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History: US State Sponsored Terrorism Can Kill Anyone – The United Nations Just Looks the Other Way

united-nations-1184119_960_720-400x266Articles 1 of the UN Charter of 1945 gives the purpose & principles of the UN – maintain international peace & security, take effective collective measures to prevent & remove threats to peacesuppress acts of aggression or other breaches of peace, bring about by peaceful means in conformity with principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which may lead to breach of peace. UN bound to develop friendly relations among nations, strengthen universal peace, achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of economic, social, cultural or humanitarian, promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms without distinction of race, sex, language or religion & be the centre for harmonizing the actions of nations to attain these common ends.

Article 2 declares that the UN is based on the principle of sovereign equality to all Members, that all Members shall settle international disputes by peaceful means so that international peace is not endangered. All Members shall refrain from threat or use of force against territorial integrity or political independence of any state. The most important of which is ‘Nothing contained in the Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially with the domestic jurisdiction of any state’.

 Now ask yourself has the UN abided by the clauses of the UN charter and have the US, UK & NATO nations honoured these clauses.

The answer is a sad NO.

Since 1945 the UN has ignored all of West’s state sponsored terrorism while allowing the West to charge other nations and even endorsed sanctions leading to further deaths and suffering.

What is the use of a UN that ignores the bulk of crimes that exist in the world because of West’s incursions resulting in the exodus of internally displaced people, refugees, asylum seekers and a host of issues which invariably open up opportunities for West’s mercenaries and missionaries in the form of NGOs and corporations to enter the very nations they have destroyed claiming to offer solutions.  This hypocritical nature of world domination needs to stop. As we can all see it is fairly evident that the Islamic jihadists themselves are well trained mercenaries tasked to do an objective and using Islam in lieu of the ‘Communist’ tag the West used to destroy nations of Asia including the USSR. A West that boasts equality, transparency and justice has been ousting every leftist thinking political leader branding them as ‘communist’ ‘dictator’ while totally ignoring the state terrorism inflicted by them.

The following list is taken from an article by James Lucas “US has killed more than 20million people in 37 victim nations since World War 2” should give readers a fair idea of what the UN has been ignoring and what the West has been committing and this should suffice to say it is time for UNexit and time for UN to wind up for it has failed the rest of the World by becoming an appeasing puppet to Western neo-colonial politics.


  • US lured Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan
  • US armed the Mujahideen from which Osama bin Laden & Al Qaeda was later created
  • US spent $5-6billion for this exercise
  • US-CIA has since captured the heroin market and is one of the core reasons for US presence in Afghanistan
  • 9/11 was an excuse to invade Afghanistan so that the West could tap its natural resources and build a commercial pipeline – all corporate interests satisfied in the name of America
  • Over 1million people have died to date



  • Bombed on orders of US Presidents
  • Villages destroyed, internal displacement, refugees
  • US & UK helped Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot to power.
  • 2.5m were killed


East Timor

  • 1975 – US President Ford and Secretary of State Kissinger arrive in Indonesia and give Suharto permission to invade East Timor
  • 1991 – 217 East Timorese protested at memorial in Dili (many were children) US trained Commando Subianto (son-in-law of Suharto) gunned them and threw bodies to sea
  • 200,000 out of 700,000 population killed



  • Gen. Sukarno replaced by Gen. Suharto in 1965 coup helped by US
  • CIA gives Indonesian Army 5000 names to kill
  • US provided Indonesia $400m in economic aid and sold tens of millions in weaponry from 1993-1997.
  • 500,000 – 3million killed


Korea (North & South)

  • US propaganda showcase Soviet ordering North Korea to attack South Korea to enable US to attack North Korea even before UN resolution passed
  • US uses Napalm
  • John H Kim, US veteran “the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy were directly involved in the killing of about three million civilians – both South and North Koreans – at many locations throughout Korea…It is reported that the U.S. dropped some 650,000 tons of bombs, including 43,000 tons of napalm bombs, during the Korean War.”(The Korean War)
  • 1.8m – 4.5m dead (South Koreans, North Koreans & Chinese)



  • During 1965-73 Vietnam War, US dropped 2million tons of bombs on Laos (This was more than what both sides in World War 2 used)
  • US military intervention in Laos started in 1950s with US recruiting 40,000 Laotians to oppose leftist political leader Pathet Lao who came into power in 1975
  • 200,000 dead



  • Civil war increased after arrival of 8400 American M-16 submachine guns and US advisors
  • 2002 another civil war – George Bush passes Bill authorizing $20m military aid
  • US helped draft Nepals new constitution
  • 8000-12,000 killed since 1996



  • US oppose UN recognition of Angola in 1977
  • US approves material support to UNITA to overthrow govt in 1986
  • US intervenes using intervention of Cuban troops to Angola
  • Prof. Gkleijeses of John Hopkins University says Cuban intervened as CIA financed covert invasion via Zaire (Congo)
  • 300,000-750,000 deaths



  • CIA helps Hissen Habre come to power in 1982 and rule till 1990
  • Belgium opens case (allowing victims to file complaints in Belgium for atrocities abroad) against Habre in 2003 – US response was to threaten Belgium it would lose status as NATO headquarters if proceedings were allowed.
  • 40,000 killed – 200,000 tortured


Democratic Republic of Congo (Formerly Zaire)

  • King Leopold of Belgium murder of Congolese began in 1879 killing 10m in over 20 years.
  • Congo gained independence in 1960
  • Patrice Lumumba became first Prime Minister
  • Lumumba was assassinated by US UK
  • West funds civil war supporting mercenaries. US gave $15m military supplies to Zairian President Mobutu to defend himself against rival operating in Angola inspite of US State Dept condemning him for human rights violations.·   Congressional report of 2001 linked an American company to George Bush Snr for fanning war in Congo for monetary gains. Over 125 companies are out to loot the resources in Zaire/Congo (Coltan is one resource needed to manufacture cell phones)



  • 1970s – Bolivia nationalize 10 mines and distributes lands
  • US responds by training Hugo Banzer at US School of the America’s in Panama to stage a coup and came to power with US assistance in 1971



  • CIA intervened in 1958-1964 elections
  • 1970 – Socialist Savador Allende becomes President – US wanted military coup before inauguration. Chile’s Army Chief Schneider refused. CIA attempted to assassinate Schneider and succeed
  • President Nixon sponsored guerilla warfare and in 1973 Allende was assassinated
  • US replaced with puppet Pinochet who ruled for 17 years.
  • 3000 Chileans killed – many more disappeared



  • US state sponsored terrorism – Refer HRW report 1994 & 1996 HRW report “Assassination squads in Colombia’ revealing CIA agents helped train undercover agents in anti-subversive activity in 1991.
  • 67,000 deaths since 1960s



  • Bay of Pigs invasion 18 April 1961, 114 of invading force was killed. 1189 taken prisoners other escaped to waiting US ships.
  • Other estimates 1800 killed by napalm.
  • 2000-4000 Cuban forces killed.


Dominican Republic

  • Juan Bosch became President in 1962 and began land reforms & public works
  • 7 months later CIA deposed him
  • Bosch planned a comeback in 1965, CIA invaded using 22,000 soldiers and marines – the excuse given was to protect the foreigners!
  • 3000 Dominicans died from US invasion


El Salvador

  • Civil War 1981-1992 financed by $6b in US aid.
  • US military advisors taught methods of torture on teenage prisoners.
  • Government soldiers were graduates of US School of the Americas.
  • The 1993 UN Truth Commission revealed that 96% of human rights violations were by Salvadoran army (who had been trained by US)
  • 75,000 people killed



  • US destabalizing of Grenada began in 1979 when Maurice Bishop became President.
  • He was overthrown in 1983 for not joining anti-Cuba calls
  • Excuse given was Grenada building airport that would be used to attack UK and lives of American students in Grenada was in danger.



  • Jacobo Arbenz became President in 1951 he took over land used by United Fruit Company, the company hired mercenaries and a CIA coup in 1954 ousted him from office.
  • Military government of 1981-83 financed by US that destroyed 400 Mayan villages
  • Over 200,000 killed from civil wars



  • Papa Doc Duvalier ruled from 1957-1986.
  • His son took over – both influenced by CIA and popular movements suppressed.
  • 30,000-100,000 killed



  • CIA supported Battalion 316 which kidnapped, tortured & killed hundreds of Hondurans in 1980s.
  • Shock and suffocation devices used for interrogations, prisoners kept naked, killed & buried in unmarked graves. (declassified documents are evidence)



  • US radio helped in raising Hungarians against the Soviets in 1956 giving tactical advice on how to fight the Soviets.



  • US provided military support for Iraq during Iran-Iraq war 1988 firing missiles on a civilian flight that killed 290.
  • 262,000 dead (1980-88)



  • 1980-88 : 105,000 dead – US provided Iraq billions including biological agents to defeat Iran. US did not want either side to win
  • 1990-2003 : 200,000 Iraqis died in vain – US-Iraq war – Saddam invaded Kuwait in August 1990 believing it was what US wanted. Iraq had fallen into trap and US imposed sanctions. To win over American public the Kuwait ambassador to US falsely testified to Congress that Iraqi troops were pulling plugs on incubators
  • US air assault on Iraq in 1991 lasted 42 days. US dropped 400 tons of depleted uranium – US and NATO bombs targeted civilian infrastructure
  • The 1991 Gulf War was to save Kuwait from Iraq. That was the official story sold to the world. Saddam Hussein however believes the US cajoled him into invading Kuwait. (Iraq claims that Kuwait was part of the Ottoman Empire) In 1991 – 120,000 sorties were launched and 265,000 bombs were dropped in Iraq. The great majority of the Coalition’s military forces were from the U.S., with Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Egypt as leading contributors, in that order. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia paid around US$32 billion of the US$60 billion cost to bomb a fellow Muslim nation.
  • UN sanctions responsible for deaths of over 560,000 children (FAO) / 1999 – 5000 Iraqi children died monthly from sanctions (UNICEF)
  • 2003 – to date – 654,000 deaths
  • 9/11 was the excuse to attack Iraq claiming WMD and to save Iraq from dictator Saddam
  • In 2003 – US launched ‘shock & awe’ on Baghdads 5million populace. Iraq was subjected to 41,000 sorties and 27,000 bombs dropped


Israel-Palestinian War

  • US supports Israel and uses its veto powers to stop resolutions against Israel.
  • 100,000-200,000 from both sides


  • 1981-1990 about 25000 Nicaraguans died from armed struggle between Sandinista government & Contra rebels using CIA assassination manuals
  • CIA armed Contras



  • 1971 US helped West Pakistan invade East Pakistan and led to India invading East Pakistan (creating Bangladesh)
  • Estimates are that 3 million died
  • US supplied $411m to create West Pakistan’s armed forces – during war US supplied $15m in arms



  • 1989 US troops invade Panama to arrest Manuel Noriega (former CIA agent)
  • 500-4000 people killed



  • Operation Condor was a secret intelligence and operations system created in the 1970s to destroy the “subversive threat” from the left and defend “Western, Christian civilization.” – U.S.-led counterinsurgency strategy to pre-empt or reverse social movements demanding political or socioeconomic change.
  • Operation Condor employed a computerized database of thousands of individuals considered politically suspect and had archives of photos, microfilms, surveillance reports, psychological profiles, reports on membership in organizations, personal and political histories, and lists of friends and family members, as well as files on all manner of organizations. Several sources indicate that the CIA provided powerful computers to the Condor system



  • US has been controlling Philippines for over 100 years
  • 1969 Symington Committee in US Congress revealed how war material was sent for counter-insurgency with US Special Forces and US Marines playing active role.
  • 100,000 are said to have been executed or disappeared under President Marcos



  • 1955 Sudan gained independence
  • 1978 Sudan discovers oil & Sudan became 6th largest recipient of US military aid.
  • Over 2million people killed from ongoing wars
  • US supporting efforts to overthrow central government
  • August 1998 US bombed Khartoum with 75 cruise missiles claiming to target a chemical weapons factory owned by Osama bin Laden (it was actually a pharmaceutical supplies plant leading to tens of thousands dying for lack of medicines – this was the real US objective)
  • 1999 US Secretary of State Madeline Albright met Sudan Peoples Liberation Army leader and offered food supplies in exchange for him to refuse peace plan sponsored by Egypt and Libya
  • Foreign oil companies have been accused of complicity in depopulation of villages.



  • US opposed agreement to unify North & South Vietnam and brought Catholic Ngo Diem to power in South Vietnam in a country of majority Buddhists.
  • 1964 CIA fabricated story of Vietnam attacking US ship in Gulf of Tonkin to justify US action against Vietnam
  • US Operation Phoenix terrorized South Vietnam – 1968 My Lai massacre is just one of America’s gruesome murders
  • 7.8million deaths Vietnam War
  • Estimated deaths of Cambodia & Laos was 2.7m



  • After USSR was dissolved US & Germany wanted to convert Yugoslavia’s economy to a capitalist one but ethnic and religious differences stood in between.
  • The answer was to create independent nations run by West
  • Over 107,000 estimated deaths from conflicts in Bosnia, Krajina, Croatia, Kosovo



  • Since when did a UN allow nations with blood on hands to remove dictators after the lies of Iraq?
  • A leader of a nation was killed mercilessly and the world just looked on
  • Lies & distortions were all part of another useless intervention that has destroyed Libya and the people.
  • Today Libya is a devastated nation thanks to the West and UN



  • It is very clear that Syria’s rebels just like Libya’s are hired mercenaries trained, armed and financed by the West to oust Syria’s leader.
  • The appeals by the Syrian government to the UN has failed.
  • UN has been accused of bias against Syria
  • Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) says U.S. drones kill hundreds of innocent civilians
  • A 12 year boy was recently beheaded by the ‘moderates’ that the US are arming.


Since 1945 while the UN was tasked to overlook world peace – the US and fellow Western nations have been responsible for – covert operations, using depleted uranium, napalm, intervening in elections, overthrowing democratically elected leaders & replacing them with puppets, arm twisting Third World leaders to sell national assets to Western corporates, arming, financing and training terrorists, funding terrorist groups,  funding propaganda lies, using mercenaries, enlisting NGOs to do dirty work, creating schools to train in methods of torture, firing at civilian flights, killing civilians from drones and excusing as collateral damage, targeting civilian infrastructure, ruining ancient historical sites (cultural genocide), bogus military interventions on pretext of humanitarian causes – what is even more horrifying is that the US declassified documents boasting of its escapes and CIA and Western intelligence even admits openly to these involvement but no criminal proceedings are taken against the West by the UN. Is the UN the West’s puppet court? And to add to the hypocrisy 8 months after coming into power the US President Obama is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize…. Do we laugh or cry?

Are we to continue with the UN so that the West can now turn its bloody hands on Asia having ruined Latin America, Africa, parts of Eastern Europe & presently the Middle East? Should this Western puppet of racism with welcome hands only for western-worshipping Asian/African sepoys be allowed to do to Asia what they have done to the rest of the world? Let us not forget that we are already carrying the burdens of close to 500 years of colonial legacy do we want to walk into a neo-colonial one too?


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