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Here’s how the NWO pyroterrorists actually started and spread the MAUI firestorms

Utter destruction via manmade firestorms in the wake of OPERATION TORCH MAUI


Special Note: This rejoinder was elicited from the many excellent comments posted at sites like The Burning Platform regarding the now obvious DEW-triggered acts of pyroterrorism which have plagued the world for decades.  The critical point here is that some commenters demand “evidence”.

Okay, you want evidence?  If we posted a video of a laser beam (aka as a directed energy weapon) coming down from the sky and exploding into fire in a Lahaina home, what would you say?  The trolls would reflexively denigrate it as a deepfake.

Really, given how the NWO perps totally locked down Lahaina PRIOR to executing this black operation, do you think they are going to make any conspicuous mistakes?  Actually they did; like this one: VIEW HERE: Eyewitness Testimony How Police Perpetrated Maui Mass Murder

 What’s the critical point about EVIDENCE?

In this era of extreme deceit and when falsehood is actually much more powerful than truth for the masses, the best evidence is evidence that is circumstantial, anecdotaland prima facie evidence.  Of course, forensic evidence is also very compelling but will take some time and great effort to acquire and properly assess in Maui because of the lockdown. See: Maui Police Are ARRESTING Witnesses Of The Fires! (Video)

Just why is that?

First, because we all know the perps are expert at both creating physical evidence out of thin air, and then planting it wherever it best builds their case against an innocent patsy or for a false narrative. Who doesn’t know how very easy it is to manufacture what is legally known as “real evidence” for virtually any crime committed under the sun?  Just remember the completely innocent and set up Lee Harvey Oswald!

Which means that the most ironclad cases are built with a panoply of circumstantial, anecdotal and prima facie evidence.  Testimony from high-integrity firsthand witnesses stationed all over Maui on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 will tell the back story better than all the laser beams in the world when this crime scene investigation is over.

CAVEAT: When it concerns any complex crime scene like Lahaina, it’s never about the what happened, it’s about WHO did it and WHY.  At this early stage of the criminal investigation being conducted by citizen journalists all over the Internet, the volumes of actionable evidence is simply overwhelming. See: Hawaii’s 9/11 Staged By All The Usual Suspects

Now here’s how they did it … like they always do it in this age of advanced pyroterrorism technology.

Submitted by Maui Massacre Investigation Team
State of the Nation

It ought to be intuitively obvious that the the Maui firestorms were both stealthily started and methodically spread by a series of highly coordinated acts of pyroterrorism, yes?!

For those who doubt that OPERATION TORCH MAUI was a meticulously planned and highly organized Gladio-style, false flag, black operation perpetrated by the U.S. Intelligence Community in collusion with the U.S. Military, please check out these 4 exposés and their accompanying photo-documentaries to grasp the patently obvious MO.


OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: NWO Pyro-terrorists Geoengineering Massive Firestorms, Triggering Wildfires with DEWs (Photos)

OPERATION TORCH GREECE: Another Nation Targeted With Geoengineered Wildfire Terrorism & DEW Attacks (Photos)

OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA: A Special Report on the Geoengineered Firestorms and DEW-triggered Arson Fires

In each of the preceding exposés, the photos tell the real story.  What they convey to any reasonable and objective viewer is that the fire damage patterns are very similar and simply don’t make sense, except when DEWs are prominently configured in the criminal case.

Now see this lated exposé to compare to those four: OPERATION TORCH MAUI.

The photos below capture a central piece of the plot to commit the Maui mass murder.  The police, according to that highly credible eyewitness testimony, kept these vehicles trapped on the main roads with no where to go just before the microwave weapons were trained on the area to cause both buildings and cars to explode into funeral pyres.

WATCH!!! This is why so many people were
jumping in the water in Maui…….
…not only were the microwave weapons baking
the entire area, the heavy metals in their bodies
were heating up like they would in a microwave
oven causing their tissues to literally explode

MO of Pyroterrorim

The following and means and methods, techniques and technologies are often used in concert to both set up a firestorm event, trigger it, and then keep it going until the planned destruction has been accomplished.

Atmospheric Aluminum (a Powerful Fire Accelerant)
via Widespread Chemtrail Spraying

HAARP Frequencies especially Satellite-based

Weaponized SMART Meters Exploding Homes,
Stores and Office Buildings

Weaponized SMART Vehicles So They Exploded Like Bombs

Specific EMFs Disseminated from Cellphone Towers

Microwave Weapons (i.e. DEW) Operating from
GWEN Towers and Microwave Towers

Localized mini-EMPs Set Off by Remote Facilities

Directed Energy Weapons (e.g. Lasers) Fired
from Drones,
Satellites, Air Force
Aircraft and Naval Ships

Arsonists Disguised as Police Officers, Firefighters
and Other First Responders

Fire-starting Incendiary Devices such as
Plastic Sphere Dispensers routinely
used for Controlled Burns

Miniature Drone Flamethrowers Operated
by Remote by U.S. Military Personnel

Gross Intentional Mismanagement of
Parks, Forests,
Grasslands & Brush

Deliberately Overloaded Power Lines (Under
Hawaii Electric Management)

 Sabotaged Power Lines and Exploding Transformers
by Gladio Agents

Various Chemical Geoengineering Programs,
Weather Modification Techniques &
Climate Engineering Technologies
(e.g. Geoengineered Hurricane Dora Provided Perfect Cover
for the Highly Unusual Catastrophic Winds That
“Ripped Through Hawaii” with Perfect Timing)

All or any combination of the above could have been used all over Maui, in a highly coordinated fashion, to fabricate an extremely conducive environment for isolated firestorms to be triggered and then rapidly spread like WILDFIRE throughout the targeted communities in and around Lahaina. (This list is by no means exhaustive as there are many other tricks of the trade also used by military-trained pyroterrorists.)

BOTTOM LINE: There’s something very rotten in Denmark Maui.

How in the world did the Maui firestorms miss this mysteriously unscathed house and property?! Answer: DEW missed the target.

KEY POINT: The following exposé lays bare the most likely scenario for how the pyroterrorist perps created the optimal environment for the arson-triggered wildfires: Here’s how they super-charged the Maui landscape and atmosphere to trigger and rapidly spread the apocalyptic firestorms.

Maui Massacre Investigation Team
State of the Nation
August 17, 2023


ATTENTION HUMAN RACE: The Immense Volume of Airborne Aluminum Dust Sprayed by the Nonstop Global Chemtrail Operations is Fueling the DEW-triggered Firestorms

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