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Hillary Gets Out Of Her Coffin: Hillary Clinton blasts Donald Trump for demonizing Muslims


‘He is becoming ISIS’ best recruiter’: Hillary Clinton blasts Donald Trump for demonizing Muslims and using ‘bluster and bigotry to inflame people’

Hillary Clinton ripped into Donald Trump at a Democratic presidential candidates’ debate last night over his plan to ban Muslim immigrants.

‘He is becoming ISIS‘s best recruiter,’ she claimed. ‘They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.’

Mrs Clinton said that Americans need to work more closely with the Muslim community in their country because ‘they will be our early warning signal’ against possible terrorist attacks.

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1 thought on “Hillary Gets Out Of Her Coffin: Hillary Clinton blasts Donald Trump for demonizing Muslims

  1. Hillary is the modern morph of Lillith…. Adam’s first wife.
    Lillith was either a child of Lucifer or was Lucifer so I will leave that to the scholars to sort out.
    My interests lie in the Satanic energy that now controls us and from whence it came.
    Lillith was evil and I would pose the question that was it Lillith that seduced Adam into eating the Apple and not his second wife Eve?
    All this is symbolic but carries a strong message as Lillith is now the mentor of the Lesbian movement that has now reached into the high powers of the worlds political spectrum.
    I do not give a rats arse of what people do in private but it deeply concerns me when these Lillith empowered political organizations interfere with the education and health of our children.
    We see Hilary, who is a Lillith Lesbian promoting Muslim immigration into a White Christian country and should we remember her chilling remarks when they butchered the Muslim Libya President Gadaffi…. “We came, We saw, He died”.
    Lots of double think here as Gadaffi was Muslim so Lillith Hilary is very comfortable in her roll as Lucifer/Lillith’s protege……. Gus

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