah “Danny” French)

Las Vegas Baby Found Dead in Her Crib Following Vaccination (Zara Antoinette Shiel)

Trent dead after vaccinesSuzanne Fuhri wrote “Two years ago today was the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I took My Son for vaccines on this day. Everybody reading this knows what was next. This is what you were like before they jabbed you with poison. RIP Baby Boy.” Tommy 9/28/2012 – 12/1/2012

Christina Moore took her happy, healthy 8 month old son Trent to his well baby visit at Seymour Medical Center in Seymour, TN. He passed away in the night, less than 13 hours after his mother was bullied at the doctors office to give him 5 vaccines, even though she only felt comfortable with one at a time.

Trent dead after vaccinesChristina wrote “I argued with the nurse practitioner for 30-45 minutes. They would not split the shots up! They bullied me, told me I was retarded, told me he needed all the shots that day, told me they could not split the shots up, told me it absolutely would not hurt him! He was injected with 4 needles and given the Rotavirus oral vaccine. He died less than 13 hours later. I’m upset that I argued with them and they bullied me into something that I did not want in the first place and the same thing that I told them might happen, did happen!”

She was not even given an apology when she went to pick up his medical records and saw the person who did this. A claim was filed with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program but since the parents couldn’t find an expert witness to prove Trent died from the vaccines, they settled their case for $20,000 before it went to trial. They had one of the best lawyers and still almost lost any chance at receiving any compensation. More than 2 out of 3 claims are denied and parents have to prove the vaccines harmed their child. That’s what his life was worth to those responsible. Most never see a penny. Trent’s younger sister he never got to meet is vaccine free. Trent is greatly loved and missed. They said he died of unknown reasons. Trent Michael Blackburn 4/29/12-12/21/12

Logan dead after vaccinesLogan, 2 1/2 recieved the mumps vaccine and shortly after developed mumps on both sides. The infection spread to his lymph nodes and gastro-intestinal tract. He was admitted into the hospital and they sent him in for a 2-hour surgery. He lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest. Logan had a second cardiac arrest, went into a coma, and was placed on a cardiac bypass machine. He died a few days later. His mother is adamant that the MMR vaccination was causal.

“Our studies have confirmed recent findings that the exceptionally potent aluminum adjuvant found in recombinant vaccines may cause a massive immune response if a child with an infection is vaccinated. The body may go into shock, and excrete magnesium. Serum magnesium may still appear to be within lab normal, but the magnesium inside the cell becomes depleted. When this happens, POTASSIUM UPTAKE IS INHIBITED, and the heart will go into cardiac arrest. Even if potassium is given by IV, the body will not use it if INTRACELLULAR MAGNESIUM IS LOW. Here is a good reference. Print this out and ask if the attending physician bothered to administer magnesium BEFORE administering potassium: Pubmed-NCBI: Magnesium and potassium Inter-relationships in Cardiac Disorders

“In addition, if you check the genetics on this child, you will probably find that he may carry the HLA-DR15 Haplotype, and the parents may have Irish, English, Scottish, Danish, Scandinavian, or other Northern or Western European ancestry. However, if their ancestry also includes the Cherokee Nation American Indian, you have a genetic perfect storm!” -Daniel B Vincent   More: Danish Study: Genetics Role in Febrile Seizures Following MMRLink to study: Common variants associated with general and MMR vaccine related febrile seizures

Ryan Johnson dead after vaccines

Ryan Johnson from Nashua, NH died on October 31, 2011 following his routine vaccines at age 15 months. His parents still grieve. They always will. And in the midst of their grief they have to put up with other’s negative comments about protecting their new son, Drew from vaccine death.

Words from Ryan’s dad, Tom Johnson:

“Willing to bet any of you that are complaining about unvaccinated children would feel totally different if you were in our shoes.

“How about getting a call from your wife hysterically saying your son was found dead?

“How about being the first one to arrive at the hospital just to be told they are doing the best they can for your little boy?

“How would you feel going in the room while they were working on his lifeless body while you were holding his hand telling him to please come through this?

“How would you feel if you have to make a decision when to stop resuscitation on your little boy’s life?

“How would you like to hold your son’s dead body in your arms to sing him his favorite lullabies one last time before they bring him for an autopsy to butcher his little innocent body?

“How would you feel the next day while you were picking out his little casket and the Medical Examiner called you to tell you that physically he has been one of the healthiest looking specimens she has ever worked on?

“How would you feel when 7 months later you are told that they cannot find a reason why your son died?

“How would you like to live everyday knowing these facts?

“Your healthy baby boy who was never sick and never had any infections of any kind is now dead, less than 72 hours after receiving 6 vaccines.

“And again, other than that there are no facts. Except that no cause of death was found in his autopsy.

“Now put yourself in our shoes and tell me you wouldn’t feel differently.

“I really hope none of you have to go through what we have been going through.”

Words from Ryan’s mom:

“It took 11 months to get pregnant. Ryan was a happy baby even laughing out loud at 2 weeks old. On Friday, October 28th he had his 15-month check up and received 4 shots the DTaP, HIB, flu and pneumococcal conjugate, he cried like crazy. That night he was cranky but slept through the night. The next day he was ok but it seemed that his leg was hurting I didn’t think anything of it.

“On October 31st, 3 days days later it was a normal morning I took him to day care. I dropped him off and he didn’t seem himself and even the babysitter noticed. I got a call around 2:40 it was the babysitter saying “Ryan is dead” she kept saying it. I thought it was a joke but it was a nightmare. I rushed to the hospital. Our babysitter had put him in a car seat so he was sitting up so he could take a nap but when she went back to check on him his eyes were rolled back in his head, she said she started CPR on him. At the hospital they worked on him for an hour but we had too make the decision to stop CPR as there was no chance for him at this point so October 31,2011 at 4:20 pm Ryan Thomas Johnson, 15-months old passed away.

“That was just the beginning we had to go to the police station after the hospital to be questioned. I knew in my heart our babysitter did everything she could for Ryan. We still have a great relationship and she takes care of Ryan’s Brother Drew.

“It took 4 months to get results on Ryan but it came back as SUDC (sudden unexplained death of a child) the medical examiner said he was a healthy baby so why did Ryan die if he was healthy. Ryan Thomas died 3 days after his vaccinations, which is when the post inflammatory response is most robust after vaccinations. The what ifs- what if I didn’t give him the shots that day would he still be here with us? I trusted my doctor and they said it’s rare to have reaction. Educate BEFORE you vaccinate.”

Don’t miss the 1500+ parental accounts of vaccine-induced death at the Facebook group: Angel Babies/Kids, plus hundreds more parental accounts of vaccine-injury at The Thinking Moms / Hear This Well and below.

Children crippled with polio, following polio vaccination Father of five became quadriplegic with ADEM from DTaP vaccination

Three North Idaho baby boys die within a few days of their four-month vaccines (click to read article)

Tennessee baby girl dies within days of receiving 7 vaccines at 4 months (Ja’Liyah Cortize Turner)

Parents receive payout after daughter severely disabled after flu jab (Saba Button)

Izzy’s Severe Allergic Reaction to Vaccination

Izzy was born a healthy little girl and was happy and very fun loving. At 18 months Izzy had a severe allergic reaction to her vaccination which caused severe Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. She started to burn from the inside out and all her skin came off. She spent the next two weeks in the ICU at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne while they tried to save her life. She was then moved to the burns ward for the next 3 months and nursed back to health. She has learned to walk again and eat again. Her skin also grew back with minimal scarring. Sadly, the life long damage has been to her eyes – she is now blind and can only see colour and movement. Her corneas were completely scarred and stuck to her eyelids. Full story with video…

Your children are in imminent danger and the $33 billion/year vaccine industry has spent billions to keep you from learning the truth. Big Pharma influences what is taught in medical schools, what is published in scientific journals, the policies of the CDC and NIH, and which medical-related news stories you hear on the nightly news. So it’s not surprizing that you haven’t heard of the tens of thousands of children who have died or become permanently disabled after vaccination. And most doctors still refuse to acknowledge their role, and say it’s coincidence. The parents of vaccine-injured children have a different story to tell, and are desperate to warn you of the dangers. We implore you to look at the evidence that these highly qualified doctors are presenting. Then draw your own conclusions and take the actions that you decide is best for your children. Our challenge is simply this: You can’t make an informed decision if you are not informed. And, in general, the information presented here will not be shared with you by your pediatrician because they don’t want to scare you away from vaccination. For the same reason, vaccine manufacturers hide their internal reports on adverse reactions, such as this one where they list 1,742 adverse events from a “6-in-1” vaccine, including 6 cases of cadiac arrest, 10 cases of respiratory arrest, and 7 cases of KawasakiÂ’s disease which also can be fatal. If doctors say “adverse reactions are rare” they are grossly misinformed, and in denial about their own patients who return to them with serious problems following vaccination. Most doctors do no research on vaccine safety and just parrot P.R. from sales reps. Learning the truth can save the life of your child. Vaccine damage is cumulative, and the next vaccine could be the one to push your child over their limit of tolerance. There is no harm in delaying vaccination until you understand the risks. In fact, the older your child, the less likely death or permanent disability will occur after vaccination. Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized. Do not be intimidated by doctors. If your child is injured by a vaccine, doctors have no remedy and no liability. Preventing vaccine injury is the only rational approach.

Healthy College Student Dies One Month After H1N1 Shot (Chris Kanervisto,19)

Fox News: Mom Says Daughter Paralyzed After Flu Shot (Marysue Grivna,9)

Nurse’s Aide Paralyzed by Mandatory Flu Vaccine, Awarded $11.6 Million (Sarah Behie,20)

Why did I create this website? Because every day I read a story such as this, and I never want it to be yours…

“I wanted to update you on my grandson. I was so right to be concerned! He passed away the very night I wrote the previous message. We think in his sleep. We are not entirely sure what happened. I was keeping him and was up until about 3 am on Thursday night/Friday morning 12-21-12. I went to check on him a little after 3 and he was unresponsive and not breathing. I did CPR until the paramedics got here, they worked on him all the way to Childrens, where a Pediatric trauma team took over. For over an hour they tried and never got a heartbeat. It cannot be coincidence that he got 4 vaccines on 12-20-12 and died hours later on 12-21-12. My daughter is really beating herself up for allowing the vaccines, even though the doctor bullied her. She did go back the afternoon of 12-21-12 and got his records before they were aware of his passing and alter anything… She told them off too! But she feels so awful! We all do! We are devastated to lose him, especially right here at Christmas. I cannot even think straight, but would like to share our story to try to tell others about the very real dangers of vaccines!”

Here are more tragic cases of vaccine injury that are all too common:

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Utah Mom’s son died following flu shot for his LDS mission (Chandler Webb,19)

Healthy nine and half month baby girl dies after Hep B shot (Haylee Marie Schmidt)

Pediatric Brain Tumors and Childhood Vaccinations (Alexander Horwin)

Daughter Died at Five Weeks, Shortly after Receiving a Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster Shot (Lyla Rose Belkin)

Lindsey Pelton’s Son Nickson Died Fewer Than 12 Hours After His 4 Month Vaccinations

Ben Benson’s Mom: “Look at Me!” But He Couldn’t, Not For a Year

Liam Archer Osterhout died following vaccination at 6 months.

5 Year Old New Jersey Girl Died from the MMR Vaccine (Holly Marie Stavola,5)

Online Collections (other than VAERS) of Parental Accounts of Vaccine-Injury.

Angel Babies/Kids (Childen who died following vaccination. 2,016 members as of 10/16/15)

Hear This Well – Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence (262 1-2 minute videos uploaded by parents)

SaneVax.org (Click on the “Victims” menu for 171 accounts)

Personal Stories/Photos of Girls Who have Died Following Gardasil Vaccination

Personal Stories/Photos of Girls Who Had Serious Adverse Reactions Following Gardasil Vaccination

Parents Share Why They Will Never Vaccinate Again (180 accounts)

NVIC Vaccine Memorial (searchable database; 1000s of accounts)

Crystal Child (approx. 100 accounts)

VaxTruth.org (33 accounts)

Vaccine Choice Canada: Personal Stories of Vaccine-Injury

Think Twice (4 accounts + click “recent emails” link at bottom of that page for more)

Dr Bernard Rimland: “Raise your hands please…” Parents Testify in Support of Vaccine Choice Bill

Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection: Christine Colebeck’s Daughter Laura (Died after DPT and OPV vaccines)

Facebook group: My child’s vaccine reaction (Parents sharing photos and details)

“My daughter, Carliie, was vaccine-injured after receiving the DTaP shot at her 2 month appointment. She started having a Grand Mal seizure within 2 minutes after injection. She was hospitalized and for weeks because we couldn’t get her fever below 102°. Of course her pediatrician tried to play it off- act like the vaccine wasn’t to blame and some other factor(s) had caused her seizures. She is now medically exempt from vaccines. When we had our son, we switched pediatricians. He asked us if we’d be vaccinating him; we told him no, and told him why… The first thing he said was that he was sorry that vaccines caused my daughter to suffer and that he would prefer not to administer them anyway.

A few months before our son was born, my husband went and got his boosters. He’d been successfully vaccinated, with no issues prior to that… this time was different. After about 10 minutes he went into anaphylactic shock- he broke out in hives, started vomiting, then gasping for breath and blacked out due to lack of oxygen. They had to intubate him in order for him to get more oxygen. He also dealt with a mild case of encephalitis, which thankfully didn’t cause any permanent damage.

We decided to stop vaccinating everyone in our family because of what happened to my husband and daughter. We were lucky, because neither of them have any permanent neurological damage as a result, but other families weren’t as lucky as we were.” -Mikala

Pressley's GBS After FluvarinThis little girl was given the flu vaccine Fluvirin about 2 weeks ago and is now partially paralyzed and bleeding from her nose. The diagnosis is Guillain-Barré Syndrome (listed as an adverse reaction on the package insert.) Her mom thought getting her daughter the flu vaccine would be good, and is now watching her fighting to survive.

“The doctor confirmed Pressley’s damage was probably more severe than anticipated. The belief is that not only has the myelin coating around the nerves at the base of her brain stem been damaged but, also, the nerves themselves. They likened the anatomy to a copper wire with insulation. Her insulation had been eaten through, torn, and the wires were frayed and splitting… the test to determine the extent of the damage would be painful and intolerable for her.” This toddler was happy and healthy and now cannot walk, is suffering incredible pain and her family cannot even hold her or hug her because it hurts too much.

The mother wrote “To say the least we will do whatever we need to do to ensure the recovery of our daughter. And we will stay away from unnecessary vaccines. While the medical community clearly hesitates to point at any cause and effect, and some may say “bad luck,” I am not so convinced. Based on the timeline of events and what I have read, a simple vaccine has altered our lives forever.” Full story…

They told me vaccines were safe!!! Yet, just after our last round (EVER)…she fell over with seizures…lost muscle tone, became “failure to thrive”…and of course developed Autism. Her immune system is now very dysfunctional, her G.I. track is a mess, and she has mitochondrial issues causing her growth to be delayed. I thought this was an exception until I met literally thousands of parents from all over the country….even all over the world with similiar stories! VACCINE INJURY IS REAL…THEY ARE LYING TO YOU BY SAYING OTHERWISE….PLEASE…AUTISM IS ON THE RISE…IT’S NOT JUST GOING TO GO AWAY……WE NEED TO MAKE IT GO AWAY…EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT THE RISKS…YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW COULD BECOME ANOTHER STATISTIC. –Brenda Wilson (photo of daughter Addy Grace)

Brenda Wilson's Daughter Addy Grace

Health Care Worker, 26, Receives Flu Vaccine, Dies From Flu

Katherine McQuestion Dead Following Flu ShotA Wisconsin health care worker Katherine McQuestion received her flu vaccine as usual and later died from the flu.

According to WISN, McQuestionÂ’s mother said her daughter had received a flu shot as part of her job as a radiology technician while she worked at St. CatherineÂ’s Medical Center in Pleasant Prairie.

Kenosha County Health Officer Cynthia Johnson shrugged the incident off as a fluke and used this opportunity to urge people to get vaccinated.

“For the majority of people, they should get vaccinated because this is a very unusual case, and it typically doesn’t happen,” Johnson said.

The concerning thing is Johnson seems unaware that the CDC on December 3rd rendered the 2014 flu vaccine useless as published by Reuters.

“The CDC sent an advisory to doctors noting that one component of this year’s flu vaccine was only partially protective against the predominant flu virus, known as influenza A (H3N2), which has mutated since the current flu shots were made. DC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said it takes four months to make a new flu vaccine even using newer cell-based technologies, too long to be helpful in the current flu season,” Frieden told Reuters.

The CDC published they can not prove if the flu vaccine actually even works effectively, claiming on their website that the process of doing so is “challenging”:

“While determining how well a flu vaccine works is challenging, in general, recent studies have supported the conclusion that flu vaccination benefits public health, especially when the flu vaccine is well matched to circulating flu viruses.”

Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies are confident their product works so many doctors push their products for profit regardless of possible health risks.

Did Katherine McQuestion’s flu shot have Thimerosal in it? Thimerosal is 50% ethylmercury by weight.

On her death certificate, McQuestion’s doctor attributed her death to influenza. Her mother said she developed sepsis from the flu, which is essentially blood poisoning, and suffered a heart attack and massive organ failure. Such side effects including the organ failure are caused by mercury poisoning. Chronic sepsis was documented as a side effect of mercury poisoning in 1979. Full story with video: Yahoo News

Healthy Student, 18, Vaccinated for Meningitis Dies of Meningitis

Sara Stelzer Dead Following Meningitis Vaccine18-year-old SDSU student Sara Stelzer had received a meningitis vaccine. As in the case of Damin Hampton, officals say the vaccine did not cause the meningitis, even though meningitis is listed as a possible adverse event on vaccine package inserts. Instead, officials say she contracted a meningococcal strain not covered by the vaccine. Source:KPBS

There have been 6 cases of meningitis reported in San Diego County this year, including the death of 14-year-old Patrick Henry High School student, Jewelean Pimental. Jewelean had also been vaccinated, but it did not cover the “B” strain that killed her. Last year there were 16 reported cases and 3 deaths. Last December, former La Costa Canyon High School lacrosse star Aaron Loy survived the deadly strain but had to have his feet amputated. Loy had been vaccinated but also got the strain not covered.

Parents are asking if the vaccines given to their formerly healthy children made them more susceptible to contracting the disease. Can vaccine surfactants enable a bacteria or virus to cross the blood-brain barrier, and gain access to the cerebral-spinal fluid and central nervous system? Doctors may say “No” but, what they really mean is “I’ve seen no evidence of that” and that’s often a euphemism for “I personally haven’t read any studies about that” or “It’s never been studied.” Leading scientists admit that we really don’t understand the vast complexities of the human immune system, and tinkering with it based on what little we do know, is a risky, trial and error process.

Which strains the vaccine is said to cover, and which strain the child contracts is irrelevant, because 1) vaccines don’t work anyway and 2) the toxic elements in the vaccine suppress the immune system making the person more succeptible to infection in general. If these children had not been vaccinated, would they have contracted the disease? Or would their innate immune system have protected them as it does for most normal, every-day exposures?

Ariella's Vaccine InjuryThis is Ariella. She was born perfectly healthy. She is now fighting for her life because of the damage vaccines did over a year ago.

At 4 months old she was rolling over, pulling her self up and sitting up until she fell over after a few minutes. She was grabbing for everything. Always smiling and happy said “hi” or at least it sounded like it. Our baby was perfect.

When we took our baby girl to her 4 month check up (07/08/14) she received 6 vaccines: DTaP, Hepb, IPV, PCV, HiB, and rotavirus. Within the hour her reaction started; screaming horribly, throwing head backwards almost touching bottom, loss of muscle use, loss of emotions, spasms we later found out are seizures, clinching of fists, etc. Her doctors said it was all normal.

After two months of begging her doctor for answers we saw a new pediatrician at her 6 month check up. Within a few seconds the new pediatrition found that my daughters fontenelle (soft spot) closed completely prematurely. We rushed her to the hospital only to find that our daughters brain not only stopped growing completely at 4 months old but also shrank in size. Her brain and spinal stem are also full of cysts from toxin and metal build up. -Raquel Donate

Girl 6, Paralyzed By Vaccinations, Then State Takes Custody From Mother for Asking Questions

Mexico: Two Infants Dead, 39 Others Hospitalized After Severe Reaction to Vaccination

Texas: Girl, 9, Paralysed and Blind After Flu Shot (Brianna Browning)

Doctors Give 8 Shots at Once and then Creamate the Infant to Hide Evidence of Vaccine-Injury

Boy Awarded $174,000 After Flu Vaccine Causes Permanent Brain Damage

Baby Burton Given 13 Vaccines – Dies in Mother’s Arms October is Vaccine-Injury Awareness Month

My husband and I have two children. We have always weighed the odds; what’s worse, getting the disease or the possible vaccine reaction. The ones we do decide on, the kids only get one vaccine at a time. Colt, our 5 year old, is getting ready to go into kindergarten and they insisted on him having the varcilla vaccine for chicken pox.

Within 5 minutes of the varcilla vaccine he complained of a sore throat, started throwing up in the parking lot then collapsed unresponsive. Luckily his pediatrician is located inside our local hospital. His daddy ran him into ER not breathing. Colt had multiple seizures, aspirated, and was in anaphalatic shock. They intubated and put him in a light medical comma, not too deep into a comma so they can get accurate brain activity.

In the 2 1/2 hours it took to stabilize him to be “life flighted,” he flat lined multiple times and accumulated two full pages of code blue reports. During the entire 25 minute flight they continued to work on him. Once landed we were brought into tramua, there were tons of doctors, nurses, specialists all working together. Once stable we went up to pediatric ICU. Colt had multiple test and procedures done, all with great results.

After 36 hours on a ventilator, many flat lines, collapsed left lung (one of the times he stirred from the light comma) and more meds then I’ve had in my lifetime, he started to breath his own breaths on the ventilator and the swelling in his throat went down. 8 hours or so latter the last of the sedations were wearing off and he was awake with all the tubes down his throat and nose, he was alert and thrashing as expected. They went ahead a pulled the tubes out of his throat and nose. The nurse asked him, do you know your name? He responded with superhero Colt!

We’re not sure what will happen from here, its only been 2 weeks. He carries an epiPen, waiting to see an allergy specialist, on watch for seizures and checking in with speech therapy. I’m getting all his records together to push forward a claim for him. -[name withheld]

Girl Assaulted with 8 Vaccines at 6 Months Collapses with Brain Damage (Cerenity Garza)

Las Vegas Boy, 3 Months, Dies After Receiving 8 Vaccines; Pediatrician Denies Link


Source: http://vaccine-injury.info/about.cfm

Hundreds of children compensated for brain damage caused by vaccines

he swine flu vaccine caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe, and the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement.

This is the same swine flu vaccine that the entire mainstream media ridiculously insists never causes any harm whatsoever. From the quack science section of the Washington Post to the big pharma sellout pages of the New York Times, every U.S.mainstream media outlet exists in a state of total vaccine injury denialism, pushing toxic vaccines that provably harm children.

“Across Europe, more than 800 children are so far known to have been made ill by the vaccine,” reports the International Business Times.

The vaccine caused narcolepsy and cataplexy in hundreds of children. Both are signs of neurological damage caused by vaccine additives which include mercury, aluminum, MSG, antibiotics and even formaldehyde.

Vaccine damage

As the IBTimes reports:

Narcolepsy affects a person’s sleeping cycle, leaving them unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time, and causing them to fall unconscious during the day. The condition damages mental function and memory, and can lead to hallucinations and mental illness.

Cataplexy causes a person to lose consciousness when they are experiencing heightened emotion, including when they are laughing.

See the animated educational video here: If car companies operated like vaccine companies.

Children brain damaged in Norway

“Norway has seen more than 170 reported cases of children developing narcolepsy after receiving the Pandemrix vaccine,” reports the Global Post. “The government has so far paid $13 million to 86 victims, including 60 children…”

Just as in the USA and everywhere else, a contrived swine flu panic campaign was launched by the WHO and the CDC, creating widespread fear that would sell more vaccines. (Disneyland measles operation, anyone?)

As the Global Post write:

Back in 2009, the Norwegian health authorities urged everyone, not just at-risk groups, to receive vaccinations after the World Health Organization designated swine flu a pandemic.

More than 2 million Norwegians, or 45 percent of the country’s population, were given Pandemrix in an unprecedented drive. The vaccine is produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and was used to inoculate up to 30 million people in 47 other European countries.

Vaccine damage is Big Pharma’s route to selling more medications

Incredibly, even those children who are damaged by vaccines end up being big profit centers for the same pharmaceutical companies that damaged them in the first place.

In case after case being reported in the media, children who are damaged by defective vaccines are reported to be on multiple medications. For example, as the Global Post reports:

Tove Jensen, whose son developed severe narcolepsy after receiving the vaccine, also wants compensation from GSK.

“The situation is terrible,” she says. “He’s 100 percent disabled. We don’t know if it’s going to get better, he’s on so much medication. But we hope something will happen, that he will get his life back.”

UN vaccine Syria

Similarly, as the IB Times reports:

Peter Todd, a lawyer who represented many of the claimants, told the Sunday Times: “…The victims of this vaccine have an incurable and lifelong condition and will require extensive medication.”

In other words, children who are damaged by vaccines generate even more profits for Big Pharma by being damaged! It’s the perfect sinister revenue model for an industry run like a criminal mafia.

GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine brain damaged medical staffers

“Among those affected are NHS medical staff, many of whom are now unable to do their jobs because of the symptoms brought on by the vaccine,” reports the IBTimes. “They will be suing the government for millions in lost earnings.”

The paper goes on to report:

Among [those damaged] is Josh Hadfield, 8, from Somerset, who is on anti-narcolepsy drugs costing [$20,000] a year to help him stay awake during the school day.

“If you make him laugh, he collapses. His memory is shot. There is no cure. He says he wishes he hadn’t been born. I feel incredibly guilty about letting him have the vaccine,” said his mother Caroline Hadfield, 43.

Despite a 2011 warning from the European Medicines Agency against using the vaccine on those under 20 and a study indicating a 13-fold heightened risk of narcolepsy in vaccinated children, GSK has refused to acknowledge a link.

Pharma-controlled U.S. media claims ZERO children were harmed in America

If 800 children were brain damaged by the swine flu vaccine in the UK and across Europe, how many children were damaged by the same vaccine — or other vaccines — in America?

According to the pharma-controlled lamestream media, that number is ZERO.

Vaccine Injury Denialism — a particularly dangerous form of delusional junk science — is the present-day mantra of the pharma-controlled press, which includes all the usual suspects such as the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and so on. They simply pretend no children are ever harmed by vaccines… and they hope the U.S. public is stupid enough to believe the lie that “all vaccines are safe.”

Right now, there are 800 children in the UK whose lives have been destroyed by the swine flu vaccine and who will never lead a normal life again. Every year, tens of thousands more children are diagnosed with autism. The vaccine industry is destroying a generation of children — committing what Robert Kennedy Jr. correctly compared to a “holocaust” — while the sellout media covers it up.

How is this not a crime against children?

Shame on all of those sellout editors and professional liars in the mainstream media who cover up the truth about an industry that’s maiming and killing our children by the thousands. Do you have no sense of humanity?

See the animated educational video here:


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