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September 15 2016

Jim Stone


If whites refuse to throw their children to the wolves, they are practicing white supremacy! No kidding, Huffington Post published this, here are the key quotes!

I don’t pretend to be able to predict the future, so admittedly I have no clue what lives my children will lead. However, my racial and class privilege make my children exempt from many of the worries that parents of color, low-income parents and parents within marginalized populations must face with regards to their children on top of the parental concerns we universally share.

My children will not be racially profiled as they play in our neighborhood.

My children will not fear the police.

My children will not go without food, shelter or clothing.

My children will see themselves represented in books, media and educational narratives.

I could go on, but the point is the world we live in centers and celebrates my children. As I’ve come to understand this truth and see its far reach in our day-to-day life, I’ve realized something else: When I shield my children from injustice in the name of preserving their innocence, what I’m actually preserving is white supremacy.

What’s your take? Are you ready to stop preserving your child’s innocence and start dismantling white supremacy?

MY RESPONSE: NO, IF I KNEW WHERE YOU LIVED AND COULD GET TO YOU AFTER YOU SAID THAT ON A MAJOR VENUE, YOU’D BE DEAD. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is right: There is an armed rebellion brewing over this sh*t, which will hopefully see the entire staff of the Huffington Post hung, including Miss Huffington herself. Any rebellion has to include the media, which aided and abetted this sh*t to begin with.

White kids are not “exempt” from ANY of the worries that children of color have, if a white kid goes around robbing, mugging, and shooting, he’ll be jailed as quickly as ANY black kid!
If the liberal agenda was not visible to the blind before this, this ought to wake people up. Their goal is to destroy any parent that “preserves their children’s innocence” and keeps them out of trouble. If you guide your children and keep them out of trouble so the police just drive by rather than drive by shooting, you are a JERK, and A-HOLE, a SUPREMACIST

DEAR HUFFINGTON POST: You just proved what you are. You want whites to just kick their kids to the curb like trash. You want the death of civilization. You want a pool of animals to manipulate and govern. So what if a few swine chew each other to pieces, as long as you can still practice the ultimate supremacy yourselves. Before you can do that, you have to get the best people in society to destroy themselves. Convincing them to not protect their children’s innocence is the precise thing needed to accomplish that.

Let’s go down the list you presented and discuss what has to be done to accomplish it:

1. You have to create a situation where white children are denied food shelter and clothing. That’s not even happening to black kids, the welfare state ensures it. So to accomplish your social justice, you have to create situations where whites lose so much they can’t provide the basics. PROBLEM: Whites work jobs more than any other group. They are the hardest working group. So to accomplish your social justice, you WILL simply contrive situations that throw whites to the streets with force. That’s the sub tone in your message. There is no way out of that. That is an open threat, which should see you hung.

2. You want to create a situation where white children must fear the police. You can only accomplish that by ripping their brains out in school, and prosecuting parents for raising their children in a way that teaches them to behave. And that is exactly what you are using the schools for now. The writing is on the wall

Good behavior is why white kids do not fear the police. If a black kid behaves, the police will not bother him. If a white kid is trash, he’ll ride in a police cruiser as much as the worst black kid. That is a fact. Why do you want to enforce a society where whites are FORCED to raise their children as trash? The only way you can create a situation where white kids have to fear the police is to do exactly that. Thank you for so clearly stating your intentions, we know where you and Hillary are going to take society now beyond all doubt.

3. Every minority that did anything great is featured in books, media, and educational narratives. NAME ONE THAT IS NOT. To get whites OUT OF books, media, and educational narratives you have to create a situation where whites fail at everything, rather than explore their abilities and make the headlines. That is exactly what white children do, and the parents are to be commended for it, not called “supremacists” for it. Look at America and Europe. Then look at Africa. Both had an equal chance. See any difference? If you are so mired in “intellectual” sh*t that you can’t see the obvious, you should be deported to Africa and dropped off on the Serengeti. Alone. Never to return. So you can feel the love YOU KOOK.


On the thread George Soros outlines his plan for White genocide I found this, and IT FITS PERFECT:
Supremacist Jews like George Soros (György Schwartz) have long been a net-negative albatross around the necks of the White populations that they parasitize, plunder, and use as proxies for their nation-wrecking pogroms. Rather than “anti-Semitism,” it has been their virulent and violent “anti-Gentilism” that has repeatedly led to war, “perpetual social fever,” and to their “wholesale expulsion” from so many White nations throughout history. “Anti-Gentilism” is the disease, and the only cure for White nations is to maintain sovereign, defensible ethno-states like Jews have in Israel.

In order for White nations to be healthy and for White peoples to thrive, anti-White Jews like Schwartz must not dwell among us. Since 1948, György Schwartz and his ilk have had a permanent “homeland” in Israel, where they are free to maintain their unassimilable “religion,” their racial separatism and supremacism, and their mythical “chosen-ness.” Supremacist Jews don’t belong with us, we don’t need them, and we are far better off on our own, free of their meddling, manipulation, and Marxist-Talmudic terrorism. Now more than ever, it is a question of life or death for European-descended peoples around the world. Our very existence is at stake.

My response: WELL SAID, and if anyone doubts this Stormfront perspective, go to Huffington Post and SEE THIS, THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL.

Source: http://theunhivedmind.com/wordpress4/huffington-post-if-white-people-preserve-their-childs-innocence-they-are-practising-white-supremacy/


  1. “the world we live in centers & celebrates my children”

    Jho .. White Man .. comme te pasa hombre !

    The cultural cringe .. everyone wants to be White Man ..
    I am a WHITE WOMAN & a more loyal Australian citizen you could not find .. but .. alas .. from the former Yugoslavia .. & therefore not white enough.
    In conversation with a Black Man with very dark skin, from Africa .. I told him this .. he was truly astonished .. for real .. indeed .. he looked at me in surprise.

    Discrimination is left at the discretion of the discriminator .. White Man .. be assured .. your kids are also on the list to be taken down.

  2. Just to level out the equation ..
    As a matter of convenience .. I stopped at a Halal Butcher Shop in Sydney Rd Coburg .. 3 times .. I was quiet, polite, dressed modestly & well spoken .. the Halal Butcher Shop owns wife .. discouraged me for ever shopping at the establishment again.
    A Nasty Case Of Discrimination on her part.

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