March 1, 2024

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‘How To Become More Resilient During The Global Reset’

By Scott Snitzer
On March 11th of 2020, the World Health Organization officially declared Covid 19 to be a “pandemic” which resulted in the world shutting down as mask wearing and social distancing were mandated as nations sealed their borders, and both mainstream and alternative news outlets relentlessly pummeled their audience with a non-stop campaign of fear propaganda that had not been seen since 9/11.
The trauma inflicted upon the citizens of the earth from the Covid lie has caused anxiety disorders, complex post traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, divorce, depression and suicide, all of which have been caused by a combination of the isolation and people being glued to their TV sets, seeking guidance as how to stay safe from their trusted authority figures.
Psychologists and psychiatrists have been inundated with patients complaining of anxiety and depression due to the pandemic because those who run this world have the art of manipulating the human mind down to a literal science, and when people are traumatized and terrified, they are far easier to control.
Those who have seen through the Covid 19 deception have not experienced the same levels of fear and confusion as those who trust the mainstream media’s fear machine, but the pressure of the last two-plus years has taken a toll on them nonetheless because they’ve been fully aware that the “virus” is an excuse for a global communist takeover.
Truthers are aware that detention camps might be used down the line to isolate “health risks” (the unvaccinated).
They know that the vaccine has been injuring and killing people and this sometimes has included close friends and family who took the vaccine.
And during the lockdowns and mandates, most free thinkers went maskless in stores and were confronted by angry, virtue-signaling masked muppets and/or they had to tolerate hateful or mocking glares from these HIVE-minded people.
No matter how strong a person is, they are still subject to how the human body reacts to physical and emotional stress, because we are wired for survival, and the Covid era’s unprecedented levels of societal pressure has taken a toll on everyone, from the brainwashed masses to those who see through the lie.
We are living in times in which we are all being tested and it is our choice whether or not we will bend or break under from this madness.
First off, when someone is extremely isolated (as most truth-seekers are), because they do not get enough feedback from like-minded people, their own minds can work against them which includes adversely affecting their self-esteem.
So its important to remember that every single one of you are far stronger than you think you are, and by establishing a network of like-minded people online and in-person, you will be able to work together to achieve your goals to navigate this tyrannical system;  A wise person knows when to ask for help without shame or embarrassment, and sometimes getting assistance or just advice from a trusted source can save us a lot of otherwise avoidable grief and pain-And this leads to-
If you have family and friends who think that you are a “crazy conspiracy theorist” and they treat you with disrespect in general, then consider going full no contact as you would with any other Narcissist.
By trying to convert those who are irreversibly brainwashed, you will squander precious mental resources, because if someone has not already been jolted into reality by now, they never will be.
When we are confused and fearful, we do not see the many options available to us so please consider the following:
  • Making short-term, mid-term and long-term plans and adjusting these plans over time as things change in the world and your personal life
  • By having a good idea of what you will do in the future, you will have more of a sense of control over your life.  Just keep the plans realistic and only share them with those whom you fully trust, and this is not encouraging paranoia.  In these times we have to be intelligently cautious.
  • Set realistic goals.  Spend your prepping money wisely and please get every survival movie that you’ve ever seen out of your head.  The movies are just more spell-casting which influence your impressionable mind-Believe it or not, some people think that if and when the SHTF that they will run out into the wilderness with their prepper backpacks and hide from the military and this is not mean to insult or mock anyone-This is a reality check.
  • Develop a strong sense of knowing exactly who and what you are including all of your strengths and weaknesses and what your moral code and belief system is.  And ask yourself what motivates you the most.
    This will make it easier for you to be more decisive when it comes time to make the most important choices, because if you are uncertain of yourself, you will allow other people to influence you and to make your choices for you and this can be dangerous.
  • Value yourself:  Treat yourself with kindness and respect, and avoid self-criticism.
As tempting as it is, never ask “what if?”
The worst question you could ask yourself, or others in the middle of a crisis begins with “what if.”  This line of questioning induces sheer panic and forces you to process situations that have not occurred and may never happen, and when a truther consumes horror show videos and podcasts on a regular basis, their imagination can be set on fire (so to speak), and their creative mind will go through all kinds of worse-case scenarios and “what if” questions which always escalate the problem which puts you in a reactive state of mind, and this often leads to impulsive and reckless decisions.
And one of the mainstream and alternative media’s goals is to give you information overload, and to put you into a state of distress in which you make bad choices.
Consider those people who got the Covid vaccine because they reacted out of their instinctual fear instead of doing some basic research on viruses and vaccines-Some of these people now regret their choice.
All news outlets are professional liars
Think of the most advanced graphics you have seen in a video game, then go beyond it. The media has been deceiving the public long before Covid-Our history is replete with hoax assassinations, mass murderers, and even fake serial killers.  And every single politician you’ve seen throughout the Covid hoax, and every single Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and all of these “health” experts are literally actors on the world’s stage, and some or many of these people have been deep faked or are wearing very advanced disguises, so please remind yourself that all of these people are following a script, their authorized talking points, and/or they read from a teleprompter.
Think of all of the videos in which the actress called Bill Gates has spoken of terrifying things, then think of how many takes (as in how a movie or TV show is filmed) were required before the government released the video of this smirking demon.
It is essential to remind oneself how easy it is to entrain the human brain with music, dialogue, repetition, light and subliminal frequencies as in the flicker rate of the TV set.
Focus on Gratitude
There is absolutely always something to be grateful for, and we often overlook the simplest things because we take them for granted- access to fresh water, shelter, food, etc.  In difficult times, it can be an amazing practice to shift your focus to gratitude instead of what you think you are missing in your life.
Look For The Lessons
Regardless of the fact that rational people know that they are living in an upside world in which the inmates run the asylum, this is not an excuse to stop growing as a person.
In fact, we should turn the stresses of these horribly trying times into an opportunity to grow as a person which in turn will enable us to better endure and weather the turbulent times which lie ahead.
Given the times we are in, we must make it a habit to be as objective as possible.  And when both the mainstream and alternative media are hitting us with their relentless coverage of end of the world propaganda, and most of our truther friends are echoing this information, we naturally think of the worst possible outcomes based on this information, most of which we have no proof as to the veracity of.
So as hard as it can be when we see or read disturbing news, we have to:
Step back.
Then collect as much information as possible while assessing the situation while remaining objective-then we can make our decision based on this grounded reasoning.
And yes.  This does sound a bit difficult to do, but over time, this line of thinking will become second nature to you, and you will react with far less overwhelm to the state of the world, and will instead respond to new challenges.  And this state of mind will make it far easier for you to deal with the new world that is being ushered in by these parasites.
Remove yourself from the situation and distract yourself with something mindless 
You’ve been watching truther videos on the coming food shortages, and the WHO’s attempts to control global medical policy, so naturally you might feel overwhelmed with outrage and perhaps fear.
So physically remove yourself from your home, and go for a walk.  Get out in nature, or do something that requires very little thought and your subconscious mind will work some of your problems out on its own, giving you options you never would have thought of if you stayed home-Its kind of like the Chinese finger trap in which the harder you try to pull your fingers apart, the worse it gets; As counter-intuitive as it sounds, sometimes we have to get away from the problem in order for the solution to present itself.
 Write Out How You’re Feeling
Journaling during stressful periods can decrease anxiety and help manage “brooding” feelings by helping you break away from a cycle of obsessively thinking about the crisis you’re facing.
Choose your battles and become “selfish.”
To actively choose not to participate in minor, unimportant, or overly difficult arguments, contests, or confrontations, saving one’s strength instead for those that will be of greater importance or in which one has a greater chance of success.
When one has a strong sense of justice, its normal to feel outraged at the horrid injustices going unpunished in the world.
But allowing one’s bloodstream to be filled with adrenaline and cortisol will slowly but surely weaken you making it that much harder to push through these challenging times, plus the more we allow ourselves to be distracted by things beyond our control, the less we will be able to focus on those goals which we have full to near-full control over us-We have to remind ourselves of our goals and allow nothing to take us off our course in achieving them, and this will also necessitate that we become “selfish,” which just means that we take care of our needs and those whom depend upon us without apology or regret, as those who truly respect and care about us will understand our need to prioritize; Now is not the time to be a “people pleaser!”
If your diet is poor, so too will be your ability to endure the emotional and physical challenges of life
Diet high in grains, processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, soda pop, genetically modified foods will drag your body and mind down making it much harder to not only live your daily life but to keep pursuing your goals to live outside (or alongside) this beast system.
This article is not endorsing the carnivore diet, as some people can process plants better than others, however you want to read up on the plants with the highest levels of plant toxins such as oxalates, phytates, lectins and other defenses because no one should be consuming these: Examples include soy, corn, all grains, spinach, cashews and rhubarb-This may sound a bit silly in the context of better dealing with the new world order, however, diets high in fiber and anti-nutrients do not allow the body to repair as it should which is why animal proteins and fats are recognized by our cells and literally become a part of us.
Some other natural health care suggestions include
You want to avoid as much over the counter and prescription medications as possible as the direct effects adversely affect both your body and your mind
  • You want to take some good quality supplements to support your diet; Stress depletes the B vitamins and vitamin C, so you want to take a good B-complex and up to eight milligrams of C a day (stopping as you approach bowel intolerance)
  • Read up on supplementing with: Iodine, vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as a good quality fulvic/humic acid liquid mineral supplement
  • Look into healthy natural probiotics-No store bought kefir, but water kefir, beet kvass and other fermented drinks-When the microbiome of your GI tract is working better, you will become calmer and healthier in general.
  • Consider having calming natural treatments in your medicine chest such as Bach’s Rescue Remedy, CBD oil, Aconite or Arsenicum Album (always do your research before taking using natural treatments)
  • Get a good reverse osmosis or distilled water filter, or consider a gravity water filter such as the Berkey-If you are drinking fluoride, chlorine and all of the other industrial toxins daily, your mind and body will not be as sharp as you need to deal with the pressures of this system-Fluoride is not just horrible for the bones, its a mind-controlling chemical
This article covered just some of the many ways that you can become more resilient and be better able to adjust to the emotional rollercoaster called “the great reset.”
There is no bargaining with evil psychotic parasites nor would a person who has any self-respect dream of doing so.
However, when we subject ourselves to a daily dose of agenda-driven media filled with apocalyptic speech and imagery, it is easy to fall prey to depression or anxiety, and this dark state of mind gives us few to no options of successfully coping with life’s traumas, which is what the controllers of this system want.
So the most efficient and rewarding way to deal with this feeling of powerlessness is to take as much of our own personal power back by taking care of ourselves in ways proven to strengthen the mind and body
As crude as it may sound, this is the best way to give the middle finger to a system whose main goal is to control and dehumanize us.
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