April 23, 2024

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How Sane People Can Live In Our Insane Clown World And Keep Their Peace Of Mind With Scott Snitzer

Scott Snitzer on YouTube 

“Howdy Members” Researcher Scott Snitzer is back on the podcast show with me today to cover some more deep research into how we can stay sane in what appears to be a mad world out there and how we can navigate forward with dignity. 

How Sane People Can Live In Our Insane Clown World And Keep Their Peace Of Mind

“It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”  from J. Krishnamurti.

It IS a measure of good mental health to remain emotionally stable in spite of our sick society.

And when you are a single rational person, surrounded by so much immoral, illogical madness and cruelty and you are not in regular contact with other sane and rational people, the sickness of this society can stress you out and in my last interview,  I covered  some of the ways in which fear can get to even the strongest of us, and how we can understand and conquer our fears.

This presentation will go into why most people literally seem to exist in their own reality bubble (if you will) and when you are a decent person and just want to help your fellow human being, and time and again you’re met with evasiveness denial, mockery, or other infantile reactions from people, it can make you want to bang your head against the wall out of frustration, so I am going to make as much sense as I can to explain why most people can not think for themselves,  and how we can reconcile any personal moral conflicts we might have in seeing people, well, lose their damned minds while we remain focused, sane and with a sense of purpose.

First off, “real people” or those who are open-minded, aware, awake and think logically and critically mostly seem to be physically isolated from like-minded people and this does not just include those people who are cognizant that they are targeted individuals, but “real” people whose lives are far more difficult than they otherwise should be who do not get the “in their face” domestic terrorist gang stalking harassment, but somehow this reality just tries to “balance out” the good they have in their life with something bad, to counter it-This either ties into simulation theory or the radiofrequency and/or scalar wave mind control technlogy the governments of the world have are just that powerful as to be able to control and read the minds of billions of people at one time.

From my experience and that of many other “real people” who are both openly targeted or just have lives that are far more difficult than they should be, they get frustrated, angry and oftentimes depressed because their family, friends and sometimes coworkers can not see how evil this world is, such as how there’s no science to back up the Covid vaccine or the existence of a virus, or that all world leaders are obvious puppets, or how morally wrong it is to push the need of transgenders before the needs of people who truly need help.

Or how most people can not see that the modern medical system never cures disease and literally makes people sicker.

So of course it can be maddening to be aware of these lies and wanting to share your truth with those whom you care about, only to be met with denial, anger, close-mindedness and oftentimes mockery as in you are somehow mentally imbalanced or that you are into conspiracies.

During the start of the Covid lie and about one-year into it, I used reason, logic and common sense when trying to convince family members that there’s no contagion, that the PCR test is worthless and that the Covid “vaccine” was untested and dangerous and I was met with anger or sarcasm, or someone changed the subject as if they did not hear a word that I said, so this is where things might sound a bit odd for some of you listening:

There are two distinct reasons why most people are not awake and by the way, those who were meant to BE awake already are because there are THAT many contradictions in the mainstream media’s account of the Covid and now Monkeypox lie.

Reason #1 is that whatever remote neural monitoring and/or HAARP truly are capable of, there has been some kind of mass electromagnetic mind control keyed into the brainwaves of each individual in this world dating back to at LEAST the nineteen eighties with supposed early stage experimentatation of wireless mind control done in the 1960’s.

Supposedly, some of the governements of the world have the means to magnify and tune into the evoked potentials of each human being’s bioresonance or whatever the F it is and they are sending signals out to each person while they are receiving the data of what they think, hear, see and feel, and supposedly, the smart dust or nanorobotics in all of our brains make it possible for us to both send and receive radio waves at the same time at the speed of light and I am going by what I have learned online meaning what the corporations and the governments of the world ALLOW to be put online-I do not believe in any high-level whistle blowers.

To the point,  the mass compliance we have borne witness to is a combination of deep indoctrination, including brainwashing from school, TV, movies, religion, newspapers, and all of the brainwashing that people regurgitate to each other through their daily interaction including in-person, phone calls, text messages and email and all of this is done with repetition.

Imagine being someone who has full faith and trust in the govt and media being glued to the TV set throughout the entire fake pandemic as they spend hours a day watching TV and listening to the radio getting the same fearful messages driven into the mind over and over as in the kind of repetition that brainwashing uses and since the TV puts the person into an alpha state in which they are basically under hypnosis, so the programming goes very deep alongside with the need for people to survive no matter what-The powers that should not be know exactly what makes us tick-It has always been easy to control the human mind with electromagnetism, food, synthetic chemicals and people’s need to be accepted and wanted by others.

Most people can not begin to imagine that their favorite media personalities, their beloved politicians, and medical “experts” wish them death and suffering-Add to this how during the fake pandemic so many celebrities were pushing people to isolate themselves from others, to wear a mask and to get vaccinated.

By the way, whatever remote neural monitoring is, its very possible that it somehow has full access to all of your memories and those of other people as well as everyone’s emotional state which I assume has something to do with the vivid or sythenthic dreams that both openly targeted and people who are not gang stalked but are awake get.

Why Are People Closed-Minded?

Aside from a very real loss in the ability to think due to chemicals, electric and magnetic fields (which includes mass mind control technology), most people choose to be close-minded because being open-minded has a lot of costs associated with it:

When one is open-minded, he faces cognitive dissonance and conflict within the context of his current life if he realizes that something he believed before, just isn’t right.

People’s existing beliefs are integrated with their current lifestyle, social circle, even work environment. 

Collectively they create the life they know life to be, meaning that most people can not think beyond their life experience as in that they have no imagination and no true creativity.

Most people refuse to wake up because of their fear of change. fear of difference.

Fear that everything that they have been raised to believe and live to be true is actually not. 

It’s easier and feels safer for them just to stay close minded and live in their own echo chamber.

Then there’s people’s fear of losing status in their preferred group. 

Fear of change that disrupts comfortable patterns and habits. 

Fear of not being able to adapt to new information. 

Fear that their beliefs may not be based in reality. 

Fear of embarrassment due to ignorance. 

Fear of complexity that can be overwhelming. Fear that a different viewpoint may contradict their most cherished assertions. 

Fear of inadequacy. 

Fear of losing a position of privilege in society. Fear of the unknown and unknowable. 

Fear of becoming irrelevant. 

And so on.

So for those of you who are aware of how evil the new world order takeover is and want to speak your mind, although I know none of you want to walk on eggshells with people, for those who do not want to lose family and friends that they care about, by trying to wake up people who refuse to see the truth you might lose family and friends who otherwise are on your side, and in some cases, you might have problems at your job because you spoke your truth from the heart, but as I’ve said many times now, although you can see and hear other people in your physical proximity, nearly all of them think and live in a reality that is not even close to what you know is real.

What I do is when I speak with any of my family whom are forever trapped in their own world of denial and illusion, I talk about everything but truther topics and I do this because I have tried to “wake them up” and they never will, so I no longer feel any psychological pressure for repressing my beliefs, nor do I feel out of place because there are thousands of subjects that you can talk to people about other than truther topics because those who are already truly awakened are it.

If the in your face mainstream media contradictions of the Covid lie did not jolt people into conciousness, then nothing will and I am not being negative.  At this point, its obvious. 

I mean, you could enter into a verbal conflict trying to convince someone that contagion is a myth, or that nearly all media-driven mass shootings are hoaxes in which no one died, but all you will do is isolate yourself from those who could have helped you in many other ways if you are trying to convert those you care about most to the truth.

It comes down to being self-assured in all of your beliefs in that you do not feel that you have to prove that you are correct to others.

Over one-year ago, while in Florida, many of the people I interacted with got the Covid vaccine and some asked me if I did, and I was diplomatic enough to say no, and I did not call any of these people the fucking idiots that they are.

When you stand in your truth, and I mean REALLY stand in it as in nothing can make you question what you know is real, then you are literally as immovable as the proverbial tree with its roots going deep into the ground meaning that you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

I am not telling people to keep their mouth shut if they see are very real injustice which demands attention-That’s an entirely different animal.

If you truly have a strong mind, then you will not feel alone or that you are some kind of societal outcast which by the way is one of the many tactics used on targeted individuals as in isoaltion and I myself have used what I’ve put up with to become better, and over the last five-years I have encouraged this on my You Tube channel.

Another way to put all of this is that I assume that everyone listening to this podcast has family, friends and perhaps co workers who they have tried to convince to not get the Covid shot and many or maybe all of them did.

I have tried with my own family and I am done, and I am hoping that they have no consequences but I have a clear conscience about it because I tried, as I know most or all of you have.

The second reason why most people are incapable of seeing the herd of elephants in the room (meaning the long list of lies and contradictions in society) is because they are organic portals, background people, Empty people. Puppet people, or cardboard cutouts, most often referred to as NPCS as in non-player characters as found in video games, which some people might now say that I am out of my damned mind, but what goes on inside our skull, the way that we perceive reality in a very limited and subjective way does not mean that what we think that we see, hear, taste, smell, feel and think reflects the full truth of what’s out there.

The NPC theory is a theory that attempts to explain the behaviour of certain individuals by asserting that they are nothing more than programmed characters or “non-player characters” in a virtual reality game. 

This theory has been used to explain everything from why some people seem incapable of original thought to why certain individuals always seem to toe the line and follow the crowd.

From Montalk.Net:

NPCs lack individuality, independent thinking, and are strongly biased toward holding a herd mentality. They lack comprehension of anything beyond the material sphere of the five senses, and have no interest in such metaphysical matters except as flashy accessories to boost their social image. They also appear entirely incapable of empathy, soul-searching, and willful self-sacrifice. 

Or to put it another way: 

NPCs are often conformists who follow the crowd and don’t like to question authority. They rarely have strong beliefs of their own and tend to simply go along with whatever they’re told by others. They go along with whatever the majority is doing or saying, even if it goes against their own best interests.

Finally, NPCs tend to be very one-dimensional and lack depth. They often have trouble understanding or empathizing with others, and their conversations tend to be shallow and surface-level.

That sounds like most people I have encountered in my life.

And as appealing as it is to label all people who refuse to think critically as being hard light holograms or flesh and blood AI constructs, or literally walking programs with zero free will and no sense of self, its also possible that most people can not think for themselves because:

Heavy metal exposure to Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury and Lead lower IQ, and the most vulnerable to these metals (found in high amounts in baby food by the way) are  infants and toddlers and these metals also contribute to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Now, flame retardants and pesticides have surpassed heavy metals as the leading cause of drops in IQs.

The gluten protein found in all grains might cause brain degeneration and consistent levels of environmental toxins, stress, or even multiple episodes of acute inflammation from recurring infection or injury can also cause neuroinflammation or inflammation of the brain which leads to cognitive impairment which  is when a person has trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect their everyday life.

Most people consume large amounts of inflammatory seed and legume oils which include olive oil which is not a health food, and these oils are high in omega 6’s which contribute to inflammation across the entire body-We should use lard, tallow, butter or ghee which makes our 70% fat brain healthy.

Watching TV puts the brain into an Alpha state (which is linked to relaxed states, meditation, and increased suggestibility), meaning it is basically in a state similar to hypnosis-The TV is basically a huge strobe light.

So the TV alone robs people of all of their critical thinking because they are literally being programmed by what they see and watch including subliminal programming, not just what they think that the are consciously processing.

And during the fake Covid, most people were already in a state of terror from what they thought was a deadly virus, so they stayed glued to their TV set and did not question (most) of the lies that were coming out of it.

Then there are the electro magnetic fields which disrupt the neurotransmitter serotonin, dopamine, and norepinepherine levels causing adverse effects on mood, memory, learning, and stress.

And alcohol-based hand sanitizers also lowers people’s ability to think clearly.

Then you have the fact that a higher number of people than ever are some kind of medications, at least in the English speaking nations.

Then there’s the IQ lowering effect of fluoride, plus who knows what all of the pharmaceuticals that are in people’s drinking water do to their minds.

The aluminum we consume, such as when we drink from a can, can lead to serious impairment to our long-term cognitive function.

And for those of you have not read up on it, there is some kind of pulsed radiofrequency technology which has been written about extensively online and it is called remote Neural Monitoring. 

Remote Neural Monitoring is a form of functional neuroimaging, claimed to have been developed by the National Security Agency(NSA), that is capable of extracting EEG data from the human brain at a distance with no contacts or electrodes required. 

So they can monitor all of all of our conscious and unconscious thoughts, and all of our senses while controlling not all but much of our thoughts and they are supposedly using each person’s unique bio resonance to remotely read and control minds, but some people think that HAARP plays a big part in mass mind control, but the fact is that there is a lot of research found online as well as patents indisputably showing how radio waves or microwaves can alter thought, speech, body movement and so on.

As someone who is very famaliar with what targeted individuals go through, the governments of the world have access to technology most of which is found only in science fiction movies and TV shows-The can now do something called “immersive virtual reality” without a helmet or other hardware interface in which the person can literally become a part of a 3-D fully created reality with sight, sound, smell, touch and emotional reactions-I have spoken with people whom I fully trust and are smart as hell, and I fully believe them-And its common for targeted people to get vivid synthetic dreams which I myself have had many of.

My point is that in addition to the man-made EMFs from cell towers, base stations, smart meters, power lines, ect, you have weaponized radio frequencies sending and receiving signals to the human brain at the speed of light and processing information many times faster than what they human brain can-Think of the movie ‘They Live’ with the cheap ass radar dishes broadcasting mind control signals towards the end of the movie and go to very huge phased array antennas-Nothing in this world is done by the governemnts of it for the direct benefit of humanity, and some kind of mass mind control is being used on EVERYONE which effectively mocks free will-We have free will but its screwed with.

So mass mind control might be why most people are more obedient than ever, meaning that someone turned up the dial on controlling people’s thoughts-So to speak. 


And of course vaccines contribute to inflammation in the brain.

So maybe there are no such thing as NPCs or spiritless humans, and that most people can not think for themselves because they have been dumbed down going back to well over one-hundred years ago when synthetic chemicals were mass produced and polluted the earth, air and water, then there’s all of the refined sugars and grains which have been proven to lower IQ and our ability to think clearly.

From Montalk.Net on spiritless humans:

“…as long as humans obey external authority, their own biological instincts, or the animalistic parts of themselves in common with the rest of humanity, they are not free beings. 

Freedom comes from choosing based on intuitive understanding of what each option entails and what it means. This act of freewill requires introspection and spiritual acumen to act from a place of true understanding.”

You have all seen how most people seem to prefer that someone else make their decision for them.

If anyone whom you care about in any way shape of form uses any kind of coercion to get you to get a vaccine or anything else that you know is wrong, then go full no-contact with this person.

During the Covid lie, I have spoken with otherwise reasonable and intelligent family members who are wearing horse blinders as to the many obvious lies not just with Covid and the vaccine, but with the obvious communist takover of the United States and other nations, with the fact that Biden and Mr. Kamala Hariss are bad acting puppets, or how it makes no sense to go into a restuarant wearing a mask, but you can take it off when seated.

And of course, no matter how intelligent, articulate and logical you are, trying to explain why the government and private citizens gang stalk and torture innocent people, you will be met with denial, or that you are mentally ill, or you will be mocked.

So when I speak with family members on the phone, I do not avoid the truth elephants in the room, I talk to them about anything BUT the deadly vaccines, or that all politicians and corporate giants such as Gates or Zuckerberg are actors on the world stage, or that Fauci, the CDC and the rest of the health “experts” and “health” agencies including the FDA are sadistic, greedy criminals-They are murderers just as the CIA are all murderers.

I doubt that my family are truly NPCs-I will not rule that out, but most of them are truly good people and although it sickens me that they are so close-minded, they are not doing it to be cruel, they literally think and exist in a reality different from my own-LITERALLY.  

The same goes for all true sociopaths and psychopaths-assuming that they are not NPCs, what they call “reality” has very little to do with my own-In other words, those who are awake seem to have some kind of “shared reality,” and although even “awake” people will not agree on everything, there are some commonalities, so as I’ve said before, please network with open-minded, sane and logical people and the only reason that you should stay in contact with someone who gaslights you and plays other “games” is if your life literally depends on this person (or persons).

And this is another good point: 

This reality, be it govt mind control or aspects of what might be some kind of self-aware simulation, it constantly tries to make us question our self-worth;If we’re good people, if we are mentally ill or criminals (and the organized stalking programs epitomize this trying to make the targeted individual out to be a criminal both to themselves and the community, and fuck what authority-loving communist neighbors think or do not think-Their lives do not matter.

Throughout the fake Covid crisis, not ONCE did I doubt the truth that contagion is not real, that the vacccines are untested and deadly, or that these lockdowns and other mandates were 100% illegal, but I had a lot of people F with me when I went maskless in stores and I heard a lot of stupid TV-scripted crap repeated by family members.

But the point is that although I care about good people, I no longer care if someone is going to F their life up with bad decisions, and its beyond my control anyways.

Going by what free will people do have, if they elect to do stupid shit, as long as it has nothing to do with me, I no longer care.  I will not allow myself to be riddled with guilt and regret that has nothing to do with my actions or inactions.

When I now see children and elderly who are masked, I am no longer gripped by a horrible empathy for their suffering because its just not my fault and there are SO many injustices in this world beyond my or anyone else’s control that I have let a lot go so that I can not only help myself out, but like-minded people that I care about, and feel zero guilt.

I am not religious but a good quote is a good quote: 

 Be “In the World but Not of It.”  Meaning that you can go about your life as you normally would in this open air insane asylum, as you interact with people who are not in touch with reality, and you do not feel “left out,” or isoalted.  

You do not feel frustrated because you can not wake anyone up.

In other words, you want to get to the point where you accept that which no one can change-Whatever exactly is going on, unless its a family member or friend who is dependent on you for surivial, you are not responsible for the life or destiny of another human being.

This is not “selfish.” Its about survivial.

Because the more you metaphorically bang your head against the wall in the midst of so much corrupt and perverted evil and degeracy the more adrenaline and cortisol you will secret.

 The more sleep you will lose.  The less you will be able to focus and concentrate in order to make realistic plans to take care of yourself and those who depend on you.

If you think that what I’ve been saying woud make you a phoney, it will not.  Its about talking about everything but the herd of elephants in the room which everyone should have seen long ago, but most people are blind or oblivious to the patently obvious.

So let it go.

Without guilt or a sense of duty to those who do not value the time and effort you have given to try to wake their weak-minded asses up.

The following quote applies to every single person who has high levels of stress from seeing how nearly everyone is going along with an openly evil agenda:

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.”

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