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State of the Nation

*All of the following photos were taken throughout the Spring of 2023 of the manmade Canadian firestorms. 

Folks, it really doesn’t get any bigger than the painstakingly and fraudulently geoengineered CLIMATEGEDDON scenario that’s now rapidly unfolding across planet Earth.

In point of fact, the entire fake CO2-driven narrative, which has been spewed by the New World Order globalist cabal over decades, was rolled out for this very moment in time.

The Trudeau Psyop

Why do you think communist-run Canada was specifically chosen as center stage for this upcoming “Greatest Show on Earth”?! Only a George Soros-installed tyrant like Justin Trudeau would act out with his characteristic utter foolishness and his typical climate mania for his Khazarian masters.

How Canadian wildfires are turning Climate Change
into a “public health emergency”

Of course, attacking large cities with acts of pyroterrorism such as Quebec is the best way to get every Canadian’s attention very quickly. It also provided Trudeau with the perfect pretext and platform with which to launch his next nation-destroying initiative euphemistically named “CLIMATE ACTION” (see photo above.)

Canada, You Are Under Attack! Numerous ‘Wildfires’ Started
Simultaneously by NWO Pyroterrorists Targeting Quebec

Truly, ecoterrorist Trudeau has become the poster child for the geoengineered Global Warming scam; and, there’s no better way to heat the whole place up than to start a hundred wildfires in one area. Oh, and that deliberately firestormed region of Canada just happens to be contiguous to the most densely populated power centers on the planet—the American Northeast. Talk about a Khazarian Con of epic proportions.

The NWO pyroterrorists are literally burning down Canada to manufacture
a sufficient level of chaos so “Traitor Trudeau” can complete the ongoing
Khazarian-directed communist revolution.

As a matter of historical fact, Canada has been a completely captured climate change-promoting nation-state long before the second Trudeau ever set foot in 24 Sussex. Perhaps the single most important reason why the Khazarian Cabal stole each of the prime minister elections for Trudeau is because of his starring role in this year’s NWO blockbuster—“Climate Change”. As a special Klaus Schwab-selected WEF young leader (and still very young as in transparently juvenile), the traitorous Trudeau could be counted on to treacherously betray the Canadian people by committing one act of treason after another. And so he has … and with a stunning degree of impunity.

Climate Tyrant Trudeau Using Pyroterrorism Across Canada to Dictatorially Enforce Climate Lockdowns and Worse (Video)

‘Worst-Ever’ Wildfire Season

Honestly, how does Canada suddenly see the worst ‘wildfire’ season ever break out right at the end of the catastrophic COVID-19 Plandemic?!

How convenient for the countless Covid criminals who brazenly committed the complex crime sprees associated with both the various COVID-19 bioweapons launched around the globe as well as the highly weaponized Covid injections administered worldwide?

There simply is no more captivating a distraction from that genocidal Covid crime wave that’s still washing over the Earth than the dramatically orchestrated firestorms being triggered all over the the eastern part of Canada. Of course, the NWO geoengineers had already turned the western regions of Canuck country into a highly combustible tinderbox going back several years.

However, it’s the eastern areas of Canada that have never seen this type of extremely suspicious wildfire activity ever manufactured in the ‘hottest of hot seasons’ that’s not even that hot. Which tells us that something is rotten in the state of Denmark; or, rather very rotten in the country of Canada.

Just how rotten?

The following video clearly indicates from highly authoritative satellite imagery that all of the so-called wildfires, which recently exploded at the very same time throughout the greater Quebec area, were arson fires started by pyroterrorists. Firestorm patterns never manifest in such an extremely implausible manner marked by an insane level of simultaneity. Can’t happen, doesn’t happen, won’t happen … … … unless these wildfires were quite intentionally started ON PURPOSE!

Damning Satellite Imagery Proof Confirms Canadian
Firestorms Triggered by Mini-drone DEWs and
On-the-ground Arsonists

The hard scientific evidence presented in the preceding video proves that there are several arson modalities which were used to trigger so many wildfires’ so quickly. The primary arson modalities that were most likely utilized by the pyroterrorists are as follows:

Spraying Atmospheric Aluminum as a
Fire Accelerant via Chemtrails,
HAARP Frequencies,
Weaponized SMART Meters,
Specific EMFs Disseminated from
Cellphone and Microwave Towers,
Localized 5G EMPs,
Directed Energy Weapons Fired from Drones,
Satellites, Air Force Aircraft and Naval Ships,
Arsonists Disguised as Firefighters,
Fire-starting Incendiary Devices,
Deliberately Overloaded Power Lines,
as well as Other Arson Techniques,
Geoengineering Technologies and
Weather Modification Programs
Hard Evidence Proving Wildfires Started by Arsonists

Apocalyptic time-lapse shows New York disappear into orange smoke from Canada wildfires


As always, New York City was ground zero for the highly planned and purposeful psyop known as OPERATION ORANGE SKIES.

Can someone explain to us why New York City is the only city in the entire Northeast that somehow got orange skies out the deal!?!?!

Because the NWO geoengineers obviously sprayed an orange atmospheric coloring agent into the NYC skies for maximum dramatic effect—THAT’S WHY!

What other toxic chemicals or biological agents were disseminated by those chemtrail spraying jets?


We’ll have to wait and see what new public health emergency explodes across the greater NYC area in the weeks ahead before we answer that one.

We do know that all of these DARPA-directed and U.S. Intel-coordinated black ops have multiple objectives so a public health disaster of some sort is likely looming, just as Trudeau is using the manmade wildfire outbreaks to set up the Canadian people for their next nationwide medical crisis.

Even the CIA’s Mockingbird Media put on a huge dog and pony show as NBC’s Al Roker put out the most absurd weather report in Today’s history trying hard to explain the extremely orange skies only over New York City, which came and went so fast they had to have been an artificially fabricated effect by geoterrorists.

Screenshot from TODAY video posted at: Why the Canadian wildfire smoke turned the sky in NYC orange

KEY POINT: SOTN posted the very first article on the Internet about the biowar against humanity known as the COVID-19 Plandemic on January 22, 2020. That day that the mainstream media covered Wuhan, China for the first time compelled this Alt Media platform to post our Covid exposé which turned out to be the most read article in SOTN’s history. Similarly, we strongly believe that the Spring of 2023 Canadian firestorms, especially those arson fires geostrategically started around Quebec City, will serve an equivalently HUGE purpose. Because New York City was ground zero for the Covid Plandemic fearmongering campaign throughout the USA, we see that the smoke-filled NYC orange skies this June will serve to inaugurate CLIMATEGEDDON. In other words, this single act of geoterrorism will be used in all manner of ways to hype the utterly fake CO2-driven climate change scam so that the NWO globalist cabal can use it as a pretext to form their long-planned One World Government. After all, the Khazarian Cabal has no other means by which to establish Jerusalem as the capital of their rapidly emerging totalitarian global superstate.

To be continued —

SOTN Editor’s Note: This exposé is very much a work-in-progress because of how quickly things are now happening regarding the CLIMATEGEDDON psyop. Not only is this NWO operation swiftly evolving as never before, it’s the essential piece of the globalist’s Climate Change agenda. The brief introduction above is meant to set the stage for what is obviously planned to be “The Greatest Show On Earth”. This thing is gonna get big—VERY BIG—and very fast because The Powers That Be (TPTB) are in desperate need of a HUGE and sustained distraction from their countless Covid crime sprees against humanity. Hence, fleshing out the skeleton of the final stages of this exceedingly convoluted conspiratorial plot to recklessly deceive the entire human race into believing their preposterous CLIMATEGEDDON myth will follow over the next few days so be sure to check back.

State of the Nation
June 10, 2023

Special Note: The whole Global Warming / Climate Change narrative issued by officialdom and mainstream media on behalf of the Khazarian Cabal must be properly understood amid so much intentional obfuscation. Really, the amount of misinformation, disinformation and false information deliberately planted here, there and everywhere regarding these weighty matters is overwhelming. But why, really?!

While there are many reasons why TPTB have pushed the absurd CO2-driven climate change fraud, rapid and radical Climate Change is actually the new normal. Please watch this indisputable video presentation to understand why: This is the primary reason for the utterly absurd CO2-driven Climate Change and Global Warming narratives.

What’s the critical point? Because the power elite know exactly what’s coming down the pike, they could not resist the temptation to use the obvious Earth changes to their great advantage. Post World War II, they basically began geoengineering the planet 24/7 so as to intensify the natural warming phenomenon that was scientifically proven to be taking place. In essence, they saw a camp fire, and then methodically threw more fuel on it to turn it into a raging wildfire (see photos above).

Clearly the most important goal of this long-term strategy was to create a justification for a One World Government. Which would naturally lead to a One World Digital Currency, One World Religion and One World ID & Tracking System & Social Credit Score. Making the local weather and regional climate patterns such an existential issue (and manufactured threat) for the entire planetary civilization has provided them a fictitious basis to oppress populations everywhere in these ways. Therefore, the implementation of the multifarious New World Order agendas such as Agenda 21 & Agenda 2023 will continue with all deliberate speed, but for reasons that are, in reality, much different than what the Khazarian Cabal thinks. As follows…..

BOTTOM LINE: Given that the present race of humanity finds itself in the twilight of the Kali Yuga, there is absolutely no stopping the turning of the cycles. Were people everywhere to understand that we truly are witnessing the ending of the current era, most would not get out of bed tomorrow morning. In other words, the dark side has been used by the Highest Power to effectively cover up the most ‘dangerous’ (read: scary for most folks) truths of our times. Otherwise, how could this 60,000-year transition possibly take place without ubiquitous uncontrolled chaos, confusion and conflict. Yes, we do have LOTS of chaos, confusion and conflict worldwide today, but it’s being carefully engineered and controlled by TPTB so that they themselves are never put in any real peril. So, while the bad guys live in a relatively protected state, the masses are protected from the grim realities and stark eventualities that could manifest at any moment by way of periodic earth catastrophism. FYI, reader, this quite profound and esoteric knowledge is as serious as anything you will every read on the Internet in 2023; so cherish it, and use it wisely for the benefit of your respective communities.


Let’s take a close look at the direct correlation between the geoengineered ‘wildfires’ in Alberta, Canada and the quadrennial election cycles going back to 2011. It ought to be clear now that OPERATION TORCH CANADA has actually been executed over many years; and, that it has multiple nefarious goals and well-concealed purposes.


Here’s a little trick the NWO geoengineers and pyroterrorists use each and every wildfire season in order to avoid any suspicion related to their regular arson operations and acts of ecoterrorism.


Did they use the missing tons of Ammonium Nitrate to start the Canadian fires? Forest fires do not burn orange while ammonium nitrate does.


Everyone has been conditioned to reflexively react to the the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System (see chart above) that shows orange and red as the highest degrees of looming terrorist threats.  Now view the photo below and how the NYC skies were purposefully colored to trigger the residents below.


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